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  1. Can IRs be loaded into the Stomp without altering any of the created presets?
  2. Is there any way to access these old forums concerning the looper feature?
  3. As to the old forums concerning looper issues...can they be accessed? I just got a Mk 2 112 Spidervalve and after setting up 3 preset channels and when switching with my FBV Express Mk 2 pedal...the looper feature just comes on...not sure if I accidently hit another pedal at the same time or not??
  4. I recently purchased a Spidervalve 112 MkII...I also have a FBV Express MkII pedal I set up 3 channels and for some reason, it goes to the loop function when I go from channel to channel....not always, but sometimes? Do I have something programmed wrong or is this a problem with either the foot pedal or the amp? It is a used piece...not sure how old
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