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  1. how to make sound guitar like in this video i heav fender strat guitar and line 6 hd500x multy effct sory abut my rong english THNKS
  2. hi 1. how to create short sound without sustain hd500x 2 .how to create on ( hd500x) Buzuki sound on an electric guitar. Thanks
  3. i feels that is complex from 3 noteuniform sound , different then i play on 3 thin strings together When I play/hit by fingers Once on 3 bass fat strings, I get more . Sorry abut my eng
  4. Hay I have a question .When I play on a keyboard 3 note At the same time I heard one sound .When I play on a guitar 3 note At the same time I heard more than one sound I Wondering if I can to get in my guitar unity of sound like on keyboard by pod hd500x ? pod Thanks
  5. hi i like the guitar sound in this link. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9060xikR0PI i heve pod hd500x + fender strat guitar. i am be hapy to get some idea or tutorial to be come close to this sound thnks
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