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  1. After reading some other posts about how miscellaneous resonance can be picked up by the piezos, I added light foam rubber under the trem springs and that cleared up a lot of the problems. After that, I found that some models sounded decent on all strings and some others now only sounded bad on the low E. That tells me that the problem is in the model. btw, string gauge is 10 and strings are almost new. I actually played this guitar on stage for about a year, just because it played and felt nice and the mag pickups were as good as I've heard on any strat. Even after extensive editing, I never used any of the modeled stuff. Some of it sounded useful but just too much of a hassle to pull up when you're playing live, even if you stick to using only Custom one. Also the tone knob didn't affect both the mags and the models evenly, so a little more hassle switching between those. I'm a long time synth programmer, love my tech, but this isn't for me. Good for some studio work but a version without the mags would be just as good for that. I appreciate the suggestions, thanks.
  2. I bought this when they first came out, just did NOT like any of the modeled sounds but I really liked the sound of the mag pickups and the great playability, to I've hung on to it. I put it away for a while after getting a Tele. Now I've gone back to it and I realize that the reason I didn't like any of the modeled sounds was that the A string has a very pronounced mid-range peak and sounds much different than the other strings. If I play without hitting the A string, I very much like most of the models. The mag pickups sound great, all strings balanced so it's only in the models. Any ideas? Can a piezo cause something like this? It seems to make sense. I haven't looked at how hard it is to change out the piezos. I'm pretty good with electronics and I'm considering swapping the A string piezo with another string and seeing if the problem follows the piezo. Does that sound like a workable test?
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