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  1. pianoguyy

    Forum Question.... off topic but nowhere to ask

    can you access CustomTone via Mac.... DUH. If you can access the internet, you can access CustomTone. But, without a working EDIT program, you are SOL. Those downloaded tones won't do you any good just sitting on your computer.
  2. pianoguyy

    POD HD500x alternative way to acess tuner (switch issue)

    why would you bother running it through the fx loop
  3. pianoguyy

    HD500X Edit display on studio laptop

    No matter what resolution you use, I don't think the EDIT program on a 17" screen will be viewable from "a few feet away" But, yes, the only way to resize the EDIT program is to resize the screen's resolution.
  4. the short answer is NO these automatic settings are some general changes best suited for each situation, but you are certainly not going to get the same sound out of your personal monitoring system when set to studio/direct as you would when connected to a combo amp when set to combo I absolutely suggest that people who use different scenarios create patches for each scenario.
  5. pianoguyy

    POD HD tone controls, drive, bass, etc. don't function

    which is why i asked if he was new to the device.
  6. pianoguyy

    POD HD tone controls, drive, bass, etc. don't function

    you are new to posting. are you new to the device?
  7. pianoguyy

    Free patch required for pod HD 500

    AND once you have them in there (using the drag and drop method), they will have the new extension if you need to save them.
  8. pianoguyy

    Free patch required for pod HD 500

    You forgot to include the HD Pro and HD Pro X. But it really is a useless step, because those 4 units don't need converted for each other. However, since you're trying to be helpful and mentioned the converter..... The converter also works with the Desktop, 300, and 400 units
  9. pianoguyy

    lack of instruction

    keep in mind: people post because they are looking for answers. Therefore, you will find with any search, a lot of "bad reviews". You also need to remember, that one bad experience from one person can be posted over and over, therefore making it seem like there are numerous complaints when the reality is that it is one person posting 10 times on 10 different places, which will show as 100 results to a search engine. Plus, you sometimes have to read the entirety of the comments to grasp what the complaints are actually about. "I bought a product and they didn't give me free updates" "I bought a product that was broken during shipping" "I didn't pay my bill so they turned off my service" "I broke my product and they wouldn't accept it when I tried to return it". "I bought a used product and can't make it work"
  10. pianoguyy

    Marshall half stack dream realized...Now what??!!

    Most people use modelers so that they don't need to use amps. Also, there are no rules. You should consider hooking up using what is commonly called 4CM. This involves using the fx loop so that some things appear before the amp and some things after.
  11. pianoguyy

    Help with a few things on the PodHD500

    8 effects. 2 amps. And a DSP limit, which may lessen the 8 effects and 2 amps. the only way around it is to buy a different unit (or use the fx loop with external pedals) step on it? I think you may need to explain yourself better. Because the answer you seek can't be as simple as "step on it". User choice. That's up to you if you use an amp or not, or even amp models or not. But, most people will tell you not to use an amp if you are using an amp model. 1. The first piece of advice is - adjust your attack. Which is a polite way of saying, learn how to play. 2. That's up to you and your ears to figure out what works best for you. That's up to you and your ears to figure out what works best for you.
  12. pianoguyy

    HD500X New Models

    new models won't solve the problem of DSP. Also, no matter what effects are available, you will always be limited to 8 effects and 2 amps (or less, if you hit a DSP limit). It sounds like you need to buy a different product.
  13. pianoguyy

    HD500 - Bottom four pedals not working

    But before you do that.... I don't know you, so I have to ask... Are you sure they are not working, and it isn't just that you have your settings to pedalboard mode with nothing assigned to them?
  14. pianoguyy

    upgrade advice needed!

    No, it wasn't. It may have been (and still is) the best in its price range. But it was not the fancy sports car.