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  1. Because you bought an HD500 - make sure the firmware is updated. It could make a difference.
  2. Call me an elistist. Call me a purist. Hell, call me an old fuddy duddy. But what ever the case might be.... If you bought an amp modeler, and don't like the models in it ------- you simply bought the wrong unit.
  3. Being upfront - I don't know. Never tried. But I have some experience with some of this stuff. And, based on my limited experience with older gear.... NO, it doesn't work that way. The Roland/Boss stuff isn't using 'models', per se. They are using pre-recorded wave files that get recalled based on what you are playing. I know it sounds sort of Left Twix/Right Twix, but it really is different.
  4. and I don't think this is going to change anytime soon, as we've been looking or this for years.
  5. To whom it may concern: If I can't call him lollipop boy, I don't want him having the name lollipop boy. lollipopboy
  6. No. Not on the unit. Not on EDIT. Just simply, no. ==================================== However, EDIT does allow you to easily rename and/or move files around. So, as example, I save a patch as a song name. And then, on any given night, when we do a setlist, I put the patches in order.
  7. the two items are exactly the same the latest movement of either is the current setting you hear
  8. an actual 'factory reset' is probably the one thing I feel the unit is missing. I don't think it is needed for most users. At least not to the extent that I would use it.
  9. The HD500X is an amp modeler, not an amp. You mentioned needing "lesser" volume. Unless you are talking about headphones, the Pod is not for you. *with the exception of maybe using your powered computer speakers. So, going with the Pod, you will still need some sort of "amp" to hear yourself.
  10. GODDAMN How is it... I mean.... Am I the only person that doesn't need IRs or a tube amp. I plug the unit direct to PA and get fantastic tone. I go direct to mixer for recording and get fantastic tone. I sometimes need to plug into a sound source to hear myself - I can use bland speakers and get fantastic tone. Am I the only one?
  11. Yes - or maybe, no. Yes, patches work on all 4 units. But, if you run something designed on the X that uses all the DSP, it won't work. HOWEVER, what you can do is: open a patch with EDIT in 'offline mode'. Change something- for me, it is usually a fx loop or volume pedal. Save the patch. This will reduce the DSP required to open it, which allows it to run. EDIT software. I use the drag-and-drop method. This is also useful if you use patches for the other units, because the software's file explore doesn't see them. But the software does recognize them if you drag-and-drop.
  12. The 4 HD units (500/500X/Pro/Pro X) are the same unit. Two for the rack and two for the floor. What happened is - An internal part was discontinued, so L6 had no choice but to alter the unit. OR, discontinue the product completely. So, while needing to make a very minor change, they also (on the floor unit) decided to change the footswitches. 1. the footswitches were giving people problems 2. they had been working on new switches for new products. They could have gotten away without renaming them (had it not been for the footswitches) and nobody would be the wiser. But they figured to distinguish older units from newer units, they would do the foot switches and rename the units. It's one of those marketing things, being able to sell new units. But also as well as a tracking tool, too, being able to know which units were being complained about and needing repaired. The internal part gave the result of providing more DSP. This results in - nothing, depending on usage. You are still limited to 2 amps and 8 effects. Or a DSP limit. Whichever comes first. So, let's say, if you wanted to use "DSP heavy" effects, you could now get 8 delays instead of 7. Because delays use more DSP, therefore you would be able to squeeze out that 8th block instead of 7 hitting the DSP limit. But if you wanted something normal, like distortion flanger wah delay compression eq pitch boost - you would be fine without the extra DSP.
  13. HX is something completely different. This is HD.
  14. no. You are in one or the other. But, in a way, if you think about it, it already does what you ask. If in 1-8 mode, you use your arrow buttons to activate and then your footswitch to select. Which then takes you right back to 1-8 mode.
  15. with the memory limitations of a decade old product, and the programming limits of 8 fx and 2 amps.... i think it was best to assume that those going direct would go direct and those using an amp would use an amp. you don't need to allow both.
  16. download one of the Steve Via - For The Love Of God tones. Adjust accordingly.
  17. you can split left and right you can't split 1/4 and xlr your left and right can be different your left will be the same on 1/4 and xlr your right will be the same on 1/4 and xlr
  18. it's scattered across the boards if you search for specifics - it has to do with, turning an amp off doesn't actually turn it off, it puts it more into a bypass mode where the signal is still passing through but without the amp
  19. It is part of your account. Not part of the machine. You can 'gift' it to the new buyer - but he will not be able to re-gift it when he sells it. It will be his forever. However - It is currently on the machine. It will remain on the machine until he hooks it up to the computer and runs [I forget what]. So, in theory, you can sell it with the packs turned on but not gifted, and the new buyer may never lose them. EDIT: Once upon a time, the site let you know that someone posted while you were typing, that way you aren't repeating the information. Apparently, that doesn't happen anymore.
  20. It's an Apple issue, not an L6 issue. But, it is scattered across the board if you care to search for a workaround.
  21. To answer the question as it is stated: assign both volume controls to the exp pedal. But that really won't work because you'd be moving them in a linear motion. As one amp has already displayed itself to be louder than the other, moving two volumes by the same amount would actually cause them to separate again.
  22. I have said numerous times - buying from L6 and not using the amp modeling is like buying a Ferrari to drive from the garage to the end of the driveway in order to pick up your mail... and then back to the garage. Of course, that typically applies to new products. The 2nd-hand market brings that price down considerably. But, you can buy some of those other products at discounts as well.
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