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  1. I have 3 Helix floorboards. One kept in the studio One on stage in my pedalboard and One for back up in road case following me on tour just in case. No , I don’t have to carryover my rig i don’t have to setup on stage. I have my Helix models and Fx out for 200w X2 in 2x 212 cabs on both sides. It is louder than a full Marshall stack. I love my Helix’s !!!
  2. Seems like a killer option!! The sound most be very valve like! Thanks.
  3. And how do you like the sound? Does it response like a tube amp? No ice pick to tame off? Heard it's nice... Thanks.
  4. Me, I have my signature tone with this one amp: Soldano clean and crunch I have all my gain stage with this.
  5. And here is another thought... I hear/ read that some guys are using those Crown or QSC power amp. Really? Those 1600w heavy beast? Do this sounds good for gtr cab ? Do they make lighter model for gtr cabs? I doubt it.
  6. Hey guys I'm looking and shopping around for the right power amp to amplify Helix into two 112 cabs for stereo. I want to use the full amp simulation. My gigs are theatre stage, atriums or out door festival stage. Need to fill up my stage corner. No need for thousands decibels , since everyone has their monitoring and mixes. Right now I'm using IRs direct and using either IEM and supplied wedges But I want my guitar to talk to 12 inches speakers even if I have IEM on. It's gives me and my guitars a third dimension. I know you guys will suggest a very transparent power amp and that is a good start but a too clinical transistor harsh will scare me away. That said, if a class a/b MOSFET or SS is good ... I'll get it cause light and simple is also a good feature. Thanks. !!!
  7. I thought to have one with the USB thing and the other without. No need to have two USB.
  8. See this I met a reseller here in Montreal that has the same quest for best amp modeler tone and features. These has it all for me! See the link!!
  9. Any thoughts on this monitoring setup? I think Kemper amp version works this way if you go directly with IR cab to FOH , and that is what I do with my helix , but for your stage power they go with a real gtr cab to push some air. I guess the idea is to have a cab that is matching the IR that is sent to FOH ? If not , you won't remember what tour tone sounds like to FOH. As an ex: I send XLR direct an IR of the 1960 A , I should have one on stage to get the exact tone I'm sending out to the board.. Right? Is anyone have experienced this setup ? Notice that I always have stage wedges or IEM as monitoring depending on witch act I play with. Cheer thank
  10. Hey guys ! I have posted about the same problem exactly 2 weeks ago saying that j have bad squeals on solo patch. Have had the P90 on that LP that night. Do you have same problem with another gtr with regular humbuckers? You might not! My thoughts was that I started to hate tweaters... Cause you for get these feedbacks with regular Gtr cab..!
  11. Thanks Glideman !! Seems a very good option!
  12. Hey !! Still on the quest for the right cab!! And maybe this is another silly idea mine that I will share with you since you can give good or better idea in return. I think going direct is perfect but then if you don't have your own monitoring system , your a the mercy of the host production. So having those FRFR wedge could be ok but I wish to go with the best of both world like and Gtr range flat response in a 4x12 cab. I thought of having 4 of those Eminence Beta 12LTA full range driver (200w w ea) loaded in a empty Marshall 4x12 cab. And maybe insert a class D power amp like the matrix. Making a 4X12 full range giant combo for modeler that rocks ... Is there some of you that did something similar? Those drivers have a 60 to 8k range and celestion makes one that goes up to 10k. This eliminate a tweeter and the crossover. Any thoughts? Thanks.
  13. Thanks you all!!! I like all the advice that you guys have gave me. It's a bit of all this but yes I could just do a narrow cut in the mid hi to tame those squeals. Going to be fine.
  14. Hey! I now know I like that FRFR solution for my tone but !! When loud on a solo ( solo meaning hi gain and loud) I get bad squeals off from the powered floor monitors. These days I only rent monitors cause I don't have mine yet. I have used the DXR12 Yamaha ... Do you guys have to deal with this?? Feedback squeals? And that's why I get the idea of getting those coaxial 12 ' speakers so that I feel that 1- You get a better hi low blend and 2- no phase issue. 3- No way I will only hear the tweeter cause of bad positioning... 4- And probably eliminate the squeals !!! Your thoughts on all that?? The monitors I'm planning to get is the Turbosound TFX122M-AN Flashline Thanks.
  15. 5 DSP modes with the Xitone? Did not know this? What are the options Glideman?
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