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  1. Hi. Does anyone know if you can purchase a replacement for the JTV-59 bridge post? Or if maby a generic part will fit? My hex hole is has stripped on one of the two. I have to loosen my string tension and use my fingers to adjust my bridge height. Perhaps something like this? https://www.blackbeardsden.co.za/collections/parts-accessories/products/tailpiece-studshttps://www.blackbeardsden.co.za/collections/parts-accessories/products/tailpiece-studs Thank you
  2. Yes. This is my setup. I then go xlr out to the desk via the pod.
  3. With the C.A.B. you can load external IR's, but it has it's own cabinets and adjustable mics and positions. Therestart is also a selection of modulated power amp sections with a choice of 4 tubes which are all fully adjustable. These can be switched off or on and used in conjunction with third party IR's. The EQ section is also very usable. It's all midi switchable. Hopefully end of this month there will be an update on the cabs were reverb will be added to the cabs so you can free up another slot in the POD. In my opinion the power amp section surpasses the POD vastly. I use the POD only as preamp and the C.A.B. for the cab and amp sim
  4. You can achieve this with adding something like the Two Notes Torpedo C.A.B. http://www.two-notes.com/en/hardware/torpedo-cab/
  5. I run the POD HD with the CAB. through the POD's FX loop. I prefer the CAB's simulation over the POD's. I only play live. Haven't played in the studio with this setup. I don't use 3rd party I.R's. I Bought the CAB 2nd hand and it came preloaded with a ton of 3rd party I.R'S, but none as good as the Torpedo I.R's. They have software called BlendIR where you can capture I.R's from your own cab, or blend different I.R's to create some specific to your needs. Some people on their forums have apparently done this to great effect, but again, I haven't had the need to do so. The bonus of this pedal is the power amp sim section (I run the POD in Stack mode where I can cut some low end. But I don't always use the pre models of the POD. The normal amps with the POD's power amp sim can actually play nice withe the CAB'S power amp sim section in my humble opinion) Also the E.Q section on the CAB is very handy in cutting unwanted frequencies from the POD and thus leaving some FX blocks open. Two Notes is hopefully launching a new interface sometime this month for the CAB that can be seen as a user friendly way of using the pedal. They call it "arcade mode". Not that the current interface is difficult. The creator of Torpedo, Guillaume, is also very involved in Two Notes forums and they really adjust their products according from forum feedback. For me it's worth it. I'm also interested to hear how other POD users approach this setup.
  6. I'm excited by a couple of things highlighted here, but most of all the Roland JC-120 amp! Yessss!
  7. A couple of questions. Do you run the POD in studio/direct mode or combo or stack mode when recording the sample to be tone matched? Do you keep it in the same setting then when the IR is running through the Torpedo? I've learned a lot through seeing this post and trying to emulate it, and for that I thank you. But I've only achieved one good tone matched IR by using the following method (couldn't get any different methods to sound half decent yet). Recorded tone using stack mode, full amp, no cab and mic. (I understand you run it with cab and mic enabled, but my attempts using those alongside the pre amp has not worked yet. The way I see it is EQ matching it adds what is to be the cabinet sound, but I could be wrong?) EQ Matched tone with Ozone 5 and track I'm trying to emulate. - Ran sweep generated through Voxengo Deconvolver, through Ozone 5 EQ curve, making sure it didn't clip. (Same settings as DAW project was used in generating the sweep). Ran exported sweep from DAW with added EQ curve filtered, with original sweep in Voxengo Deconvolver. Used that exported file with POD in stack mode, full amp, no cab and mic, and Torpedo wall of sound as cab simulation in DAW. All was done in mono. Any further advice or approach would be greatly appreciated!
  8. Or you can use a VDI cable to power and control your JTV and use a Jack as your signal source.
  9. http://www.harmonycentral.com/articles/31098280 This article is relevant
  10. Very annoying! If I know what I'm looking for, I tend to find it via Google. Just seems unnecessary to have to do that.
  11. 1 - Yes 2 - 59 Latest firmware 3 - Pod HD500 Latest firmware 4 - Haven't experimented with it yet, but was never an issue with previous firmware
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