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  1. Well I feel like an idiot for asking this question, but how exactly do use workbench. I know you have to plug in something to the input of the guitar in order to use the battery. So by doing that, where do you get your sound? Also when I plug my variax into logic Pro X the battery works for a split second then automatically turns off. I'm guessing the only way to use a variax and record with it, Is to use a POD? Which I have. I really feel stupid for asking this question lol
  2. Thank you guys for all your help. will definitely play with it tomorrow. It is the New SDD.
  3. Hi guys, Im trying to figure out how to use my SDD-3000 using the Midi on my Pod. Anyone have any idea how to do this?? Thank you!
  4. I have two pedals right now that I want to use with my pod. A big muff and a ac tone. How can I do this?? Thank you :)
  5. I Tried that but i kept getting this crunchy crackle sound :(
  6. Let me know if you get a good sound with the Amplifi and the pod my sound sucks ! Makes me wanna sell my Amplifi
  7. Is anyone else having any sound issues with their other line 6 gear and the amplifi? I have a Pod HD500X and I'm trying to take advantage of the the amp mods on the pod but I feel I'm not getting the best tone...I have the amp on a clean preset and I have the gain and all the other controls off. Any suggestions?
  8. I know this might be a stupid question, but for some reason I'm not getting the best tone with the Amplifi and the 500x. Any ideas? Thank you.
  9. I'm trying to control the volume on the Octo reverb with the pedal. how do I set this up? Just got a pod after using a M13 for years
  10. I'm having issues myself when I put my Phones into the unit I'm only getting sound out of my left speaker. How do I fix this?
  11. Do you guys think Line 6 will add more pedals in the future? Thats the cool thing about being able to update.
  12. Update I think the vox has issues with the amplifi so now I'm using my spider 3 and it sounds great with the m13 and amplifi! Thank you for all your help!
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