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  1. Dude, everyone is having problems with M1 on everything. You may have adopted M1 too early for music production...All the pros I know are waiting until protools runs native on M1 before updating their hardware. It's a mess. I don't know where Line 6 is on this.
  2. To get more than 10(8 FX 2 AMP) blocks, you will need to move to Helix LT or full Helix. HD is an 10 block dual chain modeler.
  3. I think you could work around it with the Edit application and get it assigned, but it sounds like a hardware problem. Might be good to open a service ticket.
  4. Curious, I am up to date on Windows 10 and used my HD Desktop yesterday. Working just fine. Perhaps you could divulge a bit more than "conflicts & error" and actually post what the "conflicts and error" are that you are experiencing as there are many here that may be willing to help you and have seen what you are seeing...But no update is needed on current windows 10. Can't really give you a solution with no information other than "I updated and it broke"
  5. If the delay is in the chain like that inline(7), that will be more delay than dry.(6)..probably need to set mix to 30% because you have a dry line with the delay broken out and merged...I am guessing you only get two chains in the 1 dsp mode, so I suspect a like setting would be delay mix at 30%...The patches are not identical because the chaining is completely different with the delay broken out like that...seems to me only the mix would be affected by this chaining difference.
  6. I used the GO for about a year...mostly for writing and getting arrangements scratched out...On a few projects I am working on the producer used some of my GO demo tracks. I recorded dry and wet and once arrangement is worked out i delete the wet and put native on the dry tracks. But the lack of midi was my main problem...Also having to spin up patches in Native is kind of a drag. I have some Source Audio stuff that I am really digging and needed to get it integrated proper, but I love the form factor of the GO. embedded midi host didn't seem sensible for my situation. I ended up going HX Stomp XL....basically laid out like GO without an expression pedal and it has 2 chains. It integrated with the Source Audio stuff very nicely...I thought about the LT and FULL a lot...It could work for me just fine, but my pedalboard would be a bit larger than I would prefer. The thing is, if I were to spend that much on an LT, then I might as well go full helix and get the scribble strips...It's a lot to consider. best of luck to you.
  7. ...Maybe it's one of the models themselves...I mean, the noise floor will never be 123 db unless the models are disabled as they do add noise... Have you tried comparing a new patch with no models on both devices?...I would think if the noise floor(s) goes to equal, then you may have spotted a model difference...maybe the teemah has a bit more noise in the stomp...or the placater...vs the Helix. I could see that...the firmware is different between the devices providing a margin for something like this occur...Might be worth narrowing down and opening a service ticket if that is the deal...
  8. It's interesting to me. Have you closed the midi loop to the HX midi in and tried a cc toggle like a shuttle control or something to see if the toggle tracks state...Seems to me that would be pretty simple to do because it could be assumed in the HX if the same toggle came in, then that would just be a button state change with no msg...So maybe an option on the CC toggle like a "track state" or something...Seems like a nice Ideascale suggestion if it doesn't work already. I just started started setting up my stomp xl with some source audio pedals (less than a week)...I am using a couple of toggles and the thought crossed my mind to close the loop to see if it would track state when I toggled from the same action from the source audio stuff. but that is only a small annoyance while editing. I think I am going to tinker with this.
  9. curious...I wonder if InputZ could affect this...It certainly would if it was input impedance was different...So if the Helix floor was 1M and stomp was 3M, there would be a bit more white noise...You can hear it when you change inputZ...If they are both auto, then I think they would be the same...Just something that came to mind...Also the global EQ...I am guessing you checked the global stuff, but thought I would mention it anyways. I am still curious as to what was different or was it just more noise with the same tone?
  10. noise floor difference could be what phil_m said, or even the tolerance difference between the master volume potentiometers (typically 2%-5%) if you used an interim setting (both at 12:00 would be interim)....You would have to measure them with a meter to set an identical interim position or run them full....But I am more curious about your comment "...but the sound is not identical." What isn't identical about it? Not much to go on from that.
  11. I think you might need to midi merger to do that. You gotta combine the Helix midi out with the midi out of the other foot controller. I think it depends in whether you can run the amp controller on a 5 min cable and it still controls...I suspect the extra 3 wires are power. Regardless, it seems doable...you might have to make DIN plug adapters so you can get those 3 pins routed correctly...I did something similar too this with my old ADA-MP1 many years ago to have 2 foot controllers. Luckily, the ADA foot controller had the option to use a 5 pin cable and power the controller separately... https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/MIDImerge2--midi-solutions-multivoltage-merger-2-in-1-out-midi-merge-box?mrkgadid=3325657797&mrkgcl=28&mrkgen=gpla&mrkgbflag=0&mrkgcat=studio&recording=&acctid=21700000001645388&dskeywordid=92700046938542089&lid=92700046938542089&ds_s_kwgid=58700005285192303&ds_s_inventory_feed_id=97700000007215323&dsproductgroupid=605139515470&product_id=MIDImerge2&prodctry=US&prodlang=en&channel=online&storeid=&device=c&network=g&matchtype=&adpos=largenumber&locationid=9010799&creative=324206626774&targetid=aud-466607093004%3Apla-605139515470&campaignid=1465808290&awsearchcpc=1&gclid=CjwKCAjwo4mIBhBsEiwAKgzXOCtofdhWRGx07SS_gkqEbyA1szeRmWw6UM9jeAPDHFUKV8LuVyOSKxoC2x4QAvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds
  12. I recently moved to the Stomp XL and am doing something similar. But I am using several Audio Source pedals with the nuero-hub. So far it is offloading pretty good. However, I honestly think I may need to get a dedicated reverb like a Big Sky, Ventris or Collider to have enough dsp for what I need. I tend to think that what I have now with the Stomp XL, Ultrawave, C4 and EQ2 is a little more DSP than what 2 stomps would have... I do think I could get close to what I am doing with a Stomp XL and a Stomp() or a Stomp and and HX FX...Basically, I would want an 8 block and a 6 block at least...Stomp XL and HXFX would be nice but I would never use 16 blocks...Would run out of DSP long before that for what I do most of the time. If you already have a Stomp, then I would say get the FX or the Stomp XL to get the extra two blocks and to have a foot controller with enough buttons...I don't think the lack of amp models matters that much, but if it does I would say go for the XL...If you dual amp a stomp, that is about all it can do...My most dsp costly patch is a bass patch that uses 1 full SVT Pro 4 amp & cab block, 1 poly pitch shift, 1 hall verb, 1 stereo Send for monitor, 1 stereo return for synth pedal...That's it...no more dsp...That poly pitch is so expensive, but the only one I have found that really works for an 8 string bass patch.
  13. it should work decently. The only pain in my mind would be switching the guitar...I think I would go with the acoustic sim on the go, but it's doable with a Vax and a go. To me it's the switching. I am not a daily Vax user but I have used them as you indicated changing the model on the guitar since no midi was available...I think you might need to think about going into the vax workbench to get the models close together. I used the Go for both guitar and bass since before it was released and it does the job adequately for both studio work and live performance. I love the form factor and the tone is good...But it's not HX...However, last week I ended up moving to the Stomp XL with 3 Audio Source pedals...This has been the first time I have had to move from GO to HX. Basically, the number of FX is about the same, but I needed midi control for the Audio Source stuff to integrate properly. It just did not make sense for me to go the USB Host route to enable midi on the Go...I can say the HX Stomp does sound a bit better than the Go after I put together my first few banks duplicating patches. Nothing really changed on the Audio source stuff...routing just about identical. The noise floor difference is the most noticeable for me. I think it's probably the ADC/DAC are a bit better...I think a stomp XL might work a bit better as you might could at least expose the midi at some point on the Vax. Another solution that might not cost you anything would be to move to an HD 500...They sound better than the Go does to my ears, has a vax interface and you can have a spare guitar wired...My HD is over 10 years old, heavily gigged and I have only replaced the power supply once about 2 years ago.
  14. Nothing to worry about...If you overload it with signal, it will distort and sound bad...I do not see how any damage could occur for signal voltage connected properly...
  15. Nice clean amplifier...Should work ok...I think that is an open back amp...so you might want to avoid using the cabinet/irs as they could cloud things a bit...Have a look at the preamp models...They use less DSP and are a good approach when you use a real amplifier with a modeler.
  16. Yes, they have apps for all platforms to deep tweak...Number one, they sound great. Presets morph on change. The system is very fluid, musical and easy to use. workflow is pretty fast too. The sound of these things is really impressive.
  17. I think the only thing you could really do without modifying the amplifier would be to run a dual tone setup. It would be a little bit of tap dancing. You would need something like the BOSS-LS2 to setup the switching...Any ABY would work...LS-2 is generally a bit more effective as you can fix gain corrections easily. It's a great utility pedal to have around. basically, split the guitar with the LS2 and send to the input of the Amp and the Stomp...Connect the Stomp main outs or the headphone out to the aux in of the amp. You will be tap dancing changing tones...probably not great for live situations, but for recording it could offer some options. It might be possible with a USB midi host to expose program changes to/from the amp....That I am less certain of, but sometimes midi will be there on USB...If it's documented, it should be there...Then it would just be a matter of finding a compatible host. This is only a possibility...I do not know if the amp has midi over USB or not. I kinda think it does because it has an FBV. You could modify the power amp section to get an insert (FX Loop)...if you did that, then you could 6 cable it stereo... good luck
  18. Thanks for checking that out. The toggle works exactly as expected...It's just the initial value is getting a 127 from some place...Since it's the drive control, it gets kinda hot. lol! I think it's the nuero-hub...I like this new approach to setting up midi scenes, but I think I managed to capture a bad value...and I have not figured out how to dig it out yet...Pretty sure this is a problem of my own creation.
  19. Thanks for the reply. I am just getting this new rig together. I have it on a patch with only one CC on one FS in the command center in an attempt to isolate the issue. It's a bit strange. I remove the toggle and it goes away...the toggle is narrow 10-26...it loads with the dim value and then sends the 127 putting the drive full...makes no sense and that drive is not saved like that. I need to hook up another controller or a snooper to see if this is really the HX or the nuero-hub doing something freaky. The Audio Source stuff is a little new for me, but seems pretty straight forward.
  20. I have a bit of an unusual problem. I have an Audio Source Ultrawave Bass and was wanting to setup a toggle for the drive. Works great in the patch. However, when I recall the patch the HX is sending a 127 on that CC right after the patch loads. The patch in the Ultrawave is saved with the drive at the dim level (10)...the max level is 26...I am pretty certain that it isn't the ultrawave...just curious if anyone has run into something similar with cc toggles using narrow ranges.
  21. #1 makes a lot of sense. Mainly for the ground lift. Do mic level if you want the level to resemble a real microphone...line level if the console actually has pads on the XLR #2 line for a headrush...
  22. You probably switched over to the User Presets. Basically, there are two lists of 128 presets. The Factory presets are in one list and the other User list is empty.
  23. So if you have a Helix or LT I think you can have up to 4 chains. With the HX Stomps there are 2....I think HX FX is that way too. That seems doable with scenes... Another approach that is sorta fun for a morphing tone is to use the expression pedal and using the mix and pans to allow the expression pedal to morph for one amp->FX chain to another. I used that approach on the HD that has 2 chains and it can work great...kinda depends on the song and the speed of the transition you want.
  24. I used the HD Desktop for many years. The desktop actually has slightly more available DSP than the footboard models as I recall. The reason for that is the IO....No midi, FX Loop or VDI interface on the bean. I don't think it's a significant amount.
  25. spaceatl

    Power and FRFR

    They are flat with coutour out...coutour is just a loudness switch...It's nice for lower level playback without subs. I have two 212s and a pair of the matching 12" subs. I have used the the two subs stacked in full range mode for bass and they work nicely. I love the simplicity of the design, efficient flat drivers and no fans.
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