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  1. Interesting choice of amp models... Guess the Diesel and other high gainers are at the back of the line. Good update nonetheless...
  2. LoL!!!!!!!!!!!! ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!! :P
  3. With this extensive of a re-write plus lots of new goodies, I'd say the length of time we've had to wait is not that bad... I'm assuming a knockout update here of course. :) :P
  4. polyphonic pitch shifter... Eb baby...
  5. Dang... you sold your Kemper, too? LoL! We're sychronized...
  6. glideman

    Tube amps Gone?

    All I have left from the GLiDE Ming Dynasty is a couple of custom built/mod amps in the Fender circuit family that I used to pump with pedals galore, and a handful of cabinets. I haven't fired them up other than occasionally the last few years. One is a 50 watter head with a tube rectifier... the other is a totally gutted and point to point rebuilt Plush 3000G tube monster. That thing will melt paint off a 1968 Buick... Dust collectors and museum pieces now... :P
  7. I going to try it with a duplicate set of my presets this Friday. If I don't like it during sound check, I'll switch to my original setlist. Sounds good when I'm playing by myself, though.
  8. glideman

    Dual Amp setups

    Sweet song, playing, tone, and video! Excellent and haunting!
  9. me tones with the right effects for songs/artists that require it. We tend to put our own flavor on everything. Seems to work okay...
  10. I forgot to mention, I set mine at gig volume at the house...
  11. Build your presets how you like them. Use global eq to boost/cut frequencies for each venue or band. Then all your stuff has the same relative tones to each other while getting the boost areas equally.
  12. This is all cool... but when IS the new update coming........ aCk!!! Thbbfftt!!! :blink: :huh: :P :ph34r: hehehehe....
  13. Not sure about the wah pedal assignments...
  14. Yeah... I'll probably hurry it along a bit more... LoL! What's funny is I was at 2.11. Hehehe
  15. Boy... was I slow, or WHAT? aCk!!! :blink: :wacko: :P :rolleyes:
  16. Dang, dude... I remember grabbing your ElevenRack presets several years ago... hehehehe... Welcome!
  17. New one on the way! Frankand Line 6 are second to none on customer service and satisfaction!!!!!!!!
  18. Edit: Day before gig break after loading the rest of the trailer... so I had a meltdown... Apologies. I baby my toys four the most part so it just hit me wrong... couldn't even save the day with the other side zipper... It went sliding right off of one side, too. Frank said they'll fix it. It was just painful that it slipped the track so easily on both zipper pieces on the main Helix compartment. I love that dang bag and it hurt my wittle feewings... Wahhhhhhh... :P
  19. Well... It happened. Helix backpack is great but THE ZIPPER IS A SACK OF SH@T!!! Waste of freaking money... but I love it so... LoL
  20. glideman

    Where is Native?

    Ready for 2.30 as much as Native... both very exciting!
  21. Think the 5 modes with the open/closed back convertible option on the MBritt are (not in order): 1. straight FRFR (for original open back only design) 2. FRFR Tweaked FRFR EQ for Michael Britt 3. straight FRFR (EQ better suited for the closed back operation added by our custom removeable panel convertible version) 4. FRFR using only the 12" woofer (coaxial horn driver disabled) 5. 12" woofer only acting pretty much like a guitar cabinet. It's very very very versatile when you get him to built the open/closed back convertible option (removeable back panel). It has a Celestion 12" coaxial speaker driver with Celestion compression horn driver.
  22. I'll answer as soon as I can... Still on vacation in Maine. Might be late night.
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