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  1. My German is really rusty, but I thought that meant Unknown Device....that generally means that the driver is NOT loaded properly. I just want to ask if you downloaded the Driver separate and re-installed it?
  2. That look like the driver is NOT installed. Go to the software page and insure you have installed the driver. It is a separate item in the downloads. https://line6.com/software/index.html IE: Drivers Line 6 Driver2 Version Released 3/31/20 Works with: POD Go
  3. That sounds like a bug to me...What if you unplug you FS before you power up and plug in after bootup? seems you have found the workaround...but definitely is a bug IMO. I don't have an FS to test that out with here.
  4. You are approaching it backwards...turn up your mix to match the GO....Your mix will likely slam a little bit...just turn down the master so it's comfortable and balance the mix to the GO...If you turn the GO down then you end up with a very weak track...Please keep in mind that DRY tracks will be weak by default....The mix you use to monitor recording will NOT be the same as post. jus sayin...
  5. You're most welcome. I think there are few other software packages out there...That thing has been around forever. You would need a midi interface for it I think. Have you thought about Helix LT? I don't have one but I think the integration with Native is a bit better...More midi control too.
  6. https://mountainutilities.eu/fcb1010
  7. Why not try the amp out? You can set it to mirror the Mains and it is a mono output. You can be stereo and mono at the same time.
  8. Behringer FCB-1010 has been around for a long time and might be worth checking out.
  9. Just checking is all. I use Helix Native 100% post and have not tried wiring up midi. That is interesting. seems like there should be some sort of midi data on snapshots....maybe that could come in an update. You should definitely contact them.
  10. spaceatl

    POD Go 1.11

    You have either a defective unit or something is up with your computer. I am using a Sony VAIO i7 with Windows 10 that is up to date. I have had my Go for little while and this is the 3 update I have done...Working great for me. Maybe you should try exchanging it, but I can understand if your setup is tweaky and you just got it back working.
  11. spaceatl

    POD Go 1.11

    Update went perfectly for me. I have previous edit, so I just launched that, check for update, backup, update done...Like it should be.
  12. The update literally does not take long at all...about 3-4 minutes....I went take a leak and it was done when I got back....Stuck downloading might be internet problem...Maybe try the offline update?
  13. spaceatl

    Rename Amps

    Many have asked that question over the years for a lot of the products. They use an alias in the unit itself to avoid legal trouble.
  14. Press <PAGE PAGE> at the same time to get into the Global settings...You will see the AMP OUT SOURCE...Change it to CAB/IR if it's MAIN and you are good to go....Make sure you place the CAB model in the chain where you still get FX in your amp....typically at the end of the chain...unless you want FX on the Main out that are not in your amp. Page 32 Choose "Main Out" if you want the POD Go AMP OUT jack to echo the MAIN OUTS (except in mono); choose "Pre Cab/IR" if you want the AMP OUT jack to be tapped off directly before the Cab/IR block (and therefore, would not include the Cab/IR block or any blocks after it). This way, you can send a cab-emulated signal to your powered speakers (or mixer) while simultaneously sending a non-cab-emulated signal straight into your guitar amp.
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