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  1. create a ticket and the line 6 customer service will tell you in a very round about way that they do not care at all and you are 100% on your own. They have the absolute worst customer service of and company I have ever dealt with in the music industry or any other industry. They are 100% only worried about themselves and their bottom dollar. If I were any of you who still have Line 6 gear of any kind and are able return it immediately before you go through the crap I just went through with this company. They will not meet you half way they will not meet you a quarter of the way they will take it all and tell you too bad. They will lie to you and insult your intelligence by making up excuses a monkey wouldn't believe but they will try their hardest to make you think they believe their own crap. just so you all know in under 30 days any guitar that has a matte black finish will start too look like a 5 year old took a spray paint can and practiced his tagging skills on it. Ohh its normal they will tell you when your Matte black variax starts to develop huge shiny gloss black spots on the guitar anywhere your skin touches the body. Huge gloss black spot where your forearm rests, nice gloss black spot above the bridge where your palm rests while palm muting lollipop even nice gloss black circles on the body around every knob. thats normal though any company's guitar does that. ! of their genius employees even has numerous Fender and ESP guitars all gloss black that do the same thing he tells me. Ya I'm sure, well than your an idiot if you have bought numerous ESP matte black guitars knowing they look like lollipop after a month considering your paying north of $2,000 for an ESP. Avoid this lollipop company like aids. They are a horrible company who sell $1,600.00 guitars that knowingly look like lollipop in under 30 days i guess and they are ok with that.
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