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  1. Thank you, will go ahead and put the order in!
  2. Thank you both, I have done a search but wanted to specifically ask about the linked speakers... I found a set of JBL's which is a good name brand https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/LSR306mk2pr--jbl-306p-mkii-6.5-inch-powered-studio-monitors-pair that will kick it up to 6.5", should that be a noticable difference in quality?
  3. Morning all - I'm looking to buy some decent in studio monitors to play my helix through and do a bit of recording. Currently playing through a small guitar combo amp and looking to upgrade. For in home use, Can someone recommend a speaker set you have some experience with that you are happy with? Just saw these: https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/ErisE3.5--presonus-eris-e3.5-3.5-inch-powered-studio-monitors
  4. Thank you all, lots of great information here! Going to take a little time to digest it all!
  5. Good morning i am a drummer turned home guitar player, i was learning the riff on a whitesnake song and my little orange amp sounded pretty bad with the built in overdrive so i startrd looking at pedals and quickly got lost on all the different things, I enjoy a wide variety of music and was hoping i could just buy one thing instead of multple different pedals. I am a little concerned that i will need to be a guitar savant to understand and program different sounds, is it easy to configure to get close to a specific sound? Is there a way to download sounds other people have programmed so i can easily just use different ones? Thank you
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