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  1. I have a helix LT and I’m running it thru Powercab 112plus, and I made a simple patch I am using the vintage setting on the amp, when I a/b with my amp setup I can feel the difference, it’s not by much but would like to dial it in a little closer. Any suggestions or recommended videos On YouTube would help would be greatly appreciated
  2. I am just using the studio speakers to play music thru to learn songs by ear
  3. I have a powered subwoofer with studio monitors, I was thinking about running the helix into the sub woofer and then use the pass thru to the monitors, has anyone tried this? If so how did it work?
  4. I just purchased a helix LT and I am currently setup going thru my amp with the 4 cable method, I'm not sure if doing this will get me the most from helix, I am tempted to get a set of studio monitor speakers instead and I've also been looking at the power cab plus but that would leave me at mono. thanks
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