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  1. spaceatl

    POD HD500x 4CM with Sonic Maximizer FX Loop

    if you want it on everything, inject it in the HD Main out and the Power Amp In (FX Return) of the amp. good luck with that.
  2. spaceatl

    My notebook doesn't recognize the POD !!

    One thing to check...When you installed the driver, did you wait until the software asked you to plug in the POD...Not doing so can cause this problem. USB Cable - Perhaps something is up with the cable you are using...Insure the connectors are clean. New laptop - Have you checked to see if there is an update for the BIOS and/or updated chipset drivers? The IO for USB is controlled there and that could be a cause. Good luck
  3. spaceatl

    HD 500 Control Hot Rod Deluxe Channel

    Something in a direct box form actor than might do what you need. If I recall, HRD is a stereo jack for conventional two button switch...Anyhoo, best of luck. http://midisolutions.com/proddfs.htm
  4. spaceatl

    Anyone else use POD HD500X for Bass?

    I use the HD Desktop and shortboard for bass. I love it! The SVT is mostly what I use. I generally use a dual patch with a FULL SVT with the 8x10 cab on one chain and the SVT PRE model with no cab on the other. freaking fantastic and saves my back. I record and and use it live.
  5. spaceatl

    Anyone using a dual XLR Y-cable with success?

    You could make a proper passive summer (combiner) with a few resistors. However, you could just buy one and then the output channels would no longer fight with each other... https://www.amazon.com/Galaxy-Audio-JIBC-XLR-Combiner/dp/B00079OUNM/ref=asc_df_B00079OUNM/?tag=hyprod-20&linkCode=df0&hvadid=312199306469&hvpos=1o3&hvnetw=g&hvrand=3736067693555883922&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=&hvdev=c&hvdvcmdl=&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=1015249&hvtargid=pla-569224398202&psc=1 However, you could put a dummer plug in one of the 1/4 main outs and force the summation internally. That affects the headphones and the XLRs.
  6. spaceatl

    Power amp section ONLY

    GTR->HD500 GTR Input HD500 1/4" Main OUT (L or R) -> HT20 FX Loop RETURN IMPORTANT: Dummy plug in the HT20 instrument input. Make sure the HD500 is set for Line Level and the HT40 is also Line Level. I think that is +4 button on the back. As I recall, the HT20 Standby switch in built into the instrument input...basically, if you pull the HT20 input it goes to standby instead of having a conventional standby switch. To get around this, put a dummy plug in the instrument input and wire as indicated above. This is likely why you got no sound when you tried it.
  7. spaceatl

    Wah question POD HD500

    Chrome wah first in the chain or second after the fast gate on patches that use a gate is what I do...It's what I do with the real stuff. kinda old school I suppose.
  8. spaceatl

    Wet / Dry Setup

    Sure, you could do that. You could also 4CM the preamps from your two combo amps and have a choice modeled PRE or real PRE...lots of options.
  9. spaceatl

    Levelling volume between clean and distortion

    The master obviously affects the output of the HD500...My main point here was to let you know that the value (setting) of the master is NOT stored when you save your patch...So if you are changing the master level in tandem with trying to level your relative volume between patches, you might be fighting a losing battle...It is generally a good idea to park the master at a healthy level and not touch it or your monitoring volume whilst leveling patches.
  10. spaceatl

    Levelling volume between clean and distortion

    toggle back and forth changing only the CHANNEL VOLUME until you get the patches leveled. However, it should be noted that properly leveled patches for stage use will NOT seem level when listened to on there own. The distortion will always seem a good bit louder...If you are using a distortion FX on a clean patch, then adjust the LVL of the distortion FX until correct...Keep in mind that the value of the Master volume is NOT stored.
  11. spaceatl

    Dual Output mode and L6 Link

    Try the direct on the DT25 to feed the DAW. One of the best sounding directs they have ever made...of course this this means not using the HD400 as an audio interface.
  12. spaceatl

    Setting tones from pod hd pro x to fbv shortboard mkII

    Sure, you can "select" tones from a MK2 shortboard that is connected to an HD Pro. You need to make sure the HD Pro is in the correct fs mode.
  13. spaceatl

    Pod HD500X Effectloop

    IS the chorus stereo input? maybe your TRS jack is messed up? you can isolate the problem a bit by trying a known good insert cable in the FX loop without pedals....1/4 TRS -> [2] 1/4 TS...just jump the loop.
  14. spaceatl

    HD500X Edit Freezing Since Over A Month Ago

    I do think there is something up with Windows 10, USB 3.0 and these HD PODs on some machines. I use a Sony VIAO i7 that is about 3-4 years old. It is super stable. However, about a year ago I started getting blue screens with my HD Desktop connected after about an hour. My machine has only 2 USB ports. bottom one is 2.0 only...top one is 2.0 and 3.0...I only get the blue screen if I use the bottom port. Completely stable on the top port. I figured this out when I got a 3.0 drive from a studio I record at sometimes and switched my normal routine to do some work on that drive...The drive will work fine on the 2.0 port, but it's a bit slower on transfers. These problems can be difficult to isolate and I agree with codamedias suggestions of Editing on the unit alone, Edit alone, trying a new cable. You really have to take a structured approach to troubleshooting this sort of problem as it can be a lot of things that cause it. A couple of suggestions I have for you in the meantime is to find out if you machine has a BIOS update available. Additionally, also find out if you chipset drivers are up to date. This will usually come from the manufacturer of your computer. However, if you have an Intel, ASUS etc motherboard, you can hunt down the drivers from them. Sometimes, manufacturers are a little behind on making their updates for the OEM boards they buy. The BIOS and chipset are the low level control for USB and there are issues in the firmware there sometimes...There are so many motherboards it is hard to say, but 3.0 was not without some pain when it first rolled around. Good luck.
  15. spaceatl

    POD HD400 “Vintage” HD Mic Preamp Model?

    IT's not an AMP model and not in that list...It's in the FX stomps...I think on the HD400 that's in the FX1 block, but I am not sure as I let mine go several years ago. It's possible that it isn't on the HD400...Mainly because it is a high DSP effect and there is no mic input in the HD400. just do not recall offhand.