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  1. Thanks for the replies so far. That's really too bad. Am I the only one who has such a use case? On the one hand, I would like to play with the effects on my Fender Twin from time to time and on the other record everything, including the amp and cab sim, hearing all on the monitors. And all this without having to constantly adjust the wiring. And then I would also want to reamp through the box. What ideas do you have on how I can do this with another product? Yes, with a Helix or Helix Rack that would work, but they are much too big for me. Any tips?
  2. Hi everyone, I have a question about the send / return inputs and outputs on the HX Stomp (which I don't have yet...) and I would really appreciate some help. Use case / wish: (a) Use a mono send block as an output for an external guitar amp - at the very end of the chain, but before the amp and cab. (b) Use the other mono send block as an output to an external pedal board and back into the HX Stomp as a stereo return block. All of this, of course, before the above-mentioned mono-send-block. So I would be able to integrate my pedalboard on the one hand (which has mono pedals at the beginning and stereo pedals at the end) and a guitar amplifier without amp and cab sim and also use the outputs for my monitors. What do you think, does it work? Or can Send and Return only be used as a combination? Best regards Holger (Cologne, Germany)
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