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  1. Think I will get an FM3. Might be a bit of a wait though
  2. Interesting video. ML Sound Lab is a Fractal guy for sure. Ive read a few comments in the past that have clearly stated that.
  3. Looking for some opinions from folks here. That's all.
  4. What are your guys' thoughts? Can't decide after reading this thread https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/axe-fx-iii-vs-helix.155041/ Does anyone here have both units?
  5. Thanks for your help guys. Spent way too much time trying to get this to work and it didn't. Sold it anyways. Cheers.
  6. Away from my Stomp for a few days but I will check when I get back. Thank you guys
  7. Correct. I have a mission EP-1 and M-Audio pedal. One thing I just noticed is that when I delete the volume block, the wah block works.....
  8. Tried that. I dunno, something weird going on. Tried different pedals too.
  9. Still doesn't do anything. And this is the exact same wah block I've copied from other presets it works fine in..
  10. It looks like it set correctly (same as other presets that are working fine) nothing happens when i move the pedal on this one though. I at a loss
  11. Sorry, here is the patch FR_RPC_CLEAN_WAH.hlx
  12. Here you go. I cant get the wah block in this one to work at all. Even when assigned correctly to EXP1. Not sure if i mentioned this earlier, but this is on the Stomp thank you FR_RPC_CLEAN.hlx
  13. Same thing. The pedal isn't even modifying any of the parameters. When I move it with my foot you should be able to see the mix bar move....in some of these presets when I move the pedal nothing is happening...
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