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  1. Live, I don't think you really need the power section of the model for the PA...No one will know and you aren't listening to that anyway...How much the power section adds depends on the model itself...If you are a JCM800 sorta dude, it won't matter at all...No one who ever got a great tone of a real one ever pushed that power section because the tone was in the preamp...power section kinda sucks actually...You gotta choose the IR that fits your cabinet the best and gets you closest to what you want...A little extra EQ could be good to focus it....You could do what we did in the old days with XT platform and stick a tube buffer on your direct to give it a bit of class A movement...Personally, I would not worry about it. If you really want to get your amp tone direct, then get a Hughes & Kettner Red Box DI and inject that on your speaker line.....Add an attenuator after it and you can adjust your volume without changing your direct line... For your situation, An attenuator actually makes more sense to me. At least that is how I did it when I ran that way. H&K Box has several cab emulations on it that are great....If you want to try it for about $30, get the Behringer Ultra G...The 412 cab in it is actually quite good. I have used it many many times...H&K is a bit better, but not $200 better imo....
  2. yea, you are on it...if you are mono on your 4CM, then you just need to adapter and make sure you are using the discrete sends in the blocks where you need them. Yes, "stick a direct box" is just a vernacular for the HX FX Sends not balanced and generally you may want that PA send to be balanced...Technically, in this case you would not need a Direct Injection Box (DI Box)...You are not injecting it into anything since this is just an output....In this case, you could use a simple direct box (small) as you don't need thru...
  3. Streaming (audio) would not work well as the latency would be quite high...However, if it was limited to data (Edit), the only possibility would be if Line 6 is using midi over usb for the edit application. Yamaha has a USB-A BT host for midi...I suspect some things would work...But there is no telling on the editor as they very likely have some proprietary communication going there also. They are using bulk (Edit) and streaming (audio) modes on the interface. Yamaha and Doremidi have USB hosts that do midi...just no way to know without trying it and audio would not work anyway...
  4. sure, you could use the FX Send in the stomp and assign an output block...You will likely need an IR block right before it. You will want to pull it off the main chain so the IR is isolated from you main outputs and only the FX Send...Stick a direct box on the FX Send. The volume of the HX FX Send (PA output) will stay fixed and you can use the HX volume control for your amp monitor.
  5. spaceatl

    QSC K10.2 Issue

    Yea, dsp and fans in a monitor is just more failure points...I dropped QSC in the late 90s as they got passed by...They make good stuff...just way overpriced for what it does imo.
  6. The main suggestion I would have for you....and it's just a guess...would be to try using a PRE version of the amp model in the Helix. Basically, XT models are much more like the PRE versions as there wasn't really any power amp modeling in those days...That's a tweaky sorta tone to get anyway...If you like the jump plexi. you might try the Park 75 model...hardly any gain at all in the amp model but a very nice voice...good luck..
  7. a headphone output is basically a line output but lower impedance...No problem at all for a high impedance well, depends on the quality of the headphone amp itself...HX is pretty good imo...I use the headphone out to run my monitors to give the house a fixed level on the main outs....I use the hx lvl knob to set my monitor great....if you are using a guitar amp, you might want to try using the FX Send like PierM indicated...You could stick it before your cab model...just depends on the type of output you want...
  8. spaceatl

    POS GO

    Knowledge is $....You could; take the time needed read & comprehend the manual to fully understand how GO is designed to work, buy presets from guys that have done that and get their interpretation of certain types of tones....or go with what you know...nothing wrong with that...good luck.
  9. You are right about that....That would be an unrealistic expectation. FRFR is designed to render the almost post production tone of a mic on a cabinet....If you want a guitar amp monitor vibe, you need something akin to a guitar cab...not a fan of 8" anything for monitoring...
  10. Personally, I can't stand 8" speakers...really muddy around 160-200hz as the low end rolloff is so high and the resonant frequency is just wrong for guitar...An expectation to simulate and IR of 12" speakers in an 8" platform is unrealistic in my opinion....You will get much better results in the room with 10s or 12s....Anyhoo, that's my opinion... Make sure you don't have the contour switch punched in on that speaker....That will make things scooped and muddy too...I use ts212
  11. As far as I know, compatibility will depend on the patch itself. Any sort of spillover patches using both dsp will not work in the stomp. it just depends...
  12. Yea, UAD's 10 year old devices aren't working with M1 either....Good luck to you.
  13. I have not tried that...Did you try renaming the extension if it is different?
  14. I have a pair of Alto TS212 and an alto TS315 (TS215 prior)....I play bass and guitar...When I am playing guitar, I usually bring just one TS212....If I am playing a bigger stage, I will bring 2 and use the second in the backline sorta where an amp would go or to the side...just depends...90% of the time one is fine... I have tried the 10s and they sound pretty good, but I am not a fan and I do use my ts212s for bass on occasion for small things....I prefer the 12s over 10s and that's just my personal taste. When I am playing bass, my ts315 goes where the bass amp would be and I generally carry one ts212 for down or side stage...but that is just bigger venues where it makes sense....pretty rare I bring all 3 but I have on occasion...I have had my ts212s for about 3-4 years now and they have held up great. What I like most about the Alto design is that they are flat, have no dsp and no fans....500 watts rms is plenty of power.sometimes I leave it all and go IEM....
  15. Of course it does....That's intel silicon...The problem here is the new Apple M1 CPU...Intel is no problem.
  16. M1 is going to cause legacy pain for a while yet....A lot of pros I know are not going there yet. The ones that are have funding for two systems....Too much scratch for me...
  17. used the PodGO for over a year and did several shows with it (2020, not many shows)....anyway....The GO is actually quasi-balanced...It is NOT the same thing as a transformer based Direct Box....I used my own direct box when I performed with it....I do NOT do quasi to FOH.... A TRS->XLR can work just fine...but if you get a loop, you might end up using a DI anyway....that is my reasoning....keep it simple...
  18. I think JC amplifiers are pretty fantastic for modelers...They are quite hi-fi to start with. I love the 40. It is so handy....I used 120s for a while in the 90s...I think you doing it exactly right...just bang it to the stereo return...done... I mean you could do 7CM, but even 4CM is more trouble than it's worth IMO...The rivet model is pretty damn good, so I don't think you gain much at all by having the JC preamp available....Sure, it's the real thing....No one will care at the show...and 7 cables is just more points of failure to maintain....Kiss principal is best in this situation IMO... But.....If I absolutely had to do a 7CM for this, I would get 4 RJ45 4 channel stage boxes and build them into the board and amp so I could use 2 CAT6 cables to get the 7CM going and it leaves a number 8 to cover to switches...that would be fairly simple, but a little work to build the pedalboard(2xrj45) and amp(2xrj45) to make it plug and play...
  19. If modeling is new to you, I recommend that you consider the PodGO. It is the same dsp as the HX Stomp and Stomp XL...It is greatly simplified and in terms of tweaking is more like the older HD, X3 Pods....It has most everything you need to spin up great tones. I used one for over year for a few gigs and songwriting during all of 2020...It's very easy to get under, has the HX models and it can sound just as good as anything else out there...Super simple to tweak. A full Helix or LT might be a bit overwhelming because the depth if you are new to modeling...I don't know if you are, but you're a drummer so there's that jk ;-) If you really want something you will grow into all-in-one...then the Helix or LT is really the way to go....I use a Stomp XL with some outboard stuff that I prefer over Line 6 and a couple that simply do not exist in any HX or Helix.
  20. duh....Native is a huge deal for me...I didn't even mention!
  21. Well it should sound different, it's going thru your preamp when activated....
  22. Personally, I think the workflow fit is a bit more important. If the tweaking approach doesn't fit, it doesn't really matter how great something can sound....By the time you figure that out, the lightning might very well have left the bottle before you could get a cap on it. Tweaking an AXE reminds me of tweaking a PCM70...I know so many players that have sold off the AXE because of the workflow...maybe it's better now, I don't know...I tried an AXE2 and it reminded me of a PCM70 and I kicked it to the curb....The sound is great...That 1980s interface killed it for me.
  23. I use my Source Audio EQ2 to calibrate my guitar/bass outputs so I can share a lot of patches...First in the chain...without doing any midi at all you can select 4 presets on the pedal itself (4 guitars) can also use channel 2 as a loop for drive pedals or as a stand alone clean could use a button on the stomp to toggle presets on the EQ2....I have used a boss ls-2 in the past and they work really well....great utility dual buffer pedal for lots of things....EQ2 is a mind blowing eq that is one of the best I have ever heard....It reminded me of the first time I put a pultec EQ on a chain flat...same makes your chain sound better just being there flat.
  24. I have a pair of ts212s I have been using for about 4-5 years. I love them...Generally, only need one for a guitar gig...maybe two for a bigger stage. I play bass also...more so lately...I have a TS315 use for bass gigs...bigger stages I might bring a ts212 along....ts315 for guitar is pretty nice also...kinda overkill but it sounds nice...The new ts315 is pretty amazing....The power upgrade is obvious to me...really happy with my alto stuff.
  25. Just to be 100% clear, I am using a stomp XL as a midi controller to control the Source Audio neural hub. A stomp and separate MC would have been too much real estate for me.
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