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  1. Call an experienced musician and have them come to your house to hear it. Some noises are fine/normal. Some noises are bad and need professionally fixed. Some noises are bad but common and easy to be fixed.
  2. This has been my concern from day one.... My last rig lasted 30 years (and it still worked when I replaced it). I can only hope that this one remains completely functional just as long. But that means we need the accessories (drivers, edit, etc) to also be maintained. Otherwise, the product is the equivalent of toilet paper. Use it and throw it away. Does Line 6 really want to be thought of as something we wipe your lollipop with...
  3. i did the same, but also bought the rack mount to make it part of my rig. Modeling tech is a godsend for me. 'Going direct' is something that I had always sought but could never achieve. I had keyboards that went direct. Vocals went direct. Acoustic guitar went direct. I could never get a decent direct tone with my electric guitar. Eventually I gave up and had gotten my rig to the point where I didn't even question when someone said "we need X tone". But, then, fast forward a few decades, I needed to make a change. And as I went looking at stuff,,, hey, they finally got this working, let's go for it. I will never use an amp again.
  4. i don't own any of the units you discussed, but with the stuff I do have.... you would need to record the cd tracks first, and then record your guitar using a different track. that way you can remove the cd track.
  5. i don't own the helix but the answer is yes there are ways to do it with older products, so the newer one with new/more technology should easily be able to do it
  6. did you really resurrect a year old thread to make your first post just to defend a troublesome operating system from someone making a joke
  7. something got lost in translation you can't flash without usb
  8. so, basically, you are having pc issues as well. they go bad. it is good that you have the original. but things break. when buying a replacement, you don't want a $10 chinese knockoff.
  9. or the ever common, but often overlooked, ear fatigue
  10. there is a difference between "playing for an hour" and "it happens when i switch patches"
  11. pianoguyy

    POD HD500X

    I never bought a 500X new. But the 500 did have a very sturdy piece of rubber that prevented the pedal from easily being turned on until it was broken in. What made it easier to activate (other than slicing a piece of the rubber off) was to make sure the unit was on a hard floor and you were standing. Soft carpet allowed the unit to sink into the floor, and sitting didn't really allow enough pressure to step on it. I believe it was fixed in later versions. But, I digress.... Look at the light. If it switches from exp1 to exp2, you are stepping hard enough.
  12. pianoguyy

    POD HD500X

    it is also possible (especially if you updated your pod when you bought it), that you need to "calibrate" the pedal
  13. pianoguyy

    POD HD500X

    for starters - it isn't a volume pedal it is an expression pedal. beyond that, you need to assign the pedal to work on an effect
  14. could you clarify... "saving" you want to save it - to the computer? to the pod? it doesn't open from the computer into edit?
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