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  1. I had the same problem you describe. Bought this extension cable in the 10 foot version. Problem solved cheap and easy!
  2. See reply from Strat2Die4 5th post down of this thread. Hopefully it helps you. It helped me out.
  3. Thank you for your detailed answer. I was able select the POD as an audio device and voila sound came thru my headphones. Exactly what I was looking to do. Wish I would have known about this all along... Better than a cheap solution is a free one. A great big thank you to all that did respond and help out!
  4. Maybe I did not explain it right or I am wrong ..... Headphones are plugged into the POD. Guitar is plugged into the POD. Music resides on the computer. Computer only has an optical output for sound & is already supporting 2 other devices. I am unaware of a USB cable that will plug directly from the computer into the POD CD/MP3 Input and give me sound thru the headphones while I am playing guitar. I believe some sort of analog to digital conversion must take place correct? Hence the devices I inquired about.
  5. I want to have the ability to hear backing tracking tracks that I have on my PC thru my headphones while playing my guitar. I'm thinking I would go out the USB port on my PC to the CD/MP3 Input on the POD to achive this. Some of the devices I have seen that I think might work are: Would any of these actually work for this task? Does anybody have any devices they recommend for what I am trying to do? I'm not looking to spend a lot of dough as I only use the POD with headphones when its nice outdoors and the windows to the house are open and I don't want to disturb the neighborhood. Typically I play thru my amp a Marshall DSC40C. Thank you for any and all help!
  6. Ultrasone PRO 750I work fine also.
  7. I would just be happy if I could resize the HD edit software on my windows computer. That would make my day!
  8. Thank you for the responses. I'm pretty sure I understand what you both said and it looks like I cannot just copy a device I setup the way I liked in one patch and paste it into another existing patch. Only to a new patch, Unfortunately...
  9. Is it possible to copy a device from one patch to another patch? By that I mean if I set up a delay pedal the way I like it in one patch can I copy just that delay pedal to another patch with all the settings I have set up? If so how do I do this?
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