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  1. Ok guys I’m in limbo. I play a lot of P&W. But I’m also a metal head lol. Don’t say it I know, I know. Lol. I love the helix for bass, electric guitar, recording/creating music. In fact I sold my pedalboard gear and HD500x for it, so I definitely love the line 6 floor rigs. So I do have an acoustic but I would love to not have to switch guitars to do so. I know my way around the helix a little but I’m new to the Variax world. Is it possible to accomplish the acoustic sound on a electric guitar without a Variax? Or should I invest in the Variax?
  2. I’ve had my helix a few weeks now. I upgraded from the POD500hd. I try to use headphones a lot ”apartment “. And after going to the big boy I can’t dial in the headphones. I’m running out of the 1/4” jack to an 1/8” adapter and using anything from skullcandy to my $300 noise canceling headphones. Also so I have the same issues while using my 6” powered monitor, via helix XLR out. Both sound very distorted and flat, not a clear sound at all. Using the same setup with the POD500hd I had no problems. Any help would be appreciated. Thx
  3. Hey people. I'm trying to figure a couple things out and having no results. Hd500x and my Blackstar Venue HT 40 combo amp #1. I want to set up my hd500x just for fx. I did what is need as far as assigning an fx channel. But not sure how to properly control the clean/dirty channels with my ft. switch, 2-way or 5-way? As well as the incoming gain controls? #2 creating a set list; to use the combo amps clean and dirty, controled through the hd500x. Is that possible without having line6 amps? I.e. just sold my DT-25 amphead. Lol Anyway....lol. Any help would be rad. Thx pballjock
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