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  1. Just thought I would update everyone on my issue. Once I loaded the free Allure IR's, and purchased the OwnHammer IR's and loaded them, all I had to do is select the preset, find the IR block in question, edit it and see if the correct IR was listed on the right hand side and then save the preset. All is good now. This is all I was asking to begin with.
  2. I will for sure, just excited about the new piece and wanted a shortcut. My bad
  3. I am not a troll and really just got this thing so trying to bypass reading the entire manual. I will do so before posting again for sure. I have my own EVH lunchbox 5150 III with a 2x12 cabinet, and a VOX 15C2, Playing with the Helix is just cool so that I can do whatever I want with whatever sound I may want. I just noticed that a few of the preset I downloaded from the custom tone area gave me that message about IR's. Since I am new to the Helix I figured you experts would help. I will RTFM and see what I can do.
  4. I added all the Allure IR's but the EVH1 still cannot find the 67_Greenback. I obviously need to do more than just importing them.
  5. Thank you to all the great info. I will start learning this beast!
  6. I downloaded the free Gods_Cab_1.4 but it has several choices. Which would you recommend. Here is the following structure. 44.1, 48, 96 under each of these directories are the following 1.0_Legacy_IRs, C414, SM7B, SM57, U87
  7. It would be nice if HX Edit would at least tell me the IR and I could then buy the correct pack.
  8. Newbie so please abuse if you need. When I import new presets, some say they are missing various IR's. I imported a few from the forum but how do I determine what IR is missing in a given preset? Example: I downloaded the EVH 1 from the forum and here is what is says. The IR's associated with the following blocks in the preset could not be found in the impulse library. Path 2A, position 3 How do I tell what IR I need to download? Thanks
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