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  1. Hi guys, My POD HD 300 started to have issues with the delay effect getting stuck and not being able to be disabled or to change the tempo, nor from the tap tempo neither from the preset configuration. The effect gets stuck on all the banks of the pedal. I've had the pedal since 2012 and it wasworking great until now, so I assume something's wrong with the PCB (electronic board). I already did the Factory Reset proceedure, updated the flash memory to the latest version 2.01, calibrated the expression pedal and haven't been able to fix the issue. The factory reset sometimes works for a few days and then the issue returns, and sometimes the procedure doesn't work at all, the last time I tried the volume is not working in the pedal, even when it was calibrated. Has any other person here had the same or similar issue? It would be great if someone can help me. Thanks!
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