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  1. Thanks for the info man! i have a show in a couple of weeks and I'm gonna try this method. Hopefully everything goes smoothly lol
  2. Oh ok, so could you give me a diagram ( like "guitar -> amp head -> cab") but for the FRFR and PA Setup? Never tried direct before lol I'm so new to this part of the game haha
  3. Ya i won't be running into PA I've tried it at practice and i definitely see what you mean by differences. I wanted something along the lines of a Bugera vintage but i open to suggestions
  4. I forgot to mention that i am using a power amp, I use it purely for volume and running it into a cabinet. I have a 4x12 but the reason i said "power" 2x12 was in regards to wattage. Sorry, I'm horrible at explaining lol
  5. Hi guys and gals! I have a Pod hd500x and I'm looking to lighten up my live gear. Before I was using an engl powerball and engl 4x12 and had the pod as effects, but the music that we play requires me to switch a bunch and with channel selecting on the amp and effect switching on the pod it got really crazy sometimes. So now I'm using the pod as pretty much my main tone (amp sim, cab sim, effects, etc.). I've since gotten rid of the engl as it was redundant to have the head, and the cab is a pain to lug around. So my question is does anyone have some recommendations for cabinets? If possible I wanna have a 2x12 with some power. Thanks!
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