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  1. "Yet another misunderstanding of how things work?">> Excuse me lollipop - what the lollipop kind of attitude is that to a new user on your lollipoping platform? - some of you in this forum have absolutely no idea how to communicate with the public and you're racking up a nice record here of insults to new members - all of which i have screenshotted and will soon be posting on Line 6's soshmed - way to go - keep it rolling. lol
  2. thanks for the info - i did what you said and it pretty much worked - strange that Rack doesnt have a "delete preset" function
  3. I want to attach a videofile but as shown in the attached screenshot there is a limit of just 0.03MB for file attachments!! Is this a website software glitch? 0.03 MB = 30 kilobytes!!! Not even sure that's enough to attach the jpeg until i try it - here goes ...
  4. 3 year old thread of similar problem
  5. MrNoisy

    Setlist swaps?

    Totally agree. Thanks for input
  6. MrNoisy

    Setlist swaps?

    thanks Silverhead
  7. I have lost all sound output from the Helix - i changed presets to a new one i downloaded and installed (shown in screenshot) - had sound until i clicked on a block to try to change the tone and the sound disappeared - went back to previous preset but sound remained gone - then checked about 10 other presets - all soundless. Checked global settings (even though i hadn't touched them) and the expression pedal is not set to global (also i don't have a pedal anyway as its a Rack and Floor Controller). There are about half a dozen threads on the usual forums with similar such problems - NONE of them were ever resolved - every one of the threads just ends hanging with no updates.
  8. Hi all - problem solved - turns out it's working after all - apparently it's supposed to only work in stomp mode. LOL Thanks for all your help.
  9. MrNoisy

    Setlist swaps?

    If i have 4 or 5 setlists with about 120 presets in each and want to swap the order of the setlists but keep the presets within each one, can i simply swap the setlist (eg user 4<->3 etc). [I have tried but can't find a way yet to do this.] Or do the whole setlists have to be exported and then imported back in the new order? Thanks.
  10. Ah i see. Fantastic info - thank you very much that will save me some time on what is already proving to be quite a painstaking learning curve - i hadn't realized how complicated this unit is when i went in for it lol. Thanks again.
  11. It says None. But then i question what is the field entries displaying in the lower (Stomp) row in the top picture (Snap/Stomp mode)?
  12. Oh, as suggested i also moved all the hardware to another room to try at a different location - no change. Does anyone know if wifi can interfere with capacitive touch?
  13. Thanks for the info on the UI test for Rack - have added that query to my support ticket too. I found this also - restart with encoders 1 and 6 will enter update mode. Is this a better way to update firmware?
  14. I assume they must be the same bank of Snapshots in both photos as all i did was change the "Stomp/Snap" order in Global Settings - and the rows swapped instantly (but with 1 becoming blank) - I didn't touch the controller at all in between the two pics (just seconds apart). Also i haven't assigned anything at all since performing the factory reset 2 days ago. Also, i tested this with 2 Ethercon cables (including the original 25 footer) and was the same result both times. Have updated my Line 6 support ticket with this info but so far still no response after about 48 hours.
  15. This might be a clue?: In Global Settings > Snap/Stomp mode both rows (stomps and snaps) are populated. But Global Settings > Stomp/Snap mode only the bottom row (snaps) is populated - why is the top row (stomps) unpopulated (empty)? - is this indicative of a software / firmware problem and thus the limited capacitive functionality?
  16. Here is a short video of the capacitive touch function - touch is working on the lower row (stomps) but not on the upper row (snaps). (Also doesn't work on presets if one of the preset modes is selected (eg Snap/Preset) in global settings.) Is this normal or should it be working on all controller buttons? [Sorry for the very low definition video but the forum only allowed me an upload of less than 1mb so i had to reduce quality.] HRFC demo.mp4
  17. i ran an extension chord to another power outlet - no change. i live about half a mile from a small hydroelectric dam i live in the western half of japan where the cycle is 60hz - this occasionally causes electrical incompatibility with devices made for the 50Hz eastern side, but most devices run on both frequencies here.
  18. just tried a 3rd Ethercon cable - borrowed from internet router - dunno if Cat5 or not but it didnt work either. assuming the first cable was an original Line 6 supplied one - which i'm 99% sure it is as its 25 feet long and looks the same as pics i've seen) - then it doesnt seem cables are the problem - unless the Line 6 one is faulty due to age, and the other 2 are low quality cat 7's - so i'll probably have to order a new Line 6 ethercon cable to test and if its not that then i'm probably out of options. Can the usb ports on the rack and controller be used to connect them (just to test)?
  19. Should capacitive touch work at all times (eg. upon start up) or only in certain modes (eg. footswitch assignment)?
  20. although it did say version 3.11.0 on the foot controller too - hard to read in this pic i took but thats what it says
  21. Good point. Does anyone know if there is any harm rolling back Firmware version to test?
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