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  1. The Line 6 updater is installed on a Windows installation of 2.90 Hx-Edit, as long as you did not uncheck Line 6 updater when installing. I say Windows as I cannot confirm a Mac install, but I would believe the same is true. So look at your Program Menu and open Line 6 folder and you should see Line 6 Updater program. It has the Offline install. This is a necessary program, if you wanted to revert to older version... Or run because you install failed through the Helix HX Edit updater. I would think they will include the Offline choice in the HX Edit in the future.
  2. When you install the Helix Edit 2.90, the Line 6 Updater 1.19 is installed, if you do not unchecked that option. i.e. just like you can uncheck Helix Native. Before I installed Helix Edit 2.90, I uninstalled everything Helix from Windows Uninstall. Then I installed Helix Edit 2.90, I looked and saw the Line 6 Updater 1.19 was installed. So I used it to offline update the Firmware 2.90, it worked just like before, perfect. So when 2.91 came out, I decided to try the update through the Helix Edit 2.90, like the instructions stated. I 1st downloaded Helix Edit 2.90 and re installed it again, just in case they updated anything, everything looked the same. I tried the update Flash through Helix Edit 2.90, no option to use the downloaded flash file... hmm So I went forward and about 10% into file installed it locked up. I rebooted Helix, and used the Line 6 Updater 1.19 tool offline and flashed the 2.91 file with no problem. Without having the Line 6 Updater 1.19 tool you could not go back to order versions, so it needs to be part of the process along with the Flash downloaded offline files.
  3. Just an FYI on this: I used the update Firmware in the past using the online (I.E. Login updater program) and it failed on updating. Being in IT, I believed something happened on the download side, not a complete packet download, not a Line 6 issue. So I DL'ed the Flash file from that point on and used Offline update for 2 years. And always had success. So this 2.9 I just followed my protocol (Updated offline update). Even though I did read the new 2.9 did this in the HX Edit (I wish HX Edit had choice of Offline update as in my experience so many have download issue in real time, especially today as everyone is home and 20 + devices connected). Everything went great as the updated tool was also in the new install of Helix 2.9. And why do I know that? I uninstalled everything Helix before installing 2.9 HX Edit and I uninstalled everything Helix before installing HX Edit today. But!!! when 2.91 comes out, I have to say hey let's give it a try update through HX Edit - Online.... It started great and less than 10% into installing as I was watching and reading the Floor window boom It locked up and froze... I went ugh! (I also saw the HX Edit said disconnected) I knew I should of went with my old and true way. No Problem I had downloaded the 2.91 Flash file before I did this, as I have learned.. Started the updated update tool program and flashed the 2.91 and it worked like perfect! So new updated tool still works! (Edit: before I did the 2.90 updated tool for 2.91, I also uninstalled everything 2.9 and installed the 2.91 HX Edit program and choose the update tool for the offline Flash update) So no blame or rant towards Line 6, as I think this time it was a USB issue, as my HX Edit keeps disconnecting via USB, I do like the new RECONNECT button in HX Edit, hmm as it works, but wonder if they had this issue too? Anyone else seeing the USB disconnect happening? before the 2.9 update I haven't been seeing it in years. But I have had it since 2.9 and now on 2.91. But I ordered a new cable just in case.. PS I did try another usb port on the motherboard just to test and same issue. i.e. no USB hub, I do read instructions sometimes, haha I'm hoping it is just a cable as I have not seen any post about it in years.
  4. Wow this opens a whole new addition! I'm a Stomp on top/Snapshot bottom row guy Top row my favorite: Stomps pedals Bottom Snaps: Clean - Drive - Lead1 - Lead2 And then mode button to go to 10 Stomp pedals (Which takes me back to analog pedal board mindset, pre pedal board loopers) I don't need to usually go to Mode stomp, when playing the main set, as I have mapped it out in advance. But this gives some major options! for that 10 options! Because in 10 stomp mode, you back to analog stomp board dance (2 or 3 taps before your ready), but now hmm what can I do??? nice So my new test is making 8 Snapshots, but can I have only the 4 basic show up in Stomp\Snaps, but have the 5-8 available in 10 stomp mode? Looking forward to test this! Wow back to thinking and testing how I can implements new options! Thx Line 6!!!
  5. Yes go to And select Helix LT then Flash Memory then your OS Download button at bottom of all the notes. The file will be "HELIX_Floor_v2.90.0_f344e74f1_bundle.hfx"
  6. shatters

    Helix lockup

    Just remember that when having an analog pedalboard, either I or the 2nd guitarist have ran into patch cable issues which resulted in a much longer time than that of a reboot of a Helix... 1 time at a gig I realized I couldn't change to the next song's patch, and I reached down and turn off, then turned on, and the drummer said said 1, 2 and I said wait a second, I'm tuning... I acted like I was tuning.. The singer said something like make sure you get our new songs on our website, blah blah... and when the Helix was up I said ready! They had no clue, and I lol to myself as the 2nd guitarist would of made fun of the computer based system.. You need to be ready for anything live! And act professional... I always say you lol on stage at mistakes or technical issues and the audience views it as your having fun, so they have fun!!! And I too have had the Helix for years and only 1 time had the freeze.
  7. velaramon, I use these MOOER Guitar Effects Pedal Footswitch Toppers MOOER SHROOMS I was 1st worried before I bought them that they might come off not having a set screw.. but they were so affordable, I couldn't go wrong for trying. Almost a year and they have not fell off. and for the capacitance, I just put my finger underneath the Mushroom top and touch the metal and the edit comes up on the screen, I like that I don't have to find the set screw to touch. I like to play barefoot a lot especially at home and in studio, so they work great for not changing my screen.. I also purchased the clear so the color I choose via Helix works great!!! Colors may be the best for you, I use the colors. I use in Global Settings: Stomp/Snap and 10 Switches. So the Snapshot on bottom line, i.e. Clean, Rhythm/Crunch, lead 1, lead 2 for most of my presets. And top line pedalboard for specific pedals, and All my presets are generally the same, and color coded, I usually use the same that are default, Distortion/OD Orange, Delay Green, etc.. What I love about the Helix is the Snapshot idea, as I can step on the Mode button 1 time and be in Pedalboard mode! I love that!!!! Every pedal in the same place! I don't like to put on my glasses when playing live, and like you said bending down so close the the pedalboard to see the script, so colors help me, and having every pedal I use in the same place. I hope this helps!
  8. It seems people are missing the options for restoring presets, after the firmware update, when you restore from your backup, unclick the Factory1 preset and you will see the new amps 13B, 13C, 13D, 14A, etc.. Here is a image
  9. I use Fryette Power Station Tube amp when I want to use a cab. I always wanted to try a Quilter, as it is much lighter, but wonder if I can get a real tube sound like the Fryette does. I had to show my band that the Helix can match my Fender Deluxe reverb, so I a/b'd the Helix FDR no cab to Fryette to the FDR speaker then, Helix clean no Amp to FDR amp and speaker, they were finally impressed, actually so was I. I love having the choices! FRFR, CAB, IEM, depending on venue..
  10. Why I bought the Helix as it provides me with the best of all situations! A straight effects pedal board into Guitar amp, or modeler with a real tube amp and 1x12 or 2x12 or 4x12 speaker, or modeler out to PA with IR's or Helix cabs... I play in a band that plays small gigs where my amp is not mic'd, so I built a Fryette Power Station tube amp 1x12 speaker cab/amp that sounds great for this band as we are original act.. (And they are old school and worry about And I play in bands with IEM or just stage monitors more of "cover songs", so I have my IEM's and I have a Line 6 L2t, So I am covered with different patches with all speaker config's for all. We all have a different ears, so to each his own. I call it create your sound or copy.. And QSC K12's are great speakers! I have used them for years running sound for bands.
  11. That sounded Great Glenn!!
  12. Don't give up Bobpick! It can be a struggle, after a year I'm sooo happy! lol But I have also had some great gigs 2 months into having the Helix.. 1st gig I went home disappointed.. So much for me was EQ!!!! I could make it sound so good until the band started playing, then I had to start using my engineering hat to EQ! I'm not sure where Honky is for you, as I have heard so many descriptions from musicians and non musicians of how it sounds. But I'm guessing like jeff5x01 said around 4k. There is a method used in EQing to find that Honky or disturbing frequency, called sweeping, I have used this for years, and since digital era, I believe it is a necessity to learn, you can use the parametric EQ to achieve this. Use the looper at the beginning of path (I learned to play the chord or note that bothered me the most and let it loop then sweep). jeff5x01 I think has a video on that for DAW, by the way jeff5x01 I liked your videos! You should do one for Helix EQing! :)
  13. If your visual learner, then Youtube "Line 6 helix and IR" Find all kinds of info Maybe start with Scott on the Helix Channel:
  14. Yes the curly cable sucks, mine also pops out of the can, I bought a straight cable with mini xlr, just haven't had the time to solder/bolt it in. Wow a year fly's by.... I have always liked closed back, I have been very happy with this choice of the DT 770 250, I even ran a splitter to my old AKG K240 55ohm out of the Helix while recording with a vocalist at the same time recording guitar and worked fine. For me the AKG K240 55ohm always distorted (used them for around 15 years.....), I wondered if it was my hearing going bad as I'm getting older as I didn't remember that back when I bought them, but I hear no distortion in the Beyerdynamic DT770, wish I would of bought them years ago!
  15. I use the 250 ohm, I love them! Translate well for me too. But I can't give you a comparison to the 80. When I was ordering them, I was worried I might have to buy an amp for them, as other forum post always talked about needing an amp for the 250 ohms, but nope, the Helix powers them good enough for me, I usually have the headphone volume around 10 to11 o'clock and it is loud enough for me.
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