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  1. spaceatl

    sound difference thru combo amp

    Actually there is. If you program a button to enable/disable the AMP block, the amp model is effectively turned off, bypassed or whatever you want to call it. You can then set the bypass Volume to effectively use an alternative preamp....In tandem with the FX Loop block, this is useful in 4CM applications where a pre amp toggle is wanted.
  2. spaceatl

    Treble, Bass, Mid, Presence, Drive

    It does what you are thinking. There is a threshold voltage change that will cause the POD to react to the voltage change in the potentiometer. However, what makes this a little tricky is that the pot voltage is converted into digital amplitude values. sometimes subs under a stage can be enough g-shock to create a voltage jitter in the pot and it will change to it located value...bad pots will start sending all kinds of crazy values. As a matter of course, a lot of long time Line 6 users learned long ago it is generally a best practice to park the knobs at zero or full during performance. Jitter is not as bad as it once was...It is generally worse on the amplifiers where g-shock is more of a factor....good luck.
  3. spaceatl

    Preset suddenly gone POD HD 500

    only thing I can think of is maybe SetlistMaker is sending a bit more over midi than you are wanting it too...
  4. spaceatl

    POD HD 500X keeps crashing.

    not worries, maybe helps, maybe not...let us know if you figure something out.
  5. spaceatl

    POD HD 500X keeps crashing.

    Something else you can check. I have an older Sony VAIO Tap 20 that I use with my HD most of the time. It has a USB 3.0 and a USB 2.0 port....Keep in mind that this is nearly a first generation USB 3.0 motherboard as the SATA controller is type 2....But it's a 4 core i7 with 16GB of ram and 2TB SSD so it is still fast enough for what I need from it. Anyhoo, if I plug my HD into the USB 3.0 port it will bluescreen after several hours. HD on the 2.0 port can stay connected for days at a time with no issues...HD was designed as a USB 2.0 device and not all USB controllers are created equal...I would suggest trying to figure out if you have a 2.0 port and try that...
  6. spaceatl

    POD HD 500X keeps crashing.

    Sometimes crashes that occur after a few hours can be caused by power management settings on USB Controller. You can get at it from the Device Manager and settings can be in the Advanced Power Management Settings. Basically, you want to make sure the Power Management is not idling the Controller. Or at least eliminate it as a suspect. Other things to check: BIOS version and Chipset drivers for the motherboard are current...
  7. spaceatl

    Preset suddenly gone POD HD 500

    Curious, it is not technically possible to delete a preset location. Do you mean that the preset location was initialized to a "New Tone" patch...basically a blank patch. A couple of thoughts... Are you 100% certain that you did not accidentally change set lists? Are you running with a PC connected with Edit running?
  8. spaceatl

    POD HD Pro X Windows 10 BSOD's!!! (l6podhd5se64.sys)

    ASIO4All is not needed with HD Pods and that is likely part of the problem...That's a throwback to XT and Windows XP...HD has ASIO built-in...Works quite nicely for me. My machines switch sound devices automatically, I did not have to disable the onboard audio device...I only change Reaper to use HD for input and output.
  9. spaceatl

    POD HD Pro X Windows 10 BSOD's!!! (l6podhd5se64.sys)

    I have been using HD on Windows since Windows 7 thru Windows 10 on several different machines (Sony VAIO, Lenovo, HP and home built). Blue screen is fairly rare for me. There are a couple of things to check. USB Cable...dirt in the connectors Power Management settings on USB. You can see this in the Device Manager. Sometimes there is a setting in the Advanced Power Management options. Insure that you have latest bios installed for the PC Insure you have latest chipset drivers for the PC Insure your Windows is up to date If this is a laptop, you generally want to connect on the non-hub side. This is usually the right side or the side with a single USB port. Line 6 gear often misbehaves on hub ports. Laptops is usually where power management issues show up.
  10. spaceatl

    HD500X Edit display on studio laptop

    Another option is to change the default font size. Increase it to large...This should increase the size of the application text without having to reduce resolution as much.
  11. spaceatl

    POD HD500x 4CM with Sonic Maximizer FX Loop

    if you want it on everything, inject it in the HD Main out and the Power Amp In (FX Return) of the amp. good luck with that.
  12. spaceatl

    My notebook doesn't recognize the POD !!

    One thing to check...When you installed the driver, did you wait until the software asked you to plug in the POD...Not doing so can cause this problem. USB Cable - Perhaps something is up with the cable you are using...Insure the connectors are clean. New laptop - Have you checked to see if there is an update for the BIOS and/or updated chipset drivers? The IO for USB is controlled there and that could be a cause. Good luck
  13. spaceatl

    HD 500 Control Hot Rod Deluxe Channel

    Something in a direct box form actor than might do what you need. If I recall, HRD is a stereo jack for conventional two button switch...Anyhoo, best of luck. http://midisolutions.com/proddfs.htm
  14. spaceatl

    Anyone else use POD HD500X for Bass?

    I use the HD Desktop and shortboard for bass. I love it! The SVT is mostly what I use. I generally use a dual patch with a FULL SVT with the 8x10 cab on one chain and the SVT PRE model with no cab on the other. freaking fantastic and saves my back. I record and and use it live.
  15. spaceatl

    Anyone using a dual XLR Y-cable with success?

    You could make a proper passive summer (combiner) with a few resistors. However, you could just buy one and then the output channels would no longer fight with each other... https://www.amazon.com/Galaxy-Audio-JIBC-XLR-Combiner/dp/B00079OUNM/ref=asc_df_B00079OUNM/?tag=hyprod-20&linkCode=df0&hvadid=312199306469&hvpos=1o3&hvnetw=g&hvrand=3736067693555883922&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=&hvdev=c&hvdvcmdl=&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=1015249&hvtargid=pla-569224398202&psc=1 However, you could put a dummer plug in one of the 1/4 main outs and force the summation internally. That affects the headphones and the XLRs.