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  1. The HD500X is still sold in stores... although, supplies are limited as the product was recently retired (as well as supply chain issues). A good insurance agent (good for the company, not the client) might force you into the same product since it is still available, or might say "you had it 10 years, it is not worth the same amount" and force you into a used one. Beyond that, "new replacement equivalent" is a tough one to decipher. Some would say The Helix, because it is the top of the line which L6 has to offer in 2023, the same as the 500 was in 2010. But that, to me, is hardly fair because technology has advanced so much, you can get free phone apps that do what the 500 can do. Others would judge price range, which would make it the Pod Go. But that, to me, is hardly fair because $500 in 2010 money is not the same as $500 in 2023.
  2. The built in pedal, as well as Pedal 2, is an expression pedal. It is not a dedicated wah or volume pedal. It is used to control whatever parameter you desire. Your choices are pre-pod, post-pod, and middle-pod via the FX Loop (which then allows you to incorporate it in a variety of positions). Not wanting to "engage anything "rules out the FX Loop. And post-pod is not really an option unless you are looking for that specific kind of tone. Which means the optimal position is what Silverhead stated - guitar wah pod. As to the 'weird things' the wah is doing... Any change of gear in the chain is going change the tone that comes after it in the chain. So, it could just boil down to the fact that you need to redesign your tone from scratch to accommodate new gear.
  3. You guessed wrong. I haven't checked recent sales figures (post CoVid and post small Helix release), but they were quite popular up until nationwide house arrest. It was only recently that they were moved to the legacy section. In May 2022, here's what L6 said: Q: Is POD HD 500X / HD Pro X still manufactured? No, it is no longer manufactured as of 12/1/2021. To me, knowing shipping times, and the delays at the ports... it wouldn't surprise me that there are still new ones sitting on boats. I don't want to put words into anyone's mouth, but when Phil said it has been discontinued for years.... I am going to assume he was referring to the lack of new firmware, which we have all assumed meant the unit was unofficially dead.
  4. The 4 units are the same, so as long as they are running the same firmware, they will have the same factory presets (see note). There is an entire setlist dedicated to non-electric guitar tone. I would use them as starting templates for my own. Look at them, see what they do and don't do. *if memory serves, the X units have 1 factory patch more. I would not under any circumstances use anyone's microphone patches (see note). There is simply too much variation in microphones, voice, and desired outcome. The factory patches are a good place to start. But for me, no one is going to build a good tone but myself. *other than Silverhead's vocal/guitar splitter.
  5. Oddly, I thought I responded, but I must not have. First - Helix related forums, dataway ====> Yes, you can turn the stuff off. How... well... probably best to ask in the helix related sub-categories. Which can be found over there <==== And, as already mentioned ----- why buy a product who's main function is to do something you don't want it to do when you could save money buying the product you want
  6. I don't know your setup, so it may not make sense to do this... You can use EDIT in offline mode (without the Pod connected). Add your patches - it will be a little faster because you don't have to sync with the device. Save as a bundle. Load the bundle the next time you hook up. See, for me, my stuff isn't hooked up all the time. I can sit here while typing to you and do that kind of stuff. In fact, I do it quite often - creating setlists for the next show. And then, poof, it is all ready to go.
  7. Drag and drop I mean, it is still 1 at a time. But it goes faster. At the top of EDIT, you save a bundle instead of a file. Ok, sure, you meant creating one from scratch on your computer to load as a bundle, but I gave you the correct answer.
  8. I've not had any luck with USB's alleged ability to plug/unplug. In fact, one time, way back on Windows ME, I used an external hard drive as a backup device so that I could format my computer without losing my data... only to lose the partition because using the eject button is no different than simply unplugging. I always turn my computer off to unplug stuff. And this goes back to Windows ME, maybe even 98. Plugging in a device is better with newer models, but unplugging still gives me problems... to the point where I don't even try anymore. But back to the original post: That makes sense, being that the program(s) are the connectivity between the two. Also worth noting, get in the habit of plugging in the device before having edit open as well as closing edit before unplugging. Opening EDIT before the device can lead to some bad results... particularly in a panic when you don't know what is going on and you are concerned you lost everything. And keeping EDIT open can result in unsaved changes being lost. And if it doesn't help, then my suggestion is to always turn off your computer before unplugging something.
  9. Before you throw it out... reformat it, reinstall windows, but don't install unneeded garbage you've collected over the past decade. Computers do go bad, but you'd be amazed at how much better they run when it is returned to 'factory new' status. It is a direction issue. Reverse it. Worth noting, you can also change direction on your pc - if, as example, you wanted to do computer recording and needed to hear it the other way. You can delete it yourself. But, more importantly.... You mentioned not being able to find the answer online. Do the world a favor by posting your solution so that others can follow your example. Your solution can be found by the next guy that has the problem. Deleting posts just ensures someone else can't see it.
  10. Which is much different than you said.
  11. ** I do not have a M9, so I don't really have knowledge of the situation. Volume drop... can the patches be reconfigured to add volume? There are times when patch design causes a phase issue, even if running in stereo. You can test if this is the issue by simply panning when you get a low volume.
  12. Have you read the owners' manual(s)? There are 4 (or more) of them. They are all available for download.
  13. I don't own the Helix. But I see no reason it cannot be done, as it can be done with the HD500. Again, I don't own the Helix - But you would simply assign a pitchshift to the exp pedal. Whether you assign the on/off or the pitch up/down... that's up to you. I can't imagine a basic issue like that would be lost on the newer stuff.
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