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Helix LT from US - will it work on 240V?


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Hi, will a Helix LT from the US (AC power 115V I think) work on a 240V AC Power? I have seen a post in the support FAQs that say that the Helix Floor/Rack and Firehawk 1500 take power all the way from 115-240V, but no mention of the Helix LT,


Does anyone know?

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It will be the same power supply in the LT as in the Floor and probably the rack. At least it is not listed in the hardware differences here:


The biggest issue with a Helix from the US to the rest of the world is Warranty, and whether you need to ship it back to the original supplier

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The sample power supplies nowadays are different to the old transformer type.


Apart from the dollar exchange rate (.75c) difference, there is an added $130 or so import tax.


And about the same in shipping which makes  the cost close to actually buying it here in Sydney NOT


There is another couple hundred added to the cost of getting it here thanks to the distributer.


That makes the Helix an additional $1,000 here.


Artistically, it would be nice!

Just not giging enough to make it a viable business decision.

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