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  1. Did that twice now. Nothing else running on the iPhone. Still crashes after about 10-15 minutes of use but I've finished storing data so may not use it again.
  2. Well, updated to 2.010. Promptly noticed all of my custom patches were gone. Kind of expected that but the issue I am having is that while reloading the patches, the app constantly crashes out and shuts down. I can restart it every time but it takes time to resync with the FX 100. Is anyone else having this problem? And if so, is there a fix. I think this may just have been a buggy release but don't know
  3. I have found this as well. Amp out is terrible and main out works great. Not sure of the purpose of the amp out jack then.
  4. Just wondering what people are using to stream itunes to amp from FX 100 because I can't seem to get it to do that. Tried every combination. The FX 100 works great to amp but can't hear streaming music. Forgot to add, I'm using a line 6 spider valve MK II .
  5. I got my new one back. Everything worked great. Direct guitar to guitar jack. Phones out to headphone jack. Nothing fancy. Rig played fine on Thursday. Today I turn it on. sound from iPhone music player great. Guitar sound barely audible and scratchy. Think bad cord so tried two more that have worked fine. Same issue. Reset FX100. Recalibrated. Same problem. What gives? Any help appreciated.
  6. I'm wondering how many bad units are out there. Mine was hosed which is why I was having so many problems. All of them went away with new unit.
  7. Just to let everyone know. Line 6 declared my FX 100 officially hosed and unrepairable so they are sending me a new one next week but this will mean 3+ weeks without the unit. Will try again when it comes back.
  8. It is officially hosed and is being replaced by Line 6. Long process. Will try again when I get the new one back.
  9. Heading back to Line 6 tomorrow. Tech thinks it is a hardware malfunction.
  10. Heading back to Line 6 tomorrow. They think it's hosed.
  11. Nope into the guitar amp input. I found that plugging any cable into the amp return stopped the sound from the amp and it was all into the FX100 and I could unplug the plug in the back to get the sound of the amp. Now no sound even with everything unplugged from amp and iTunes playing but that's it. No guitar at all.
  12. Turned it on today doing nothing different. No guitar sound coming from FRX100 through headphones. Through amp, sound is fine, playing iTunes fine on FX100. Guitar nothing on FX100. I really don't understand this board. Works and doesn't. Could never gig with it. I have reinstalled, re-synched, nothing works. It isn't the bluetooth connection because that is working fine, hence the iTunes playing. I am just plain confused here. Been no power surges, everything else in the place works. Why not FX100. Was working fine yesterday.
  13. I am the point of hating this device. I have never had this much trouble with any add on device in my experience and I have been playing and using equipment for 50 years. The device has worked not worked, worked a little bit, then worked a little bit differently and now not working. There is almost zero support from Line 6. There is really no instruction manual. You are just expected to watch videos and hope you can copy what they are doing. My phone control has never been good despite updating, installing, uninstalling, reinstalling, recalibrating, resyncing, you name it. I have spent more time trying to get the device to work properly than using it. I am to the point of sending it back to Line 6. I am very frustrated and expected a lot. I don't think this unit is ready for prime time and I would not trust it to gig with it. If anyone could be of real help I would appreciate it. I know this just a support forum and not actual support but I have yet to find any real support from Line 6.
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