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  1. Ok, so I got it working! I decided to go with the Falken 1 ( https://www.thomann.de/gb/kse_falken_1.htm ( price: 112Euros/ 128 USD )). It has a 9V 2A output and someone in the reviews mentioned using it successfully for his Hx Stomp. The Flylinktech jump starter mentioned above provides 9V 2A (not 3A) too, but I don't know, if a part of that 2A is somehow lost, when converting from USB to DC Jack. So I decided to go with the more expensive but guaranteed-to-work choice. Oh and the Falken 1 includes one cable that has the right size (DC5.5x2.5mm) for the Hx Stomp's jack. The other included DC cables didn't fit, so I imagine that if someone decides to try out the method with the powerbank + seperately bought DC cable, then they would have to buy a cable with that specific DC5.5x2.5mm jack. I briefly tested it at home yesterday. The battery depleted a little bit after 4 hours, which can be limiting, but works fine for me. I was using all 6 blocks, the Hx Stomp got as hot as usual and there was no noise. It sounds great actually :)
  2. Understood. I 've searched the web for a few hours after reading your reply and stumbled upon plenty lithium jump starters with alternative jacks and voltage, but sadly none with the exact 9 Volt, >2 Ampere, DC Jack specifications. Did you have a particular product in mind and if so, would you be so kind and post it?
  3. The HX Stomp will lead into an Alto Über PA, that has inbuilt battery supply. (It also has a USB power output but sadly only with 1 Ampere.) So I only need to power the HX Stomp. If I understood you correctly, you are suggesting a lithium powerbank. Is there a reason you are speaking of "12V of output" for it? I am asking, because the are powerbanks with 9V outputs and the HX Stomp needs 9V.
  4. Hello! I would like to use my HX Stomp on the street for busking and I am trying to figure out a way to power it. Does anybody have experience with that and can recommend me examples of the necessary equipment to buy? I'm not very well acquainted with circuits- and battery-terms. As far as I have understood it, I will need to supply it with 9V and at least 2 Amperes. If you could reply in simple terms, that would be very appreciated! But any tips are welcome! A solution that I think can work, is buying a powerbank with a 2Ampere USB output that can be adjusted to 9 Volts + a cable that turns the powerbank's USB into a DC for the HX Stomp. Has somebody tried this and can confirm that it works? Another similar solution I think might work is connecting a 2 Ampere powerbank to this converter (https://reverb.com/de/item/7341557-ionic-audio-5v-usb-to-9v-dc-converter), but that to me seems to achieve the same results as the first solution, while being a bit more expensive.
  5. Thanks everybody for the replies! I am covered
  6. Hello! I would like to replace my pedalboard with either a Pod Go or a Helix LT, but first I would like to make sure that I can achieve the same setup that I use now with the Pod Go's/ Helix LT's inbuilt expression pedal. On my pedalboard I am using a wah pedal which is always on and mostly parked on treble and also a delay pedal with a connected expression pedal that controls the repeats=feedback. My specific questions regarding the Pod Go and/or the Helix LT are: 1) Can I assign the inbuilt expression pedal to control the repeats of a tape delay? 2) If yes, can I simultaneously have a wah pedal that is permanently on full treble without controlling it through the expression pedal? 3) If yes, could I also control the wah with the same (NOT an additional one) expression pedal by switching presets mid-song and thus effectively use the inbuilt expression pedal for both delay and wah?
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