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  1. sure. you just need a bluetooth transmitter. but, if you are recording... you do know that bluetooth causes a time delay, right?
  2. 1. Different guitars have different tone (which is why we pick one over another), so maybe you simply bought the wrong guitar. 2. The only reason I would ever consider doing this would be to cut down on feedback during live performances. But the guitar would have to have a pickup, because it would totally change the tone of a mic'd guitar. but, the first rule of music is ---- there are no rules. Do what you gotta do to make it work for you.
  3. that is you and your devices. it is not a known bug. 1. Instead of making it from scratch, you could click the save button. 2. There is a converter available. 3. Make sure you shut down the edit program before connecting the device, otherwise it erase all of your patches. 3a. Coincidentally, isn't that the problem you had? The 4 units sound the same because they are the same. (excluding the 300 and 400) No, they don't. You are limited to 2 amps and 8 fx, that is the most. But, in fairness, maybe they do. Yes, the X units carry a little extra DSP which allows you to use DSP-heavy blocks - such as running 2 amps and 8 delays and reverbs at the same time. That is common knowledge. It is the basic rule of effects, not specific to any one particular device. $2 earbuds don't sound like speakers. But there are headphones that produce the proper tone. Of course, at the same time, putting tiny speakers right up to your ear will never sound the same as a big speaker 10 feet away filling up the room with sound.
  4. the 'why' is simple.... because we can. Beyond that; many people use a clean/dirty setup. instead of changing patches or fx on/off, they simply switch amps. although, this usually also involves a dual path, not just a dual amp. everything else, as you already figured out, would be about tone
  5. either way - it is a total of 4 current devices on 1 license. not 4 lifetime devices.
  6. Since you sold the old device, you can remove it from your authorized device list. This gives you 4 units it can be used on instead of the 3.
  7. If you are talking about the "buy a device and get the packs free" deal - you have to buy a new device from an authorized dealer by a certain date and it is only good in certain countries
  8. Well, my opinion is --- I went to a modeler so that I didn't need to worry about physical amps. There is nothing between the guitar and the mixer except my modeler. *note: sometimes I have 'special purpose' items that are used. they are not part of the regular rig. But, if you want to run multiple physical amps... have at it. Suggestions would be - watch out for phase cancellation. try various configurations, like running dual amps into dual amps but sometimes you do it centered and sometimes you do it separated left and right. slight delays on one amp (requires running stereo). Not a repetitive echo echo echo, but an actual deelaay of tonnee. use it in combination with the other inputs and outputs. so you get a dry signal into an amp, where you run your amp gain, and then have the modeler providing its gain signal into the fx loop. I mean, the world is your oyster. have at it.
  9. **i don't own the unit.** but i believe the 400 is a dedicated wah/volume pedal. which is different than being an actual expression pedal that can be assigned to anything the way the 500 can do.
  10. And for 3x the price with not much of a sound improvement, it better be able to do that kind of stuff.
  11. pianoguyy

    PODxt Upgrade

    With a limit of $200... my first suggestion is - stick it under your mattress until the unit breaks. Probably between now and then, you'll need it to buy smokes or something. But, since no one has common sense when it comes to money.... My next suggestion would be: With a limit of $200 - keep the unit until it breaks. You don't really have many options in that (used) price range. And nothing available (to my knowledge) is going to give you such an absolute 'holy cow, that's awesome' kind of a tone to justify getting rid of a fully functional unit. Now, had you said... I am completely ampless. This is my entire rig. I use it at home to record, AND I use it live. Different story. Then, with that cash limit, maybe we would suggest a used 500.
  12. The names that L6 uses in the unit is not the same as the "real world" names they are modeled after. More importantly, the LM says you have them. Does the unit say you have them?
  13. Oh, and for the record, we have gone on (since this topic was started) to discover that some people cannot fully do a drag~and~drop due to their own hardware/software issues. But the other methods (listed in the OM) would still work in this situation.
  14. Oh, look. Someone who creates an account solely because he wants to revive an 18 month old thread to say absolutely nothing. I'm gonna repeat myself - step one is to read the owner's manual(s)
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