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    Fractal FM9

    So what year do we see another update for the Helix? LoL!
  2. This COVID crap keeps ramping, a lot of people better enjoy what they have and hold onto it. Lots of music stores have tons of items on back order due to supply chain shortages in multiple stages of product production and distribution ...
  3. It kinda sucks that my Helix is sitting inside the church awaiting the Sunday morning service activities.... Dohhhhh!!! :P
  4. I signed up... probably too late.... but I did it anyway.... Helix Native, Helix Floor, Powercab Plus 1x12
  5. In my room that's my office/studio control room (whole upstairs can be used as studio recording space and use remote control of the digital console and computer downstairs), I have a Presonus Studiolive 32 Series 3. I've got everything hooked up where I can play to a JBL 15" plus horn monitor, and/or Presonus studio monitors with a 10" sub. I have pretty much multiplexed inputs and outputs where I can do about anything and everything I want to with headphones, studio monitors, or PA speakers. Multiple FRFR speakers as well, plus the Hughes & Kettner Triamp Mk 3 and a 4x12 cab are in there for blowing up the neighbors every once in awhile.... LoL!!!
  6. Nothing like a happy ending to a pesky bug problem!!!
  7. There is/was a trial of so many days for Axe. I guess you probably eat the return shipping, though. Ouch.
  8. I have Helix, Kemper Stage, and Axe FX III. You can do well with any of the 3. I find Helix floor the most purely portable and it's easy to use without a computer (although I prefer major programming with a laptop). I have no trouble getting highly useable sounds. Axe FX III I will give the edge since this latest series of firmware builds currently at 10.2. It is impressive with the tones I've coaxed out of the newer features. You can't really screw up going with any of the three. I'm not a fanboy on any of the forums other than "great job on this guys" whenever warranted by the 3 manufacturers. Biggest thing is get a really good monitor or FRFR amps if you're going to go direct. Good luck!
  9. I have the following 3 FRFR solutions, although I usually just play through the two JBL sidefill monitors (actually powered mains on a pole for stage monitoring). I have plenty of volume with these and pretty much hear the whole band just like what the audience hears since one of these is close to my ears. 1. Mission Gemini 2 2x12 with ability to dial the horns out via a control pot. I personally don't dial the horns out and totally feel like I am getting an amp in the room sound for me. It can get freaking LOUD to me at close to 4x12 cab levels. It sounds really good! 2. Xitone convertible open/closed back MBritt 1x12 FRFR. Also pretty darn loud, and has a very pleasing output. This had no problem keeping up with our former second guitarist before he left the band. 3. Line 6 Powercab Plus FRFR. This one is fairlyclose to Xitone volume and us very serviceable. I don't use the simulations of guitar cabs, just straight FRFR.
  10. Wow!!! Never knew this... I must have missed some of the update notes. Dohhhh
  11. I've found if you have an FRFR that can push some air that you can get amp in the room sound... I sure as heck haven't enjoyed my 2 custom tube amps I kept much in a few years now. I have Helix, Axe FX III, and Kemper Stage. I love all 3.
  12. Love the new amps and features!!! Was visiting my wife's brother for 2 weeks, plus toured the PRS Guitars factory on the way back to SC, USA! Tackled the upgrade this morning and played around all day just about! Great job, Line 6!
  13. I think I gotta go to the bathroom for a few............... Errrrrrrr
  14. Gemini 2 will light your @$$ up, won't it? Hehehe. I have had the cops called on me when having a mega volume jam at the house!!! Barely have to get it cooking at a typical gig!
  15. Yep. Most of my posts with the major players is to share with others what I've had and what I've sold. The key here is that you and I know that we could live with any of the major players for a solution. Most of the time, I tend to have one of one brand and one of the other for a backup/change of pace and one for church and one for my secular rock band. I usually keep them for beyond the return windows unless I get a dud or absolutely hate the product. If I couldn't have 2 or 3 at a time, I'd probably do what some others have done and cycle through them even if it meant a return of one or two. You pretty much pointed out the massive markup for retailers on guitars and music products. It's not my regular practice, but I don't frown on someone else having to do it. I do enough business with all of them to where they more than make up for the losses for returns anyway. LoL! I am a MusiCraKHo...... LoL!!!
  16. Hard to believe I just saw this! I have been treated well by Kemper, Line 6 and Fractal. Very nice words from DI here! Also, any conflicts in the old parts of the thread were not intended with the original post. I just like multiple toys. Finally got brave enough to sell my backup (Helix LT) to a buddy of mine in another band and just use Helix floor and Axe 3. I don't need triple redundancy ... (***Says a little quick prayer***)... Good to see the usual kind words for a competitor from the Line 6 guys! I'd expect nothing less. Helix value and my attachment to it are why I'll keep one (and use regularly). I prefer Helix in my church gigs due to the all in one package and I don't lose any tone quality in doing so. I've always leaned toward one unit is a rack and external pedal and my other go to digital rig would be an all in one pedal if both were pretty close in tone and horsepower. But kudos again to @Digital_Igloo and all the other Line 6 employees that frequent here and other boards!!! Great products and excellent service with a smile (even when a smile is not necessarily deserved by the customer)!!! You guys rock!!!
  17. JBL EON615's sound great, too. When I don't use the Gemini 2, I just jack my level up in the sidefill monitors, which are a pair of EON615's on poles. You can buy a pair of B-stock EON615's from ProAudiostar for just over $540 shipped.
  18. It's a very flexible layout... and things can easily be replaced/changed/shuffled.
  19. I'd pop a screenshot, but it's basically a Glenn Delaune 3 amp snapshot that I really liked the layout of. Probably copyright problems if I did that publicly. Everything was completely set to my preferences (he used all MkV amp model/channels, I threw an Archon channel in for the heavy/lead 4th snapshot). I think I may have changed the one kicker dirt pedal from the original, but I'm not 100% sure. Here's a nice ASCII stick diagram... LoL!!!!! Snap 1 is CalRyth1 for clean, one of the delays is on and switchable with a stomp. Snap 2 is CalRhyth2 with lower gain and no TS808. I keep the Del off unless I need it for a lead. Snap 3 is CalRhyth2 with higher gain and the TS808. I keep the Del off unless I need it for a lead or something. Snap 4 is ArchLead... and it cranks. Very much! but warm and toasty! I think only one snapshot has a change on an EQ block. 4 stomps are CleanBoost (one of the EQ's), Phaser, Chorus, and Delay. >>>>>>>>>>-----DlxComp------Wah--------DlxPhaser-----------UbiqVibe------------Scrm808-----------CaliRhyth2-----------ArchLead--------->>>>>>>>>>| V | V X>>>>>>>>>---CalRyth1----CabRino------SimpEQ--------SimpDelay----|--------|-------TrinChor-----VintDigDelay----ChamberVrb-------Vol---->>>>>>> | | |------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| | | |-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------SimpEQ-----SimpDelay-------SimpDelay---------------------------------------|
  20. 4 snaps, 4 stomps, 3 amp models. 1. Clean 2. Crunch/slight breakup 3. Classic/hard rock/lead 4. Heavy/lead All I did was run through all the other cab models and ended up saving 3 more versions. Didn't even change default Mic models. While I knew this would happen, I've just been in "if it ain't broke, don't fix it..." mode. Plus, I've been piddling with the Axe FX 3 to get it ready for gigging. Needless to say, I'm excited to try out my 3 new versions of Old Faithful at this Saturday's gig! I think it speaks volumes that I've been using the same presets for the most part for around 2 years. LoL!
  21. TheyTerk Err Jerrrrbbbzzz...
  22. glideman

    frfr speakers

    Either tilted behind/beside me or on a rack/stand beside me.
  23. I've got a Helix floor, Helix LT, and a Axe FX III. I have no problem getting great tones out of either brand. I used to own a Kemper a few years ago as well. This is far from my first rodeo with modelers. I will say that two custom built tube amps I kept rarely get fired up for more than 10 minutes before I get tired of them and the pedals and go running back to my magic machines! I'll give Axe III the sheer power and bells and whistles edge. However, nothing more powerful and better sounding than a Helix that fits in one backpack and is an ultra light rig with a single or dual guitar backpack case! I really enjoy having all three units... If you can't get great tone out of any of them, you probably need to take up bass, drums, or keyboards... LoL!!!
  24. glideman

    Stay safe

    Get the heck out if those fires get now.......
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