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  1. "Yet another misunderstanding of how things work?">> Excuse me lollipop - what the lollipop kind of attitude is that to a new user on your lollipoping platform? - some of you in this forum have absolutely no idea how to communicate with the public and you're racking up a nice record here of insults to new members - all of which i have screenshotted and will soon be posting on Line 6's soshmed - way to go - keep it rolling. lol
  2. thanks for the info - i did what you said and it pretty much worked - strange that Rack doesnt have a "delete preset" function
  3. I want to attach a videofile but as shown in the attached screenshot there is a limit of just 0.03MB for file attachments!! Is this a website software glitch? 0.03 MB = 30 kilobytes!!! Not even sure that's enough to attach the jpeg until i try it - here goes ...
  4. 3 year old thread of similar problem
  5. MrNoisy

    Setlist swaps?

    Totally agree. Thanks for input
  6. MrNoisy

    Setlist swaps?

    thanks Silverhead
  7. I have lost all sound output from the Helix - i changed presets to a new one i downloaded and installed (shown in screenshot) - had sound until i clicked on a block to try to change the tone and the sound disappeared - went back to previous preset but sound remained gone - then checked about 10 other presets - all soundless. Checked global settings (even though i hadn't touched them) and the expression pedal is not set to global (also i don't have a pedal anyway as its a Rack and Floor Controller). There are about half a dozen threads on the usual forums with similar such problems - NONE of them were ever resolved - every one of the threads just ends hanging with no updates.
  8. Hi all - problem solved - turns out it's working after all - apparently it's supposed to only work in stomp mode. LOL Thanks for all your help.
  9. MrNoisy

    Setlist swaps?

    If i have 4 or 5 setlists with about 120 presets in each and want to swap the order of the setlists but keep the presets within each one, can i simply swap the setlist (eg user 4<->3 etc). [I have tried but can't find a way yet to do this.] Or do the whole setlists have to be exported and then imported back in the new order? Thanks.
  10. Ah i see. Fantastic info - thank you very much that will save me some time on what is already proving to be quite a painstaking learning curve - i hadn't realized how complicated this unit is when i went in for it lol. Thanks again.
  11. It says None. But then i question what is the field entries displaying in the lower (Stomp) row in the top picture (Snap/Stomp mode)?
  12. Oh, as suggested i also moved all the hardware to another room to try at a different location - no change. Does anyone know if wifi can interfere with capacitive touch?
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