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  1. Hi All - anyone ever had this problem? I cant get adequate levels on any of the mic inputs. Using scenes/setups that I have used for years. Tried 6 different mic and cable combinations in all XLR inputs. They barely hit the board even when I crank the trim level. Tried auto trim with all combinations and it sets the level at +19 and it is still too low. Re-set to factory settings and re-loaded firmware but still no improvement. Also tried setting up a new stage when factory settings were restored. When I plug an ipod into the 1/8" plug and play music its fine - no level problem. Any ideas? Thanks!
  2. I ended up switching to a Sennheiser because after doing all of the recommended updates and scans I still had the same problems. No one wanted to acknowledge that it could possibly be an actual physical problem with the unit. I just needed something that worked so I moved on. BTW - if you are in an area where there is a lot of other digital signal (i.e. wifi) it WILL cause problems for any of the digital wireless systems.
  3. Hello - I have a G70 that has worked really well for me for a few years, but at my last gig my signal started dropping out at about 30 feet. Are there any simple problems that cause this or am I going to need to get it repaired? I have never done any kind of update or programming on it. When I got it a few years ago I just connected it and it worked so well immediately that I never looked back.
  4. Sorry for the delay in responding...We were using a variety of settings and just generally playing with the two systems so I can't really refer to any one particular setting but I know the StageSource was set up for optimal guitar tone.
  5. Nice! Ours is a Rib Cook-off so plenty of great food.
  6. I've heard both right next to each other. The Power Cab gives you a more "natural" guitar amp tone. The tone through Stagesource sounds more smooth and "produced" like a recording.
  7. Thanks for your response! That phase issue is interesting - thanks for pointing that out. I think the city has had that problem before because they bought a ton of Mackie speakers with no real guidance so they are a random assortment of pairs. I've been to events where something sounded wrong and I'm now guessing phase was the problem. This is kind of a sprawling event and the park is dedicated to music so coverage will be important. I've done a lot of outside shows with the system but only needed to cover a relatively small area. I don't want to show up with too little and battle that all day while trying to perform. I am in Northern CA and its normally close to 100 degrees here (Fahrenheit) in mid July so rain should not be an issue. Thanks again!
  8. Line 6 does not seem to do much to promote their PA products any more - which is a shame because they are among the best out there. I have found that stores generally do not stock them and have to order. I have the whole PA system and a few extra L2s and I can tell you that the speakers are excellent but you may want to check out their new powered cabs. The L series speakers will sound like a produced, recorded guitar tone. The new guitar focused speakers have a much more raw and natural guitar amp tone - and they cost WAY less.
  9. Hello - My band has been hired to play an event in a large park this summer. No pro sound provided so I'm bringing our Line 6 system (2 L3Ss, 2 L3Ts, 4 L2s and the board). I don't think the system is quite big enough to cover the park. The city we're playing for owns a bunch of powered Mackie subs and mains. Could I simply connect the Mackie subs to the line out on my subs and the Mackie mains to the line out on my mains to expand the system?
  10. I have bags for 2 subs, 2 mains and 4 monitors. As much as I loved them when they were new, after 2 1/2 years they are quickly becoming unusable. Broken wheels, broken zippers, extendable handles that are frozen. One bag has a seam that came undone so when you zip it, it still flops open. Maybe that is the expected life span of these things, but at over $1000 to replace them it's kind of hard to swallow.
  11. I have an all Line 6 system - 2 L3S, 2 L3T, 4 L2M and a stage scape. Just added the 4 monitors. We have had great experiences with the system and our old monitors using the Aux outs. Gigged yesterday with the new L2 monitors for the first time and had some problems. It sounded like they were linked directly to the main outputs. If I assigned any channel to a particular monitor it made no difference. If I muted the monitors they continued playing. All of the links on the monitor setup were "broken". The whole system was connected with L6 Link. Is it possible this was some kind of glitch or did I miss something?
  12. I have a DT50 1x12 that I am just about to trade in at GC. Let me know if you're interested. It's in perfect condition and I put some great tubes in it.
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