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  1. pianoguyy

    POD Go FAQ

    No kidding, it is missing a lot of features. For that matter, so is the Helix LT. If you want all of the features, you have to buy the big one. Perhaps you are confusing the word Pod with HD.
  2. ultimately, it is trial and error twist the knobs until it sounds good
  3. pianoguyy

    new user settings

    Yes, but the point is - pad/normal will change the tone even if using the same listening device. As will Guitar In-Z.
  4. Wouldn't it be cheaper and easier to buy an extension cord?
  5. pianoguyy

    POD Go FAQ

    Gee whiz. If only I didn't already have fully functional gear that does everything I need it to do. ---- plus my boycott of all things Yamaha.
  6. pianoguyy

    POD Go FAQ

    This IS a Helix of this size. Or did you not read the description?
  7. pianoguyy

    new user settings

    If you want to set it and forget it, the one size solution is ..... Turn it off. Don't use it. Forget that it is there. These people that talk about "noise removal" - each amp/cab/mic model gives a different frequency which needs removed. Therefore, there is no single GEQ setting that works. Sure, if you intend on using one amp/cab/mic model from here on out, it will work. But not if you bought the machine for variety. However, like everything else - If you set it somewhere today, at the beginning of our usage. You can build tone around it. I mean, it doesn't even matter what you set it at. Set it at the ugliest possible spot - you can still make patches sound great. Plus, as previously mentioned - it doesn't work on all outputs. Therefore, you could find yourself in a heap trouble depending on how you intend on using it.
  8. pianoguyy

    new user settings

    is it going to change the tone if I design patches one way and then perform another way any change in gear or settings will change tone. but these aren't going to change tone the way others do. the 1/4" out - line/amp will change tone because you are going from an amp to a pa. but it isn't going to change the tone that they receive. it is simply because some devices want a different input than others. I know this is a bad way to explain it, but think of it as a volume switch. The CD player is still playing the same music, but the volume will be a tad bit louder. So, let's say you went from a small personal pa system with it set to amp to a professional pa system with it set to line, the tone you hear would be the same because of the "sameness" of the two systems even though you flipped the switch. and the same with the stomp/line switch depending on what you are "looping" it will drastically change your tone. But if you are just using it as an extra output/input, it won't change anything other than 'volume'.
  9. stereo isn't a simple +/- question please tell us more about what you are doing
  10. that's interesting. the way they claim, it shouldn't happen when it is within X units. Which just goes to show you (not you, all of the other posters), when people ask about the difference between the 500 and the 500x, you shouldn't use DSP as an example. 1. make sure you are updated to the latest software. in order to fit some of the latest changes, they needed to "optimize" existing code. it is possible that "effect x" is using higher levels because it lacks the newly optimized code. 2. are there model packs required for the tone. if you do not have the model pack, a substitute amp is used. different amp = different dsp 3. global settings. i don't know if global settings would make a difference, but in theory it could. so, if they are different than the designer.... and when all that doesn't work.... open EDIT in offline mode. open the file. look at it. find something you don't need - remove it. save the file. close EDIT. let me repeat that - CLOSE EDIT bad things happen to people who try to go online from offline. close the damn program. open EDIT in online mode.
  11. i can't even change the channel on my tv without a delay - it is the downside of digital
  12. truth is, that could be something as simple as two layers of screen touching, which causes a light refraction. think of your phone - when you first put the screen protector on. how it looks like a puddle of water expanding across your screen. It is such a "i didn't know that" issue, years ago i had taken one of my old flip phones to the store wondering what this bubble is and why it just randomly appeared.... they told me it was water damage. i told them to f'off. but at home, i used a hair dryer on the phone, and it did make the bubble disappear - temporarily. it was another, more educated, agent that told me it that the two screen layers touching. but it could be something serious. another story - going back like 20 years, when Roland first came out with touch screens on their units - they had given me one as an advance unit. The backlight lasted a very short time, like days. And then, months later, they had this big unveiling party and they said they waited to put out touch screens because they wanted them to be reliable. When they added "our touch screens won't go bad", I just busted out laughing. As I was on my 3rd device before the unit was even available to the general public.
  13. since it is new - return it. let them figure it out.
  14. the first thing to determine is - is it actually different, or is it happening because of a "viewing angle"
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