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  1. Hi @GeorgeMavrogenis I'm looking to get the Falken 1 to power my hx stomp (and 1 other pedal, a boss sy-1 which draws just 80mA) How has it worked out for you. Any issues running on battery? Also when Im at home can I just plug it in and run it from dc without that damaging the battery? Thanks Masten :)
  2. Hey that's great what a great little device, may be giving that a go. Thanks for replying
  3. Hi there I'd like to do a similar thing i.e. run a stomp with just 1 other pedal (but straight off the stomp psu) with a daisy chain, but in my case its a Boss SY-1 (only 85mA) Do you think the joyo would work in this case as well to stop the digital noise it'll probably generate? Many thanks Masten
  4. Hi I have an HX Stomp Iand 'd like to power it with a Mission Engineering 529i that Ive got https://missionengineering.com/shop-2/products/power/529i/ From a fair bit of research on the web viewing people that have tested it the stomp doesn't ever seem to pull more than 900mA from my understanding, so I'm thinking it'll be ok but would like to check as I don't want it to crap out on me at a gig obviously. I've read somewhere that the battery isnt really up to the job possibly? Has anybody tried this psu using 2 x 500 outlets with current doubler and run it on battery for an extended period of time and discovered if its stable or not? Thanks :)
  5. Hi I have an Aeros loopstation (350mA) a Beat Buddy (300mA) and was powering both with a Mission Engineering 529i. (Max 2A, 2 x500mA outlets and 6 x 300 mA within 8000mAh built in battery) No problems at all running from mains and/or on its battery with about 2 hours battery time Just bought a stomp and according to a youtube vid just seen where they measure it with a meter, it never pulls more than 900mA So is it feasible to power all 3 = 1550mA using the 529i by using 2 x 500mA outlets for the stomp with a current doubler, and a 2 x 300mA each for the Aeros n BB This is for a gig setup so there has to be no possibility of it conking out. Would be using it on power mostly not battery as will only be about 1 hr run time with 1500mA draw. Ive emailed Mission and they said the unit should be fine drawing 1500mA, but wondered if anyone else had an opinion? Thanks :)
  6. Hi I need a big external footswitch for my stomp for live use as a boost (bit of amp gain). I'd really like one with a light to indicate is on or not so would have to be a latched switch. Apparently according to this https://www.thegearpage.net/board/index.php?threads/line-6-hx-stomp-add-on-footswitches.2049510/ A latched one will work fine. You just have to set the settings as 'unlatched' So is there any reason why this won't work: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Bespeco-VM22-Latching-Control-Pedal/dp/B00IF0JIFA/ Basically a cheap copy of the Boss FS-5L I know stomp won't know the status of the light on the footswitch but surely if I set it as same state when I start a session (usually off) it'll stay in sync with the stomp as I turn the boost on and off Thanks :)
  7. Ok well looks like it can be easily done whether it's changing gain or vol or whatever. Thanks alot :)
  8. Yeah prob a bit more gain and volume, maybe change the eq - enough to cut through playing against a looper playing rhythm, a bassist and a drum machine. But generally a clean gain that gives some extra sustain and punch but not a rowdy noisy one. Thanks
  9. Ok thanks great stuff, probably all I need to know to order one :) Actually also, instead of having a clean boost by turning an effect on, can you tell a switch to just turn the gain up on the amp sim, and then down again when you toggle it off And this can all be done using 2 external switches right, as well as the ones on the unit? Thanks :)
  10. Hi I'm thinking of buying a hx stomp. Is it possible to set it up with one preset where you have: - Say 3 modulation/reverb/delay effects that together make an ambient tone - A boost - An amp sim - A basic reverb Where the default is just the amp sim and reverb being on for a basic tone Then set up the 2 external footswitches so that - fs4 turns on the 3 modulations/reverb/delays by toggling it on and off hence giving an ambient sound on/off - fs5 turns the boost on and off for solos I think these are called stompshots. The important thing is it toggles them on/off unlike snapshots Thanks :)
  11. Hi Im looking at getting a hx stomp to replace a zoom ms50-g Currently I have the above and an Aeros looper and a Beatbuddy and extension footswitch on my board. I would add the hx stomp to this set up and it work like the following for live use: I will be singing and performing so all pedals have to be at the front of the board. Im already struggling with the small buttons on the looper so I'd put the stomp at the back and then have 2 proper big footswitches (like these https://m.thomann.de/gb/zoom_fs_01.htm) connected to it at the front. I'd then have one preset with a bunch of reverbs n delays and an amp sim with 3 snapshots like this: 1. Heavily effected sound using the modulations. 2. Base sound of just amp sim and a reverb. 3. Boost of base sound with amp gain n volume turned up a bit. Preset would then have snapshot 1 to load as the default and external footswitches would then be assigned to snapshot 2 and 3. I only use snapshot 1 at the start of a song so dont have to switch back to it once I switch to snapshot 2, the base sound. Then when in between songs I could reach back to the stomp to load snapshot 1 again if the song requires it Would this work? Have I thought it through right or anybody got any better ideas to make it work Thanks in advance :)
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