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  1. Hey guys, TLDR; I’m thinking about moving to a Helix for nearly all my stuff: Looking for advice from those who have them / have used some of the gear I use ATM. Background: younger guy, playing in Church occasionally but mostly at home for my own enjoyment. I really enjoy the music of Rabea massad, that heavier ambient stuff and everything that feeds into it. The gear: I have used pods but found that I couldn’t get enough out of my Hd500X, so I graduated to a real value amp and proper pedalboard etc. Time has passed and I now use a midi-rig consisting of an ES-5, an EQ and the strymon timeline/mobius/big sky pedals. And I really love them. With the 4CM I can do a LOT, and it sounds ace. The problem: it weighs a flipping ton, cabling it up is a pain and I just hate moving it all around. I love versatile setups, and mine can chameleon into a lot of setups. Ambient tones. Rock n roll, metalz, no issue. But I’m conscious that’s the reason a lot of folks own a Helix. However I’m also conscious that the strymon stuff just DOES. It sounds the business and it’s got some effects I don’t think the Helix can reproduce without some serious technical knowhow. HOWEVER: I only have room for 1 rig in my life. If I have both one will just sit unused from month to month. I’m willing to put the elbow grease in to get the mat out of a Helix rig, but at the same time I don’t want to flog my nice gear, put all the hours in and get basically the same result for a couple of KG less. So, guys who own them, use em in Church and haul their own gear, or those who do / have owned the strymon stuff: what’s your take on all this?
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