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  1. This is an Apple problem. The 'workarounds' are posted at various places throughout the forums. *I don't use Apple (and am strongly opposed to their methodology), so I won't offer any help beyond that.
  2. well, no, not exactly. it may be bypassing certain tone changing features. but you are still playing through a Fender guitar amp, Fender guitar speaker, and a Fender guitar cab. It won't sound like a 2001 Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier Solo or Ampeg B-15NF Portaflex.
  3. does the other stuff work? like EDIT and Monkey (for updates)
  4. but don't run EDIT while running your other computer stuff. Use EDIT to edit, and then close it. It is an editor, not a performance enhancer.
  5. Criticism - I hope it was a small amp. The 300/400 are nothing like the 500. I don't own the 300, but if I remember correctly, this isn't an expression pedal. It is a dedicated volume/wah pedal. Whereas, the 500 had the expression pedal - it could control anything assigned to it. Beyond that - The ultimate answer is; do what you gotta do to get the sound you need to get. For example, my old rig lasted me 20+ years. I ran no loops, everything ran in a straight line, and went into the front of the amp. People tried telling me my wah needed to go here and my distortion needed to go here and put this cord here so that it bypasses this and that... to which I say "I hope you have your diaper on. You may want to take a step back, because I am about to make you lollipop your pants. And when I am done, I'm going to take your girlfriend for a test drive." However, amp modelers are designed to replace amps. That is their purpose. You will never get a Fender tone from a modeler when using a Marshall amp. It doesn't mean you can't make it sound good, it just means that X going into Y isn't the same as X by itself. So, yes, headphones (not $20 earbuds, not $200 Beats, we mean monitoring headphones) or a powered speaker will allow you to hear the device as intended. I have a multitude of resources available to me. So, at home (or on the bus, hotel room, etc) I am a little less concerned with being perfect. But I run a pair of JBL Eons. I also have Peavey KB/A amps. All very good options. Not as good of an option, but totally doable - those cheap $20 computer speakers you buy at the dollar store. Basically, anything that you can plug in your record player and get good clear tone at decent volumes is what you want. Some headphones and speakers add "bass reflex". You don't want that. If you want bass in your tone, you add it in your EQ. But, here's the kicker - Whatever way you decide to go, that is the way you have to go. You can't design a hundred patches using "Method 1", and then think that you switch to "Method 2". Tone won't transfer from one to the other. And there is no "rule of thumb" that you could, let's say, add "EQ Setting A" on all of your patches while using "Method 2". Each patch would need redesigned from scratch if you need the same tone.
  6. On the 500, I use USB for the computer. And the CD Input for my phone. Neither get put through the signal chain. But the CD Input also does not get controlled through the Master Volume.
  7. if that is a real question, then you don't have a variax
  8. What I mean is - use the editor to edit, and then close the editor. It wasn't meant to accompany performances.
  9. The EDIT program is an editor. Don't use the Pod (specifically the exp pedal) while editing. Of course, you didn't say you were running EDIT. But, given the symptom, I am taking the leap.
  10. bad noise in a loop would mean that bad noise was there when the loop was made. so, it is doubtful that the power was the issue.
  11. change your screen resolution. take it down to the first 1000 option. something like 1024x768.
  12. the right way is the way that gets you the tone you are looking for. anything else is just something to try, not an actual answer. then you really had no reason to buy the pod. correct. there are settings that may need put in place.
  13. apparently you haven't tried using Windows Media Player on Windows 7 for automated file tagging. That is simply the way technology works.
  14. The product isn't broken. The product isn't defective. Some of the device-compatibility is showing it's age (which has always been my fear/complaint, since my previous rig lasted over 2 decades). Plus, a lot of the problem people are having are not a fault of L6. But are the fault of the 3rd (and 4th) party.
  15. single input - what we were discussing above, has nothing to do with the DT. It's pretty simple - When making a patch (or set it up in your global settings), set it so that Input 1 is guitar, and Input 2 is Variax. Note - you should check the global settings anyhow, just to make sure there isn't something overriding the patch settings. Note - and this assumes you are using a guitar and not a variax
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