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  1. Hi there. I want to run my Helix in stereo into a Hughes Kettner Grandmeister on one side and a Boss Katana 100w head on the other side, with each amp going into a H & K 1 x 12 cab. Is it best to just go straight into the front of each amp from the Helix, with the guitar going into the Helix, or is there a better way? Any answers or comments gratefully received.
  2. Thanks for the info Codamedia. I've managed to download the free ones (only 6 sadly!) that Line 6 Allure do. Thanks for your help.
  3. Hi everyone. Sorry, I'm new to owning a Helix so this may appear to be a dumb question, but, where do I get IR's from? Do Line 6 do their own? If so, how do I load them, as I can't see anything on my HX screen that says where I get them from and so on. I can see the little IR icon box (top left), but where do I drag them from to put them there?
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