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  1. Yes, FBV will work....The older FBX will not...That is an FBV long board in the pic...It will work...
  2. DT-770s are 100mW 96db cans...SPL is 96db, so not exactly efficient and I think that's a 1K measurement so I would think the 20-20k rating would be around 87-90db SPL...That usually means at least a 4W @ 16 ohms per channel rated amplifier. That amplifier will put out 250mW per channel @ 250 ohms...2:1 headroom as it should be...A lot of people drop big $ on cans and miss that final step of getting the proper amplifier for them. A headphone amplifier is no different than selecting a properly matched amplifier for near field monitors...I certainly would not just use any old thing for my near fields...just my take...
  3. If an amp that shouldn't be breaking up is breaking up, then you might be hitting it too hard...try the input pad...if the gain goes back to reality, you were probably a bit hot coming in...I have the pad in more than out, even on passive guitars...especially hot pups...passive guitar pickups have stellar transients and you can get right into the limiter on the AD converter if you are not careful...If you tone has turned to glass with no spank, you might be too hot...
  4. spaceatl

    POD Go Volume

    if you are using mono playback, you can use the AMP OUT....That's a fixed output unaffected by the volume....If you need stereo and are not using the FX Loop, you can stick the Loop block at the end of the chain and just use a send....That is also a fixed output unaffected by the volume knob...good luck.
  5. Mine came this way new...factory reset brings them back...or update firmware and overwrite patches.
  6. Not thoughts on the monitors....but if your cables are under 20' you don't really need balanced cables. You generally don't need a TRS for a guitar either....I balanced a passive bass back in the day to have a long cable, but that isn't typical...
  7. Normally I am not...A musician friend of mine suffered an unexpected health event and it hit me hard. I think it is unusual for me to lash out, but this week (and past 2 years) got to me this week. Just venting. Your posts are stellar bro and I am glad you are here. We are on the same page. cheers.
  8. Dude, I am just conveying my opinion and experience and why I moved. No more no less...Figured it could further reinforce that the GO might be what he determine he needs as I certainly read that. But I did forget to mention that the locked blocks was a big issue for me as well which doesn't happen on the XL. But I still miss that damn AMP OUT... Are you saying I should not chime in with my experiences when someone is trying to decide between Line 6 modelers?....That's kinda nitpicky bro...
  9. I used Pod GO for the duration of 2020 and did several shows and mostly songwriting....For songwriting/recording, I highly recommend it. It's dead simple and fast to great results...For live it leaves a bit to be desired for me...parallel paths....a must...I use native in my recording so the HX tracks using get dumped anyway since I take the dry at the same time...whatever I record from an HX is generally just placeholder scratch... I switched to the HX XL about a year or so ago and I could not be happier....The layout is basically identical to the GO but with the flexibility I need....The one thing I mess about the GO is the AMP OUT....I can do that with the XL also, but it costs a block and an FX out...Both are great units....Good luck
  10. Currently Sony 7506...They sound like my v900s did and I cut my teeth v600s and still use my coveted cdr3000s I use for post production....I need new pads and a head band again, but I know how Sony sounds and translates so it works for me....I think it's more about finding what works and learning the translation. All cans have a color.
  11. USB hubs have been a problem since Line 6 first went USB on the XT line....All modelers that act as interfaces and have edit ability employ both Bulk Mode (editing) and Streaming Mode (audio) simultaneously. There is an inherent problem with the USB IEEE Leader Follower specification in that Streaming mode allows for an "acceptable" number of dropped packets. Bulk mode is what is used for data transfers like copying files and device presets and that mode must move the data perfectly. Because Streaming is a real-time mode and Bulk is not, when Bulk mode hits a critical condition where it must interupt Streaming mode, the stream will drop some packets and sometimes, bulk mode will get errors. These are low level hardware errors that happen all the time and are corrected. hubs add another layer of interrupts for the other devices in the hub and the hub itself. This is dictated by the spec... It is so much better now that it was years ago, but I don't think hubs will ever be good for streaming audio devices...But then, not all hubs are created equal. So one hub could work where another won't. I have seen it happen with computer MB so many times...New board comes out and there are bugs in the modes and you have to update the BIOS to fix it...Sometimes a shop will develop a driver using a flawed chipset and workaround the issue....then the chipset is updated and workaround breaks the driver....but yeah, hubs are mostly bad results for Line 6 stuff.
  12. what are you short on most of the time? I have a similar problem as a bass player using an HX Stomp XL. For me, there is not a limiter, pre compressor or EQ that doing what I need. Also, the synths are a bit too latent for me to use for tighter faster tempo stuff. So I figured out where I was short and added Source Audio Ultrawave, C4, EQ2 and a neural hub. In my case a Full Helix would not help as what I wanted is simply not there. I have not found anything in Helix like the Ultrawave. That thing is deep. It could be if what you need is in Helix and you just need 1-8 more blocks to get it where you want it, it might be an HX stomp would get you there. If you need more, then it might be that a Helix rack makes more sense. There are lots of ways to optimize patches for dsp...If you have done all the tricks, I totally understand where you are coming from. If not, I would recommend trying a few things like not using a volume block and instead assigning expression to the channel volume on the amp model, 1024 IR saves you a lot over a 2048...When reverb is less important, use an old Hall or plate...There are many ways to get a bit more out of it...Especially, if you are downloading patches and have not really explored different approaches for the same outcome. Good luck.
  13. I am not sure, but I think if that XT still has factory firmware, you will need a midi interface to update it. IIRC, when XT and XTL were released it was over a year before the USB support came along....I know this was true for the XTL...XT was the first modeler Line 6 did that used USB...There is a screen in the XT some place where you can see the firmware version, maybe on startup. I gave mine to my brother, so I can't check it out at the moment, but if you are on an Intel Mac (Not M1, that will not work with XT ever...they are not updating it.), you likely need a midi interface to get it up to a point where USB was supported...
  14. my poor attempt at a bad joke...I did not see that either....I just thought about the Helix being around 40' behind an MXR....Those things were slow...SPX-90 was kinda slow too...It's all just time alignment.....gotta deal with it on everything...What has always been interesting to me about sound traveling just under 1 foot in 1ms is that 1kHz propagates to just under 1 foot in length...
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