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  1. You are correct in your thinking - Plugging your gear into the fx return will bypass everything but the master volume, allowing you to use just the power section.
  2. I don't have a Pod Go, so I can't answer the specific device questions. But in general.... The first question you need to ask yourself - is this how you are always going to hook up your gear? The reason for that is 'consistency'. If you are only going to be using this setup, there is no reason to put so much thought into it. Plug it in, and twist the knobs until you get your desired tone. But if you are going to be changing from one amp to another amp and maybe going direct when live and in the studio... that is a different story.
  3. I can't speak for the Helix (because i don't have one). But, yes, I have a device that travels with me so I can make adjustments on the road. My specific L6 product needed a "full version of Windows". It would not work on some of those portable versions of Windows (I believe it was called Windows CE) that are found on cheap computers. Certainly no netbook type of device would work either. So, really, know what you are getting before you get it. It may not work.
  4. I don't have the Helix, so I don't know what it is capable of. But the HD500 could save the preferred tuning per patch. Instead of marking up your guitar, could you change your preset when a song needs a different tuning? Using the same preset as far as fx go, but have one copy for tuning down and one for turning to a chord.
  5. Most people will never know the joy of tape the way musicians do.
  6. Listening to the dirty channel of a guitar amp is much like watching the dirty channel on your tv. You always turn down the tv because it seems so loud. When in reality, it is the same volume as the everything else. It's an actual thing. It isn't just distortion but is the most obvious example. If you used a wah, or an EQ connected to an EXP.... the volume isn't changing, but toe-down could seem louder.
  7. everything said above, but also: Is there an actual volume difference, or is it just in your head.
  8. It is not what I would do, but there's no wrong way to eat a Reese's. But, you did ask, so here is my thoughts: You have tone going to FOH. You have stage monitors so that you can hear that same tone on stage. I don't know what would be the point of having a completely different tone coming out of your amp on stage - plus, an amp on stage is more than likely going to mess with FOH.
  9. New machines - always. New Helix... nah. It isn't old enough. And most of the time it has been out has been during a global lockdown. Not only have sales slowed because... well, musicians haven't been playing. But also, the 'invention team' was out of work. The suppliers were out of work. There's still supply issues... nothing new is coming out anywhere. He is also the man who would know not to say even if he did know.
  10. I am kinda the same way. Where I know my sound is good. Which is why, I don't need the best quality or most tonally flat system. I just need to be able to hear myself. But even if a sound company allowed you to use one of their monitors with your own amp, we wouldn't be able to say "8ohms". Because the next night, you might run into one that is 16.
  11. From what I gather from talking to people online... this is not the norm. 'Professional' stuff like that simply isn't available to commoners. I mean, it is for me. It is for anyone that cares. But you run into people from all walks of life online, not just your own circle of friends.
  12. I am in the habit of turning my computer(s) off before I disconnect a USB device. I mean, I know people who can plug in and out all the time. But for me, I lose data (sometimes entire partitions) when I unplug. I assume it is a setting somewhere. And I am well aware that some devices are not made to be disconnected. But others should be fine to do so. No one can explain it to me. It happened on 98SE (I don't remember using USB on regular 98), ME, XP, and 7. It is just a habit I picked up after so many learning experiences. I don't even try it anymore.
  13. It is listed as a 'current' product. But that doesn't mean there will be updates. I just means that there won't not be updates.
  14. You do understand that we can't actually answer generic questions like this. Right?
  15. Unless you already have a "passive wedge monitor"... I would buy a powered one. FRFR-type systems come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Many are designed to look like a wedge monitor - it points away from the audience to prevent messing with FOH, and it sits on the floor so as not to block the audience's view. Plus, it gives you a place to put your foot and do rock star poses. And getting the 'band mix' in the other monitor... let the sound man provide that one. That is what he is there for.
  16. I assume he is talking about something like this https://orangeamps.com/terror-stamp/
  17. The answer you are looking for is Yes. But it goes deeper than that, mainly because you are asking the wrong question(s). You know, terminology - if someone uses the wrong word, it totally changes the meaning of the sentence. Yes, you can use a model pack on multiple devices. I believe it is four at the same time. But you aren't actually downloading anything. The packs are already on the devices. What you are doing is purchasing a license to unlock the features on the device. And as far as settings go, patches aren't stored by L6. You need to backup/restore them yourself. =============================================================================== You need to be using the same account you previously used. You'll need to run license manager. And the rest is ... beyond my memory.
  18. I don't use the firehawk. And when it comes to the acoustic guitar, I usually go for a plain sound... like an acoustic guitar. But I know others who use their units to alter their acoustic sound. Yes, you can get good tone with L6. The Ukelele, however, this is a different story. I would be curious as to the type of tone a uke gets anywhere, being that they are not 'powerful' instruments to begin with.
  19. While this feature is something you may want (and it was already partially on the HD units - I don't use the HX to know if it is still there), it is not something everyone wants. So, if it were to be implemented, I would prefer it be something that could by bypassed - or, as in the case of the HD units, assigned to be global vs per patch. For example, when I play my SSS (Fender Stratocaster), I am playing music that is completely different than when I play my HH (Gibson Les Paul). Which, again, is something completely different than my \nn/metal\m/ guitars. I have no reason to use my country twang patch with a black BC Rich Warbeast or my neon pink Jackson Rhoads. The same as my Martin Dreadnaught will never be using my Slayer patches. I simply don't need to 'level' the inputs like that. I don't "cross contaminate".
  20. I happen to like the sound of (good) digital pianos in the studio. I find them much easier to work with than acoustic pianos.
  21. What good is an electric guitar that simulates an acoustic guitar sound through an amplifier going to do at a camp fire where there is no electricity
  22. I don't have an HX device to know what options they have available. But the general rule is that any sort of volume changes need to be last in the chain, otherwise it will change the tone you just created. Depending on patch design, you could also be told to put it at the end of the middle - after the amp, before delays and reverbs. In most instances, I disagree with this placement. The patch has already been designed. You are trying to do volume leveling. Putting it in the middle would be more relevant when you are still in the design phase of a patch.
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