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  1. Maybe it’s the larger box and dual coax speakers that’s doing it for me. I know it sounds better than my very good sounding Xitone MBritt 1x12 coax open/closed back convertible . I run the Xitone closed back mode mostly. Gemini 2 is always my favorite, and I love my Xitone. CLR and Friedman have been gone awhile.
  2. Need to join the Facebook group created by Chad Boston...
  3. I use both IR's and cab helix cabs with Gemini 2. Depends on the patch. Best FRFR I've ever played through, including Friedman, atomic clr, and my Xitone MBritt (still like it though)
  4. Love my Gemini 2. Don't use my Xitone MBritt nearly as much. Don't miss the CLR at all.
  5. That's interesting... I'm like another poster above... Gemini 2 sounds awesome with my Helix. Then again, I've been using it with some sort of FRFR from day one. Probably just had all my patches eq'd pretty good before the Gemini 2. Good luck with it!
  6. You'll love the Mission cab! If you can wait to go stereo, you can find the Gemini 1's fairly cheap sometimes on reverb or evilbay
  7. Interesting... I have Helix and Helix LT for backup. Had Fractal units and Kemper, too. I get way better tones out of them. Check your global eq and make sure no one monkeyed with it before you purchased it.
  8. If it's just a little lower volume version of the Gemini 2, you won't be disappointed! Should still be loud as you'll need!
  9. don't know about the Gemini 1, but the Gemini 2 smokes @$$!!! Probably sounds just as good as the Gemini 2, but not quite as loud. I still have a 1x12 Xitone MBritt convertible open/closed back I like almost as much but ditched the CLR and the Friedman awhile ago!
  10. Every time I turn my custom built tube amps on, I miss my Helix...
  11. I play at church, in a band, and at home. I have both the Helix floor and have now purchased a Helix LT for backup after selling my Kemper. I've owned all 3 big dogs, Fractal, Kemper, Line 6, plus other names like Vox Tonelab series, etc... I have probably cut my custom built point to point wired tube amps and pedalboard on 5 or 6 times in 2 years... I don't miss them. I've owned tons and tons of tube amps over the years, including a Mesa Boogie Road King II head. If you dive deep into Helix, you'll probably never miss the heavy weight rig! If you want to really have a great stage volume for a band or have a home FRFR monitor, I highly recommend the Mission Engineering Gemini 2!!! My Xitone MBritt is almost as good.
  12. Bipolar here, bro... Feel your pain. Ever since 2007, I've gotten much better each year! All I take is a little lithium now!
  13. Vox used the preamp tubes in the early Tonelab series well (SE and LE). The preamp tube did actually warm it up. You could even hit the secret buttons and eventually get to a "bias" setting for the preamp tube that was used in a little mini "power amp" circuit. I still have a Tonelab SE and an LE. Had they done what Line 6 has done with Helix with the Tonelab concept (they went cheaper with the Tonelab series and have practically killed it), who knows what might have been. Even though Tonelab made it more of a simulated power amp tube section with the tube preamp, you could probably get the same effect with Helix running it through a really nice studio tube preamp... but it would probably be overkill at this point with Helix.
  14. Like butter, man.... like pure smooth butter!!! (Sounds and plays better than it looks!)
  15. I buy em to play em at home and out and about. If I could afford a Private Stock or an antique Les Paul, I might keep it at home... However, these guys get played wherever... :)
  16. Wood Library Artist McCarty 594... Korina body and neck, Cocobolo fretboard, Artist maple top... https://scontent.fphl2-3.fna.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-9/fr/cp0/e15/q65/24294224_10210689467856863_2380158928487194267_n.jpg?efg=eyJpIjoidCJ9&oh=1646886beee0ffcdb8ee331f311d6f16&oe=5A88E314 https://scontent.fphl2-3.fna.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-9/fr/cp0/e15/q65/24312482_10210689468296874_2835756180799039476_n.jpg?efg=eyJpIjoidCJ9&oh=789d5c5fd8d9da88469524a9c970a394&oe=5ACBEF6F
  17. Just ordered... always liked your presets on other devices!!! I’m forever burnt into the 80’s guitar world! Yeah, I like the other eras, but there’s nothing like that 80’s hard rock crank!
  18. Just bought a Helix LT to backup my Helix Floor... If my Xitone MBritt open/closed back convertible FRFR goes out, I just jack my level up in my side fill JBL EON615 monitor. They're on speaker poles and sound really good as FRFR as well!
  19. Now she matches the 2+ year old Helix floor. I think I'm going to gig the LT and just use the full Helix for hot spare and studio duties. Finally got rid of the Kemper and now have an identical hot backup/spare. Jumped off the Helix cliff 100% now. :P
  20. I think it took me a whole 10-15 minutes to do the upgrade... well worth it!!!
  21. glideman

    Helix 2.3 tips

    Easiest update ever since release!!!
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