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  1. The download directions for 2.92 state to update to the new 2.92 Edit by downloading the 2.90 Edit. This is a typo, right?
  2. Thank you for your responses. I did a 9+10 key reboot today which did a factory reset. Then I re-loaded my saved patch bundle. Things seem back to normal, except for having to still turn down patch levels back to the way they were. I did notice after I did the initial 2.91 update, that when I turned the unit off and back on, it did not do an auto patch re-build. I didn't think about that until today. Today after I re-loaded my saved patch bundle, it did did do the patch re-build when I first turned it on. This seems to have cured mine. Thanks again.
  3. As most, experienced severe issues with 2.90. Was glad to see a quick fix with 2.92, but don't like it. It seems now EVERYTHING (amps blocks, effect blocks, path blocks, everything) are now Very sensitive to patch tone and character. Had to completely re-tweek my saved go-to patches, but not sure they are the same. Also experience slight volume changes without changing anything while playing, and sometimes varying latency patch change issues of 1-3 seconds I never experienced before. Turning the unit off/on seems to mostly cure these last 2 items, but I'm not fully convinced. I've reset my Global preferences. I've been a faithful happy user since HELIX first came out, but this is the 1st update I've made that has had issues for me. I would update it back to 2.82, but want to keep it up to the latest editor. Hope they realize there are still issues, and put out a 2.93 final fix.
  4. I have read enough replies on this forum about FRFR, that I know it's a very touchy subject to say the least. So sorry if this riles anyone. I've owned my Gemini II now for over 2 years, but still can't tame the mid range "honk" from it, with my Helix running straight into it using the XLR stereo outputs. I've also used every EQ in the Helix in every position, to find and kill this honk frequency, but with no success. I've also tried sweeping the Gemini II Empower knob, still can't get rid of it. I've tried dozens of IR's (both internal and purchased), different Helix amps, no amps, no IR's, just Helix Pre-amps, etc, still honky honkiness. The Gemini seems most honky with OwnHammer IR's. It also seems tamed a bit with just running a Preamp, or running no IR at all. For those of you not familiar with the "honk" I describe, it seems to resemble the tone you get from an actual Leslie driver (without the spin), or the odd honk you might get from running 2 preamps into a power amp at the same time, as they compete poorly with each other. I know how to tame the lows and highs using FRFR, but for the life of me, I can't get rid of the tone killing mid honk my Gemini II consistently produces. Does anyone have a high gain Helix patch just using the Gemini II that they think sounds killer they can share with me. (It would be nice if the CustomTone patches would define what they were played through). If it contains an IR I haven't purchased already, I'll purchase it. Thank you
  5. Thank you for your very thoughtful and intuitive responses. Lots to absorb!
  6. I know synths have been discussed here and there on this site, but I'm specifically interested on what tips and tricks you other Helix owners have used with the Boss SY-300 synth in the helix loop. I seem to have settled in to putting the Helix loop block after the cab (not between the amp and cab). I primarily use the Fender amp types. I've also used various complementary Helix mod blocks or the fantastic Tile Reverb in the chain to accent the stereo spread. I dedicate one full patch to the SY-300, but can switch to 7 other Helix clean or driven amp patches on the fly, love it! What successes have you other SY-300 had with the Helix? (What I do know is that it's addictive, and now I'm full time tweek boy with both units! You can deep dive yourself into a black hole where nothing escapes, including time, light, and sanity).
  7. To any Helix owner running a Boss SY-300 into the Helix loop: What ins and outs do I use on the SY-300 to run into the Helix? Do I still plug my guitar into the Helix, or into the SY-300? Thank you in advance. I just don't want to fry any gear.
  8. ts14064shred


    Just an FYI: I recently got a Electro-Harmonix Synth 9 pedal, and added a send/return block to the front of one of my clean Helix patches. LOVE IT! Now I can switch from Lead guitar to Lead synthesizer on the fly. This is crazy fun with my BeatBuddy on a metal drum setting. (Running Helix version 2:20)
  9. Well, I think I found my general issue: I went back and reviewed a video on the Gemini I by Cooper Carter. I had missed the part where he said dial the Empower knob to full FRFR when using an external IR, and dial it clear off to run the Gemini with no IR, with the Gemini's own simulated cab. Would have been nice if the Gemini manual said this. Still have to EQ the heck out of it, but this tamed the honk quite a bit! The cabs were competing with each other, causing my issue (it did sound like something like that was happening). It still doesn't like my OwnHammer IR's, but it does seem to work well with some of the built in Helix ones, and some I've purchased from Glenn Delaune. I use the cab high and low cuts, and then also add the Helix para EQ at the end of the chain to further tweek. Thank you all for the help. My Gemini with Helix is now a great live platform.
  10. Thank you Brad for taking the time to respond. It's good to know I'm not the only one that has experienced this, and there is a resolution. I appreciate your suggestions, and will try to work them into my own solution. Best Regards
  11. I've been reluctant to add my comment about my Helix into my Gemini 2 FRFR, because I seem to be the only one that has had much difficulty getting a good tone out of the Gemini. (The Helix on it's own direct is killer). And I don't want to offend anyone. But here it is anyway: I believe I know what good tone is, or at least what I'm always pursuing as an EVH to harder rock tones. I'm old, and have owned more than my share of killer amps. My live "real" amp tones are being driven into (2) old Carvin 1980 4-12's with original Rola Celestion G12-30's in them. I love playing fast heavy driven leads, love it. As many of you, I also love how easy practical no tube digital tones have caught up, or even surpassed them, with the Helix. I've created killer lead and rhythm tones out of the Helix, but only direct into my digital recorder interface and Sennheiser headphones. I thought it would be great to be able to achieve those tones live through the live Gemini 2 FRFR stereo amp. I was disappointed. All my killer tones sounded brittle treblely and had a mid "honk" I just couldn't dial out or EQ out. The sound also reminded me of running the HD500 (or Helix) straight into the front of an amp head, where you could hear the competing preamps fighting against each other, limiting clarity (perceived clarity, not treble clarity). Believe me, I love treble as much as the next guy (I need the gain and treble to cut through). With pre and post Helix EQ's, (and turning the Gemini adj all the way from the FRFR setting the just the cab setting), I could tame the brittle treble, but could never get rid of the mid "honk". I sent an E-mail to Line 6 for suggestions, and all I got back was "Send us a shot of your Helix chain". Really? Chain- AMP/CAB. There's your "Screenshot". Then one day out of frustration, I turned off the Helix cab. Low and behold a very noticeable honk less usable tone! Since then, I've experimented with other configurations from the Helix into the Gemini, with just pre-amps, just amps, Own Hammer IR's, Helix IR's, etc, and have found a couple of usable tones, but never with the simulated cab turned on (any cab, any IR). (And still have to run 2-3 EQ's in the Helix chain). So, I have 2 basic questions for any of you super users that have graduated to the Helix into a live FRFR amp: First, what is the point of buying an FRFR setup, if you have to dial all the FRFR out of it to make it sound like a natural cab? Second, what is with my mid honk issue, and not being able to use an IR cab into it? Thank you in advance for your help and patience with the old guy on the block.
  12. Bypass one block at a time and see if you can isolate which block may be the culprit. ----------------------------------------------------------------- Thanks nippyjun! That was it! It was that dang LA COMP right after the amp (it doesn't sound the same in front). I backed it off, but then it didn't drive it the same. So I ended up just deleting it, and modifying the amp master, amp pre-gain, Teemah, and added another EQ at the end of the chain to compensate. They should have just named the HELIX "Drug Addict", because I swear I just can't stop tweaking it to find that next level of sound! I've only fired up my Splawn and Archon real amps once since I bought this thing. We'll see how the Gemini II sounds live with it about mid August. Thanks again!
  13. First of all, thank you line 6 for the HELIX (way better than my HD500X!) Occasionally on a new down loaded patch, at the end of the guitar sustain as the signal fades out right at the end, the sound ends the fade with a "voltage starved" crackling, not the smooth sustain end I usually experience. I've read the post on "Popping and Crackling", but this is not a computer based issue (not hooked up to one). I run straight from the HELIX into my Tascam DP-24SD recorder (sorry about that all you studio die hards), then straight out of that into my $100 Seinheiser headphones. The last time this happened, I deleted then re-added the IR- fixed it. This time on this new patch, it has no external IR. I tried different amps, internal cabs, mics- nothing fixed it. I then thought surely it must be a bug in the downloaded patch somewhere else, so I re-created it by hand in a new patch location - still didn't fix it. The patch contains (not necessarily in this order): Uber amp, 4x12 Solo lead cab, Teemah, LA comp, Adriac delay, plate, tile, and vintage delay. All effects and amp are dialed back. After reviewing the following data, does someone have a suggestion on what in the patch might be causing this? (It would have to be one of my most killer patches) 1. version 2.01 2. patch input set to multi, output to 1/4 outs 3. global- all factory defaults, except PAD ON 4. Z/ohms settings don't eliminate the issue 5. Not peaking, at least not when it enters my recorder 6. Not a computer (don't use one) 7. Not a Gate issue (on/off doesn't matter) 8. Not my cables or headphones (all of my other patches are fine) Thank you all in advance
  14. Sorry if these questions have already been answered. I just don’t have much time here at work to re-search this forum. I love my HD500X, so this week I bought a DT25. I figured on using it as a stand alone amp, but after reading the raves of linking them up, I decided to try the XLR L6 link. My HD500 patches became very brittle and over-powered. Questions about the L6 Link: 1. Do I have to re-create all my HD500 patches with just pre-amps (manual recommended) (they currently are all full amps)? 2. Does the DT25 only use CH A to play all my HD500 patches? 3. If the DT25 changes circuitry for each HD500 amp choice, what does it do with an HD500 dual amp patch (different amps in HD500 amp blocks A and B)? (My favorite patches are dual amps). 4. Are the “Amp Knobs†in the HD500 over-riding the physical amp knob locations on the DT25, every time I change an HD500 patch? (I’ve read, when L6 linked, either will change either. I want it to sound like the settings of my HD500 every time I change into a new saved HD500 patch). Thank you for all your support.
  15. Thanks for all your replies, it's all been helpful. And just to clarify, I'm not using any physical real amps, only the full amp simulations from the HD. 2 similar or different amps in stereo, on the same patch.
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