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  1. I have the 12s and have never had anything like that happen...So this is a single patch that gets fizzy? You should be able to eliminate the POD by sticking some headphones in it...If the tone stay good in the cans it might be the Alto....The other thing to do would be try with 1/4" out and then XLR....See if it is only happening with one of the them...and check the headphones....if you hear it in the cans, then you know it's the POD...You gotta structure your troubleshooting on this a little to figure it out.
  2. spaceatl


    Windows 7....LOL! I have a Sonar 5 workstation with UAD-1 cards on Windows 7. It's dedicated audio and I never use it anymore but it still works great...Has an old 8x8 EMU interface...but I digress. As I recall, I have never had much luck having more than one USB interface connected in Windows. In fact, I can remember quite few folks having issues with USB printers back when HD was first released and WiFi printers were a bit less common. Both use streaming mode. Does it happen with UX1 disconnected? Line 6 support might suggest only plugging in one interface at a time. Another thing it could be is a USB Hub....try moving it to the opposite side...Some laptops have a hub for the multi port side...usually avoid the left side...right side is generally a real single port...just a thought as hubs really mess with these things. You would likely have better luck rolling the driver back or just biting the bullet and updating to Windows 10...My Old HD works great on an 8 year old Sony Vaio...Same one you see on the Silicon Valley sitcom...I just swapped the drive for an SSD and it flies...totally stable unless I use the USB3 port...It was one the first machines with USB3 and likely the problem is my computer as the early implementations kinda sucked. Good luck!
  3. spaceatl


    Not true. An update to stabilize USB 3.0 would require new USB firmware, not necessarily the audio driver...You are using a decade old modeler and it is doubtful that an update will happen anytime in the future, if ever. If you want it to be stable, use a USB 2.0 port...If you want it to continue crashing, keep doing what you are doing...If you would like some help troubleshooting it, give a little information about the computer you are using and I would be glad to try and help you. Other things that can cause this can be related to your particular motherboard...Insure you bios and other firmware is updated and any chipset drivers are updated as well. Another cause can be power management settings in the USB Root Controller. This is more common on laptops as sometimes some manufactures don't delineate a difference between battery and on power.. Best of luck to you.
  4. spaceatl


    Trying switching to a USB 2.0 port if you computer has one...My computer has both and I get the same thing is I use USB 3.0....On 2.0 I have left it on for days with no crashes...Also use Reaper on Windows 10.
  5. spaceatl

    POD Go FAQ

    Did you try Sweetwater? They are running, albeit reduced capacity
  6. It supports midi over USB. Seems like if other devices work, I don't see why Pod Go wouldn't.
  7. I get the crash when I try to use a USB 3.0 port on Windows 10...As long as I use the USB 2.0 port, I can stay on and connected for days at a time. On the 3.0 port it varies from 15-20 min to a few hours
  8. This is a curious one. The only thing I can think of to inject here is "maybe" a jitter issue. Or maybe at least eliminate it as a possibility. It does not seem like it as you indicated that when the sound changed that settings did not notice settings had changed. It's a fairly simple to eliminate and many of us have been doing this for years with the Line 6 amplifiers where this problem can be a bit more pronounced...At least on some of the older ones like the AX2 and Flextones. Next time you are testing, park all of the tonestack pots at zero and then recall the patches you are testing with leaving the tonestack pots parked. Generally, when a pot jitters and sends it's setting for position, it's usually a bit different than the current patch if you just leave them where they were last time you edited. You can get some pretty nutty tone changes that can be hard to determine depending the pot and position. Parking the pots at zero or max generally eliminates this. Anyhoo, just a thought. Best of luck.
  9. Like Phil said, A playback difference in sample rates can cause this in some DAWs. Check that your project sample rate is the same as the Stomp. This kinda sounds like recording at 48k and playing back at 44.1 with pitch and time correction turned off...Anyhoo, a mismatched rate can cause what you describe. a note recorded at 48k will be almost a whole step lower when played back at 44.1...
  10. try holding the left arrow on power up. This will reset global variables. Usually clears it up.
  11. spaceatl

    POD HD500X

    Glad to hear they are helping you with this. Hope it gets sorted soon.
  12. spaceatl

    POD HD500X

    I would suggest starting with a New Tone...Empty, no FX and no amps....Add a wah effect. It should work by default...press the toe switch and the wah works...Now add a Volume effect. You should now have volume and wah...You should be able to toggle between them....By default, the Volume effect will take up an FX block. If this is working properly, perhaps this would help you better understand how the expression assignments work...There are two expressions and the toe switch is generally for toggling which is active....FX parameter(s) can be assigned to expression. In fact you can create super cool tone morphs in the same amp model assignment the amp controls to expression. wah and volume just show you the simple default behavior You can cheat and assign the Amp channel volume or drive to the expression pedal without taking up an FX slot...That's a bit more advanced but fairly simple to do...Handy when you need all the FX blocks for real FX....
  13. Close the monkey and any Line 6 stuff....Plug in the HD USB while the HD is booted up...Open Device Manager and look for the HD. Uninstall the Device in the Device Manager. Unplug the HD USB from the computer. Go to add remove programs and uninstall the driver. reboot the PC. Instead of running the monkey, download the current version of HD Edit and run that installer. Do not plug in the HD until it gets to the driver install and prompts you. Years ago when I was testing HD I had a similar driver issue. I had run the driver install with the HD plugged in by accident. That is what I did and I have not had that issue since and have been on Windows 10 for years now.
  14. You could add a tiny passive stereo volume box with a knob on it and put that on your monitor lines...10k would probably do it. Something like this: https://saturnworkspedals.com/product/volume/ Making one of these is pretty easy to do also.
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