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  1. Rewolf48's post in A request to Line 6: please make new presets FW 2.30 downloadable was marked as the answer   
    Exactly - the new presents are in the firmware: backup your set lists, do the factory reset (7+8) then selectively restore you set lists

  2. Rewolf48's post in Volume decrease by it self in my JTV 89F plugged in HELIX was marked as the answer   
    You are really not giving us much to work on here.
    If you are using the Cali IV Lead then if you set the bass and mids to zero then there is a known Helix fault where the volume will go down by itself. 
    Otherwise we need a few more details 
  3. Rewolf48's post in Helix LT from US - will it work on 240V? was marked as the answer   
    It will be the same power supply in the LT as in the Floor and probably the rack. At least it is not listed in the hardware differences here:
    The biggest issue with a Helix from the US to the rest of the world is Warranty, and whether you need to ship it back to the original supplier
  4. Rewolf48's post in m20d footswitch was marked as the answer   
    I raised an Ideascale to enhance Helix to include a momentary action on the Ext Amp output - this could be used for other purposes such as Keyboard Sustain/Damper as well as M20d control:

  5. Rewolf48's post in HD500 basic setlist was marked as the answer   
    Think I have found what you are after - obviously it was only the original 16 Amps and not the later additions such as the SLO or the Model Packs.
    Sadly Nick is no longer with us.

  6. Rewolf48's post in Global Midi Settings was marked as the answer   
    That is correct - MIDI switch assignments are patch specific
    If you plan to be doing this really early on, you could set them in a "base patch" that you copy when building your real patches, but there is no other short cut 
  7. Rewolf48's post in QUESTION: How can I use the POD HD 500 to mic my cab? was marked as the answer   
    Not wishing to go through all this again, especially if you have already read about it, but post memabobbo's efforts there have been a lot of discussion and discovery about the effect of Resonance, Thump etc, and education about how to use EQ so that with a good FRFR unit at volume it is possible to sound very good, but it will not quite be the amp in the room feel; if that is what you need then whatever works for you is good.
    There are no rules!
    Good FRFR?

    Well explained EQ lesson

  8. Rewolf48's post in Hd500 midi capabilities was marked as the answer   
    Does this help:
    I haven't watched the videos as I don't use 4CM or a MIDI controlled Amp, but I do know a bit about MIDI on an HD500...
    First if you change the Global MIDI channel on the HD500 from 1 to anything else the Amp will ignore the default Program Change messages that the HD500 always emits - this means it won't change patches when you change HD500 patches.
    Then if you want to change Amp Patches you will need to explicitly define a Program Change message to be sent on Channel 1 when you press a switch. But because that is part of an HD500 patch you will need to duplicate that setting on every HD500 patch you use.
    I personally would have a generic as possible HD500 patch containing an emulation of your main Pedal Board stuff and using FS 5-8 mode free all 8 switches to control effects on/off and amp channels (a single switch can turn on/off any number of effects and send a dedicated MIDI message).  You might need a few additional patches for special songs, but I would expect that 90% + of a gig can be covered without changing HD patches at all.
  9. Rewolf48's post in Prevent POD HD500x to send MIDI program change to M9 was marked as the answer   
    There was a couple of discussions about integrating the two before

    The good news is that for what you want you are OK.  The HD500 doesn't send a tempo change that the M9 would recognise, but you can program the tap tempo button:
    From phil_m in the second of those threads:
    "The M9 can receive MIDI clock, but not send it.  The HD500 does neither.  Anyway, though, you can assign the correct CC# to the tap tempo switch on the HD500 and send that to the M9.  This would sync the M9 whenever you actually tap a tempo on the HD500.  CC#64 is what you need to send from the HD500 to the M9.  The HD500 Advanced Guide explains how to do this on page B-4."
    So set the M9 to listen to a different MIDI channel to the global channel on the HD (so that program change are ignored), then program the hd tap-tempo to sent CC#64 on the channel that the M9 listens to. The bad news is that you will need to set this up separately for every HD patch.
  10. Rewolf48's post in Jtv Guitar Stand? was marked as the answer   
    I had problems with a "normal" guitar stand as the VDI cable was at exactly where the supports was, so the guitar was at a silly angle and I didn't like the idea that the socket was taking the weight of the guitar.
    I now have one of these which supports the guitar from the head just like those hung on a wall  - it is much more stable that it looks because for some reason the photo shows it extended for a bass or something when in practice it only needs extending up one step.  Our Bass player has one of the double headed ones (GS422B).
  11. Rewolf48's post in 12 To 6 String was marked as the answer   
    Yes through Workbench HD.
    There is an option to enable or disable second strings for all guitars, and to individually define second string level, octave or unison and to add cents of detune.
    To turn the 12 into a 6 just disable the second strings - it is a single click
  12. Rewolf48's post in Podhd500 1/4 Output Balanced Or Unbalanced? was marked as the answer   
    The 1/4" outs are unbalanced
    If you really want more level you can boost in the Mixer block assuming that you place it late in the chain.

  13. Rewolf48's post in Hd500: 8 Or 10 Patches With No Bank / Switches? was marked as the answer   
    I haven't tried it 'cause I am at work but you could connect MIDI Out/Through to MIDI In. - Make sure that it is in Out mode in global settings to avoid a MIDI feedback loop.  Then program the footswitches to do Program Change.  The foot switch press will sent the Program Change, which will be received and then change the HD500 Patch, at this point the HD500 will automatically send the same Program Change message because it does this automatically and then receive it and if you are lucky ignore it because it is the current Patch.  If you are unlucky it will change Patch again, and then send the Patch Change, and change Patch and then send Patch Change.... basically go into a Patch change loop.  Pull the MIDI cable to break it.
    The other really tedious part of this is that the MIDI assignments are specific to a Patch, so you would have to set them up the same in all of the Patches.
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