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  1. Truth be told, if you want to get excited and you want to buy new stuff... You need to dump the Marshall cab and forget about buying a pedal sized power amp to run it. Focus on buying some sort flat system - personal/mini PA system. Studio monitors. FRFR. etc It is the entire point of modeling. As example, the Pod provides the Marshall cab tone. You need something that allows you to hear that Marshall cab tone as it was intended to be heard. If you have a Marshall cab, everything you put into it is going to sound like it is coming out of a Marshall cab. So, if the Pod is putting a Marshall cab tone into a Marshall cab, it is going to sound like garbage. Tone on top of tone. If you put no model into a Marshall cab, it will sound like a Marshall cab. If you put Fender model into a Marshall cab, it will sound like garbage. See where I am going with this. You need a nice clear system that allows you to get out of it what you put into it. And I always say get 2 for stereo.
  2. No, not that kind of power. A power amp. Such as a Marshall head, such as the Marshall JCM800 2203X 100-watt Tube Head. I plug my modeler straight into the PA system (or recording console, when in the studio). Others plug into the FX loop of their amp. Some plug into the front side. There is no one way to do it. We were all new once.
  3. Did you read the owner's manual(s)?
  4. What does the year have anything to do with it. If you need a pack, buy the pack.
  5. I would take it a step further and say ----- adjust ALL settings to see what works for you.
  6. in this instance, you would want to put it before the Pod. *between the guitar and Pod. See, your Pod is receiving a different signal, therefore it will react differently. What you want to do is put it before the Pod so that it receives the same signal and will reacts the same. *They sell signal boosters made for this reason. Some can be plugged directly into the guitar before the cord. Some have predetermined settings, other allow some customization.
  7. well, yeah, i guess since we know what it is not, we need to figure out what it is. lol *but are we sure the bean is the same as the 500 by not having a battery?
  8. pianoguyy

    Edit 2.27 issues

    Have you read any of the numerous Big Sur related topics that came before yours?
  9. I've found the 'warbles' to be true of every device that isn't a dedicated pitch shifter. But, I will point out - Based on your wording - 'harmonizer'. If you are using the smart harmony, a guitar that is not in tune - truly spot on tuning - will go bonkers. An A432, as example, won't be recognized as either A or Ab, so it won't know what note to harmonize it to. The warbles happen less with the octave and glide effect. As to why it only started recently - what changed on your end? A new guitar. A new pickup. Changing the volume knob from 7 to 8. Are you using it on a new patch, where maybe it is last instead of first. Any number of variables can change how it reacts.
  10. You didn't understand what to do because I didn't say what to do yet. I was simply stating that there is a way - just not an easy way.
  11. I only have the add-ons because I bought used units with them. Otherwise, I wouldn't have them. I didn't need them. Not really sure that I even use them - but I have them. However, to answer the questions No. The add-ons are amps only. No fx. Try both. Do what works. There is no right or wrong. You have 512 available slots. Experimentation is permitted. Everything boils down to - what sound you want and how to get it. Think about it - distorting an eq'd tone is different than eq-ing a distorted tone. It is different to echo a distorted tone than it is to distort an echoed tone. Neither is right neither is wrong. It all comes down to what you want.
  12. PianoGuyY's Guide to Volume Leveling it is not simple. It is quite tedious. But it works. And, the best part about it is - you only recently purchased your product. Which means you, if interested, can take advantage of it from the beginning and not have to redo 5 years worth of patches.
  13. I can't speak for the Bean. But I did ask this same question about the 500. No battery in the 500. However, I will at least point out, you are absolutely correct in your way of thinking. In many devices, when settings don't save, it is because the internal battery has died. Newer devices, however, are using a different kind of memory storage which doesn't need batteries.
  14. each was designed for different purposes. Other than being the oldest, the 500 would be considered "the best" - at least in terms of being the flagship of its line. The Firehawk is a watered down 500 but allows bluetooth connectivity. (in fact, doesn't it require bluetooth usage for certain things?). It doesn't do as much, it doesn't do it as well, but it has bluetooth. You can ignore the Firehawk. **I don't want to insult the product. But basically, I would compare the Firehawk to some free app you download on your phone. Would you rather have a 4 inch game you play on your phone, or a PS3. It's a cute toy, but doesn't compare to the real thing. So, really, you are looking between the 500 and the Go. The 500 is the flagship of the HD line. But it is old (in technology years). Fully functional. But old. It doesn't do some of the newer stuff, but what it does do it does well. Unlike, as example, a 1993 "digital piano", which sounds dreadful, particularly when compared to 2021 models; you wouldn't know the 500 was "ancient tech". It is just that damn good. The Go is the entry level product of the HX line. Newer tech, but fewer toys. What does newer tech mean - a new sampling method when they created models. Newer processors. Maybe a color touch screen or gesture control with facial recognition. But what good is all of this lightning fast 5G data speeds if your phone drops calls every time a truck drives by. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ There really is no right answer. There is only what is right for you. Not everyone needs 60 amp models (found in the 500). Some people don't want amp modeling at all, they just want MFX, so they can get an M Series. It just comes down to what you need.
  15. HD500 can do pitch shift. It shifts every note that comes through it - perfect for changing standard tuning to standard tuning of a different pitch. Whether it be A440 to A432 or EADGBE to ADGCEA Variax guitars can pitch shift individual strings, which makes it the only choice for alternate tunings (DADGBE, DADGAD).
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