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  1. pianoguyy

    Cannot save a preset on my PC

    The modern PC has been around for 25 years. I can't believe that we still have to tell people to reboot their computers.
  2. pianoguyy

    CUSTOMTONE error

    downloading from the site is different than uploading to your device. you are here. you have an account. you should be able to download.
  3. pianoguyy

    Use as strictly a multi stomp / no modeling?

    Ya know.,.. L6 does have the M series. Which, I believe, are just fx.
  4. pianoguyy

    Use as strictly a multi stomp / no modeling?

    I own the unit(s). I agree, they are fantastic. And, yes, "you never know what you might need". But I can't ever picture myself wanting... let's say... features 1, 2, and 3. And buying something that does 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7. Particularly when I the core selling point is 4-7, and I already have something that does 4-7. If I wanted MFX, I would not even be looking at modelers. I would be looking at MFX in the price range. Also, from personal experience, buying one of these and not using the modeling is the equivalent of... buying a Ferrari for the sole purpose of driving from the garage to the end of the driveway to pick up your mail, and then right back to the garage.
  5. pianoguyy

    Use as strictly a multi stomp / no modeling?

    sure if you don't want to use an amp, don't add an amp. seems simply enough but the better question is ---- why buy a device that has amp modeling if you don't intend on using amp modeling. you can certainly find better uses for your money.
  6. it is no more safe or dangerous than running anything else. If you have a good safe power supply, you're good to go. If you are designing your own based on some Pinterest posting, you will probably die in the forest fire that you start.
  7. I do not use an amp or a Variax, so I have no actual knowledge.... Isn't there an "override" as to if the Variax uses the preset setting or the guitar setting? As to the amp, if all he needs is a way to hear himself, doesn't 4cm seem like overkill? Why not just plug the pod's output into to amp's input. Two things about that - 1. Stereo/sum-to-mono. If you are using the 1/4" instead of the XLR, you need to be mindful of the signal you are getting. It's covered in the owner's manual(s). 2. It would probably be best to plug into the amp's fx loop input (if available), not the regular guitar input
  8. pianoguyy

    Can I damage my amp?

    I swear, no wonder people pay more attention to their cell phones than the bands that paid to see them. Yes, I said that correctly, bands that paid to see the people.
  9. pianoguyy

    Can I damage my amp?

    If there is no pa, then how are you going to power the vocals? If there is no pa, then you shouldn't play. But, to answer the question as it is stands - You will have plenty of volume and great tone for the people standing exactly where you are standing. Anyone standing off to the side or in the back are going to hear garbage. That is just the way amps/speakers work. That is why there is always a pa. Guitar amp is sound for the guitarist. Bass amp is sound for the bassist. Drums are acoustic instruments, they provide their own amplification. But the letters PA stand for public address. That is how you, address the public. You go on stage, you address the public. Therefore you are using a pa system.
  10. pianoguyy

    Can I damage my amp?

    I will let someone else handle the rest of the jibber jabber. I want to address this... The term gig-able volume is a misnomer in and of itself. The pa should be handling gig volume. All you need to do is to be able to hear yourself. If you are smart, you will use the floor monitors at the front off the stage pointed away from the audience. However, let's just assume that you want to be able to hear yourself over top of the drums. Yes, your amp will provide more than enough power. And, if by some insane reason, you think that it doesn't.... you can supplement it with the floor monitors, or a 2nd and 3rd amp coming out of the two xlr jacks from the pod. Oh, and be smart about it. Don't put the amp on the ground and aim it at your feet. Your ears are feet in the air. Put your amp on a stand of some sort, or tilt it back so that it shoots upwards towards your head.
  11. pianoguyy

    Save Settings From Comupter Screen

    Did you read the owner's manual.
  12. pianoguyy

    Updates Pod hd300

    you aren't buying things for the 300. the model packs are for the 500. but there were free updates for the unit, which you may or may not already have
  13. pianoguyy

    Preamp or Full Amp when connected to a PA Speaker

    You are right, but so very wrong. You don't change the global settings after you create patches. You change the global settings first, today, and then never touch them again. Any global change will change the final result of every patch already made. It would suck to spend time creating the perfect tones, and then making them sound like donkeydoo because you changed a global setting.
  14. pianoguyy

    Preamp or Full Amp when connected to a PA Speaker

    Always use what works best to get the sound you desire. Nothing else that anyone says means anything. Anything else is just a starting point, not a rule. Use what ever you want.
  15. pianoguyy

    POD HD Pro Edit on Windows XP?

    Try it again. It is available.