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  1. Love my Xitone MBritt with an option making it an open/closed back convertible with 5 DSP modes/curves. Has a removable panel that you take off for traditional stock MBritt open back model mode, or leave on for closed back mode. It rocks the house!
  2. Don't you press Alt key while chasing parameters in the editor to get the per snapshot values set? Either that or Shift key?
  3. Not if it's as dark as the original wedge was... but it looks nice. hehe :D
  4. maybe Line 6 figures they're getting the Helix product out there and that it will eventually stoke even more hardware sales down the road to Native only users.
  5. Actually paid well under $4k for a Wood Library guitar. Still a "pretty penny", though. LoL!
  6. Danged 20% off sale...... Dohhhhhhh
  7. I had a 513. I like the 509 switching better. :)
  8. Like the 408 so much I'm probably buying this 509...
  9. I can't remember the cost for the whole thing, but I bought every bundle he had a good while ago, then got him to help me figure out what I needed to complete the collection a couple of months ago. He gave me a discount on the last sets I purchased to complete the set. Mike's a standup guy. I would say it was between $300 and $500 for all of them.
  10. I see blue around the edges for the burst.
  11. That is one crazy guitar, man!!! Wow! Cool!
  12. Thanks, guys! It's a 408. Bought it from a guy in Nebraska for a great price. I've owned a bunch of PRS guitars over the years. After playing it all afternoon, it's becoming one of my favorite models. My wife may let me spend my leave check on a Private Stock when I retire in a year and a half!
  13. Been there, done that! I have everything he's put out up until about a month or two ago. I have complete, or nearly complete, collections from a few of the profile peddlers.
  14. I get great recorded material from both. In a mix, it's hard to tell. Live and solo in my house? I very slightly prefer Kemper. And it could all be in my twisted little head. LoL!
  15. I own and use both equally... Helix is usually for church and gigs I want a minimal setup for. Kemper is when I want to Cadilac mode it and don't care about the extra pedal and head unit. I slightly prefer the amps I have in my Kemper, but it's mostly a wash once you learn to tweak Helix and make tones. Effects slightly favor Helix. They're both awesome units and if you can afford both, it's really worth it!
  16. I'll pick the Archon model over the 800 any day of the week... JMHO...
  17. I get plenty outta my Xitone MBritt convertible open/closed back. A 2x12 Xitone with the class D Matrix amp panel built in should knock your d@ck in the dirt... LoL!
  18. I never use my Helix and Kemper together. Effects are good enough for me in Kemper to not need Helix when using it. Helix is my compact rig, and Kemper is my Mac Daddy rig.
  19. Cool. I checked it out on a Google search a little while ago. Fender looks like a nice powered PA speaker... they're about as proud of it as JBL is of theirs... hehehe.
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