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  1. No. How much power you need for any given situation is up to you. Plus, I would just hop on your local Craigslist and see what is available. The point is - you want something 'clean'. Not something colored. Modelers replicate the color. Color on top of color defeats the purpose.
  2. DO NOT BUY A GUITAR AMP Get yourself a keyboard amp (always get 2 for stereo). Get some floor monitors. Get studio monitors. Get an FRFR. PA-on-a-stick (which is probably the same as the floor monitors, but with the free stand). But do not buy a guitar amp.
  3. This is an Apple problem. L6 is more than willing to supply its users with functionality. Your complaints are best suited with the Apple complaint department, or by joining any of the numerous lawsuits against Apple.
  4. Senor translates into MR. Mr. Sandman - bring me a dream (bung, bung, bung, bung)
  5. You don't need "the latest" firmware. But you need one of the 3 latest. Packs begin with 2.6
  6. if you use one output, it is quite possible a phase issue
  7. plug a sound source into the mp3 jack. do not touch the pod, just plug in your music player and use it for a few days. it is vitally important that you do not touch the pod. report back
  8. I am guessing this depends on what you mean by 'overdriving'. If you mean redlining your meter, that's one thing. If you mean the signal sounds staticy or mildly distorted, that's another.
  9. pianoguyy

    HD500 Wah pedal

    First and foremost, it is not a wah or volume pedal. It is an expression pedal. There is a difference. A huge difference. Unfortunately, because of the language barrier, and the fact that this is a used instrument - this may get frustrating. Did you reset the device? Reinstall firmware? Did you calibrate the pedal? If the factory patches are there, find one with a wah to see if you can make it work. Even without a working patch, when you step on it, does the pedal change from exp 1 to exp 2? And that is just the beginning.
  10. the best thing to do would be to plug in and use the device while you are the only person plugged in. one device draining the juice from the wall instead of 4 plus sound and lights
  11. there's also this - movement Even though my first thought was power - it is possible that being on an unstable surface being shaken caused "loose" knobs to vibrate.
  12. 1. that would, IMO, be a band decision. Not a you decision. If the band is ampless, and you insist on using an amp - you're out. Guitar players are a dime a dozen, we'll replace you quite easily. In fact, it would be so easy to replace you, that it would become hard. Not because you are special, but because we would need to decide which of the 100 'perfect' applicants to replace you with. THAT is the hard part. Not lack of choices, but too many choices. 2. an amp is not going to give you the variety you get from a modeler. so, if you can get away with "one sound", then it makes no difference what you use. Now, you see, that was the answer to the question. But as to the solution to the problem that caused the question - This has been discussed/debated ad nauseam. (not always be professionals or even "professionals") And, while it is true that every system and venue is different and you will never truly sound the same going from one to the other - it simply isn't true. A 'flat' system (such as a PA or FRFR) is a flat system. You can't get any flatter than flat. You are either flat or you are not. So, then, the question is - what is different between your headphones (IEM is nothing more than a fancy word for really expensive headphones) at home and your headphones at the office. Because something somewhere is changing something. Could it be a phase issue. - fix via eq Could it be a hearing issue - fixed by standing somewhere else Could it be a person issue - amazing how a sound man loses his ability to mix sounds when you take the same wire that would be plugged into a mic in front of an amp and you plug it into a box that simulates a mic in front of an amp. I mean, who ever would have thought that the mic could Jedi Mind Trick someone like that. Could it be a space issue, where it sounds different because you aren't in the same small room with sound bouncing off the walls and floors - probably not, if you are using headphones. I say NO. You don't need to switch to a physical amp if you are getting good tone out of your device. But, assuming you've done everything right on your end, you do need to slap some sense into the sound men. There is no reason why they shouldn't be able to mix you. And considering the bad sounds (from physical amps) that they can mix into good sounding amps, there is simply no excuse why they can't fix it on their end.
  13. this was the first thing that popped into my head. the big question is - does it work now that you are back home?
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