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  1. I use Helix LT to backup my Helix floor... Don't have the pedal available for the Axe FX III yet... LoL
  2. Here I was hoping it would be a major rev. 3.0............. aCk!!! LoL!!!
  3. 2. will be Q1 2019 delivery- PRS Special 22 Limited Edition semi-hollow with HB-narrowfield-HB pickup config in Fire Red Burst. Special run order from Moore Guitars. 3. PRS Mira core 2008 maple top (flame) with hollow birds (fairly rare) 4. PRS S2 Studio in Antique White
  4. I've preferred playing a PRS over a Gibson Les Paul for years, and I'm not a fan boy nor is it over the wood bling. They just about play themselves for me. I hate a LP heel all day long to boot. Hehehe. LP is a great guitar, but just not my favorite.
  5. No 5th day... B ought 4 guitars last week... 4 different days. This was the first leap off the bridge... LoL! No piezo saddles on this one...
  6. Nahhhh... I buy em to play em...
  7. New Guitar Day 1 of 4... Be here Tuesday!
  8. Sure as Hell can't bash Line 6 support and customer service! I've had nothing but great experiences!
  9. Freman, Glenn Delaune, and Michael Britt...
  10. Yep... You guys get hosed on pricing for the Axe 3. That's a whole lotta cash!
  11. No prob.... Yep, I used to have Kemper and Helix for a long time. It was kinda hard to let go. I see a cheap used one, I might have to go for the hat trick... LoL
  12. Yep. I'm gigging Helix Friday with the same butter presets with scenes I've been using for awhile now (although they've evolved with firmware updates). I still like having the next machine to play with and/or gig in the future, too. However, I still want that Helix for those nights I need a change or don't want an extra piece of gear to lug!
  13. @spikey @tenorkeith Okay, I've had some more time and have hacked on some pleasing template presets that were good starter points worth editing. I've concluded that Axe 3 is indeed really nice sounding and super bad@$$. STILL not getting rid of the Helix twins no matter what, though. I may end up putting in a setlist on one of the Helices for controlling the very few presets I'll have to build to gig with since I can use 2 amp blocks with 4 channels (different or the same amp models) each (and multiple cabs). 99% of my gigs will probably be done with one or two presets. I do that now with Helix as well. For those that are insane enough like me and Spikey to own more than one modeler at a time, you can't go wrong at ALL with the Axe FX III. You also can't go wrong by sticking with your Helix. :D
  14. Honestly, Axe III is a really nice box so far, but for someone that already has a Helix system, it wouldn't be worth the extra money other than for future expansion capabilities. I will say the high gain stuff is to die for. It's probably got a little more to the amp models, etc., but it's still not a jump the average Joe needs to make. It's really nice sounding. If you have the extra bank account, it's probably worth it for the future horsepower and expanded grid matrix compared to other competing boxes. Otherwise, don't feel like you're missing out on being The Man (or Woman) if Helix is your financial limit. I'm not a fanboy for either... I'm a fanboy for all brands that put out something that makes great music in the right hands. Used to do that with a Vox Tonelab SE and later an LE. LoL! Ran them into a tube power amp and guitar speaker cabs. One area that the Axe 3 has caught up a decent amount is in the User Interface. Much better for the average non-Fractal person to dive into than past hardware solutions from them! You can now truly edit/build on both the hardware platform and with the computer editor. Basically, if you can afford it, it's worth a look. If not, Helix is more than capable of being a great solution. I personally plan on using the heck out of all 3 of mine, Helix, Helix LT, and Axe FX III. I used to have the Kemper for a few years, but I feel a good bit happier with the Axe 3 as Helix's companion! Hope this helped everyone interested out. Both platforms are excellent tools of tone in my most humble opinion! Never started this thread to start a fight. It's just FYI to share my experiences with my rather expensive MusicCRaK ToY habit.... LoL!!!!!!
  15. Yeah... I like competition! Good for the guitarists! (and bass players). Considering I haven't gotten any further than just running through all the factory presets, I think it's going to be a great piece of guitar magic! Can't wait to get the FC-12 in my hands so that I can have gigging capability. I'm not screwing with breaking out the old FCB Behringer pedal. LoL! Still think Helix is a massive competitor, especially when more goodies are added over the next year, etc....
  16. @spikey this dang Axe III is pretty dang sweet... and that's just from running through all the factory presets... LoL! Won't get rid of the Helix twins, but I can see myself gigging this puppy once the FC-12 footwitch box comes out! Me likies... me lovies.....
  17. Torture redefined... In possession of an Axe 3, but it sits dormant as I wait for work and a doctor's appointment this afternoon to be over... Dohhhh! Still, I love my Helix and Helix LT too much to part with even if Axe 3 ends up sounding/feeling a little better. Portability and ease of use are far too great! And you always need a backup or two!
  18. I don't have it yet... Delivery scheduled for tomorrow (Monday) by the end of the day.... It'll take me at least a few days to even get going good and get a feel... hehehe.... other than playing factory presets.
  19. Yeah... I need one like a hole in my head, but the Furian in me wishes to walk on the dark side... LoL!
  20. ... I won't be getting rid of my Helix and Helix LT... I had to play one for myself... Hehehe
  21. I like to look at it as the models have all the frequencies if I want them, but I can EQ or whatever to shape the tone to my preferences...
  22. I will beg to differ on one note... Mission Engineering Gemini 2 FRFR 2x12 CAN sound like that "amp in the room" thingy... That thing moves some serious air and is dead on when you dial your Helix tone in well. Gemini 2 DEFINITELY does it!!!
  23. You should be a happy person in a few days! I haven't turned on a tube amp in over two years other than just screwing around for an hour or two rarely. I've had Fractal (Axe) products, a couple of Kempers, and have settled on Helix with a Helix LT for clone backup... Love love love love love it!
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