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  1. Hi all! Can my amp play the sound from my pc using pod hd500x interface? So basicly what i want is to my amp play the backing track and my guitar play ,so I could hear the sound of both through the amp. Previously i used POD Studio GX with some basic speaker and i didn't have anyproblem. If i know well the pod hd500x would function as POD Studio GX, but correct me if I'm wrong. So the only thing wich changed is the speaker and the amp, but i cant hear anything from the amp just my guitar. Is it because of the amp (DT25 112) , or may be i should use different connections to make it work? (amp-L6 link cable- pod hd500x-usb-pc) I would apreciate any help.
  2. I down loaded the line 6 updater and the driver for the amplifi 75. I updated the amp and paired with my asus memo pad but after i launch the amplifi remote the following message appears " AMPLIFI Remote has lost its data connection to the device". Although they are sill paired if i check in the bluetooth options. Here is what is tryed: I deleted everything and instaled again :(line 6 updater, driver, amplifi patches one by one, amplifi remote) I have no idea what should i do. I would be gratefull if some one could help me.
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