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  1. all of my saved presets have been lost? I think i may have updated my computer's operating system to High Sierra recently but in the past, OS updates haven't erased my entire Set Lists i guess i now have the opportunity to set up all new simulations? woopie
  2. i have the POD HD connected to the MB Pro via USB and want to take video with Photo Booth. anybody know how i would set sound preferences do get audio source from the POD?
  3. I would like to record video with my ipad and was wondering if there was a way to run the POD HD desktop into the Ipad. like USB2 from POD to lightning connection on Ipad? or if i need the POD Edit on my computer, could i go POD HD > macbook pro > Ipad? and set the ipad to get audio from the lightning connection to the computer? thanks for the help
  4. for medium-to-high gain, tight, thrash-type tones. - which one do you use - where does it go? (first position i imagine) - and how do you set the knobs (Hard Gate has WAY too many knobs) if there's already a thread i would be happy for the link thanks for the help
  5. i was wondering if channel volume changes the sound of the amp, like Amp Parameter Master? or is it like the Master knob on the face of the POD HD (desktop).
  6. i can't see that i'm doing anything different with these models, but when i set them up with the same channel volume as other high gain amp models, the are much Much MUCH louder. i have the channel volume on 8 for these two amp models, when i have other high gain models set on 16 defeningly loud
  7. i basically know next to nothing about compressors... wait... no, i know absolutely nothing about compressors. i vaguely know what they do, but - when to use one: under what circumstances (clean vs dirty vs full distortion) - where in the signal path - how to set the parameters - and which one to use is completely beyond me. i tried doing a search for compressor tutorial and didn't come up with much. all the posts i saw were beyond a 101-level class
  8. for the original released amp models with the Pod HD? i haven't been able to find anything much beyond just the brand and model of amp that was modeled. like, what's the difference between the original A30 model, and the A30 Fawn model? and is the "black panel pete" supposed to be the new fender model? thanks
  9. went to the link at the top of this page for the v2.62 packs and it says for HD500 users. i'm assuming that its not out for desktop model yet?
  10. the POD HD desktop i've been using a pair of Grado SR80 headphones i would like to hear some room sound will i get feedback if i play through monitors, like i did with a regular guitar amp ( i hope, i hope, feedback is good to me. i like feedback better than sustain) i know nothing about monitors. i have no idea how much a decent pair cost. please educate me. or just tell me what to get.
  11. i try logging in with monkey. that's when i get the warning window that says i haven't registered the POD HD. i just logged in to customtone, and re-launched monkey. got the same warning window that i haven't registered. then i went to "my account" and lo and behold... I'M REGISTERED. registered on 9/1/11, and my new hard drive is even authorized. i suppose it really doesn't matter at this point, cuz Line 6 has basically abandoned the POD HD anyway. it would be nice to be able to open a support ticket if i ever need it though
  12. i must be stupid or something. got the licence manager. opened it up. authorized my computer. and monkey is still telling me to register my POD HD. so i go to register... AGAIN... and it tells me the obvious: i've already registered this product
  13. uuuhhhhh... me stoopud, whuz Licence Manager? just did a search on my computer. i don't have LM i went to try to open a support ticket. i entered my problem in the field. clicked the "search" button. and got: Sorry!We couldn't find any results matching your query. Please rephrase your search and try again. also, its telling me: "To help us better assist you, please register your product and complete your support profile." but i'm already registered. so i guess i can't even open a support ticket
  14. My computer's hard drive died. i got it replaced, and now i've downloaded Monkey, and POD HD Edit. when i go to update drivers and firmware in monkey it asks to register my POD HD. i've already registered this unit when i purchased it in july of 2011. but the pop-up window asks me to register it anyway, so i click the blue highlighted button. it takes me to a web page where i try to register my already registered POD HD. i click the confirmation button and it says ***ERROR... THIS PRODUCT IS ALREADY REGISTERED*** ummm, D'UH... i did that 3 freak'n years ago so how do i get monkey to recognize that this unit is already registered jeez, sometimes i wish i just had a neck to grab and squeese, with a face attached to it, to slap with a honey badger tied to a skunk
  15. do you have it laying flat on its back? i've got i propped up on a little easel, but its not very secure at all.
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