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    EXP1, 2 & 3

    Thanks to you all for your input. So I know I am not going nutz on this, others see it as well. I did manage to solve my issues totally. For a guitar player, I have pretty extensive knowledge of MIDI so I completely used the scenario I mention in my 2nd paragraph. - and yes, I see the default EXP2 getting assigned to volume all the time. But in my scenario, I am setting up EXP2 & 3 to toss out MIDI continuous controller values every time an adjustment is made to those pedals. So in connecting the MIDI in and out with a single cable, the HELIX is essentially generating (or encoding) a MIDI continuous controller message that it also receives and acts on from the 2 MIDI ports being connected together. One of my favorite approaches to distortion effects is to do some sort of variable (drive or distortion) intensity along with gain compensation. Its not perfect but close enough. I can set up my favorite distortion or amp sound and have exp2 control the drive amount. As that drive amount increases, (by default) so too does output volume. But if you do inverse gain reduction with that same exp2 control, you can sweep the range of distortion from clean to very intense and have it (from gain compensation) come out at a fairly consistent output volume.. May not be every guitar players cup of tea, but it is mine.. I rewrote all my programs to do this and I can drop in any amp, any distortion and getting fairly consistent results.
  2. joeloduca

    EXP1, 2 & 3

    Hello All, I don't understand the internal workings of the 3 expression pedals in the line6 Helix. I am a bit of a control freak on guitar. I like to have my hands and feet on every aspect of tone. So I have 2 external volume pedals connected to my helix. What I am shooting for is this: EXP1 will be overall volume of every program and that is my internal volume on the physical helix. External EXP2 is something I might assign to the "intensity" of any distortion effect I have. External EXP3: is the reverb "MIX" that is on all programs. I of course know how to assign the expressions to individual parameters I want to control. When I assign EXP2 to the "gain" of my distortion for example, it basically works. When I assign the reverb "Mix" to EXP3, it ends up using EXP2. So I ending up with distortion and reverb mix being controlled by the same EXP2 and their intensities grow with volume growth. I notice something else too, its like the EXP number is dynamic. in other words, if I plug no external volume pedels into this and turn it on, the INTERNAL volume pedal comes up as EXP2. 1 & 3 are nothing. If I plug something into the exp2 jack in the back of helix, the my internal volume becames EXP1, the external connected to EXP2 becomes the EXP2 controller. If I plug something into EXP3 jack, I am no long sure what assignments occur any more.. Its like this thing has a mind of its own. I tried an alternative which is closer to a solution: I connected the MIDI in with the MIDI out of my helix. -Going to set up the helix to send out MIDI CC's to do what I want to accomplish. So I went into "command center" and grabbed the EXP2 pedal and made it CC#11 and made EXP3 CC#8. So I assigned these CC's to the effect parameters I want to alter at a performance. -- All that worked.. but my internal volume pedal breaks when things are in this mode. The volume pedal block in Helix bases its volumes on EXP2 and it should be EXP1.. This is incredibly confusing. Trying to look at life thru the eyes of a helix and its not making a bit of sense so far. Anyone seen this with their Helix?
  3. Thanks "Peter Iknowathingortwo" ! you pegged the problem. or one of them. I did the backups last week. So initalized this puppy and tossed back in my presets.. Shut it off and on and bada-boom-bada-bing... It loads up the way I remember in the past. The Joystick problem is not fixed: You are also correct about the joystick, it has a section in the "setting". However I have a feeling this one is going to qualify as a firmware bug. (but that's my opinion). Reason I say "firmware" is there are really only a few options here: 1)defective joystick switch 2) software no longer detects joystick activity 3) its not configured properly in the setup. I believe I can rule out #1 and #3. I can rule out #1 because while a pushed joystick doesn't get me into effects selection from an empty effects slot, once I rotate the knob and grab a random distorsion or something, I can push the same joystick and it seems to get me into the effects sections.. Its fairly quirky in how it works. If I had a defective joystick, it pretty much wouldn't work 100% of the time. But if I back up or go forward within the effects menu's, pushing joystick starts to work very normal. The fair unreliability of this really has the look and feel of a software problem. (but my opinion again). I can rule out #3 because there are 2 options for the joystick and I've tried both and neither buy me any success. joe
  4. Hello all, Last week I successfully updated my helix floor unit to firmware 2.82. Within the unit I am exploring more complicated presets as well. I started using snapshots as opposed to just having a simple stompbox and preset approach that I've been using for years. Under this new firmware, Each and every time I turn the device on, I get the loading firmware 2.82 & progress bar.. (that's completely normal) Once the entire firmware is loaded, that is where my question comes in: I get near the bottom of the window: Firmware 2.82.0 Building Preset XXX in the past, I never got this screen that its building all my presets. Is that normal behavior for this new firmware? Could the fact that I now am using SNAPSHOTs in my programming be the reason that presets need to be built every time you turn on this device? Everything works its just the bootup time has probably more than doubled to get to a playing mode. The other thing I notice different when trying to create a new preset: I can go to an empty block and when I'd want to assign an effect to it, I could "press joystick to open model list" <-in fact, thats what it says in the window but it no longer works for me. I have to do a workaround by twisting the knob and cycling thru the 10 gazillion effects to get to the one you want. Pressing this know categorically separated the effect types to quickly access an area you want to be in. Am I doing something wrong? joe
  5. Greetings all ! Just purchased Line6 Helix native for the Windows path and am running it within Presonus Studio1- 3. Great plugin, great platform too! It is my strong preference to keep any DAW as far away from the internet as humanly possible!!!! Personally, I don't like firewalls but I use the best virus protection in the world bar none! Its called a "Disabled Ethernet" port.. The problem I think I see with this approach is, it looks to me like each time I fire up my recording app in my DAW, it wants to go to line6 (i think) and make sure I purchased and registered helix native.. Presonus S1 by default works the same way but there are ways to start up the app and keep the network dead. Any way to do this at Line6 helix native? have a great day!
  6. Hello All, Wondering if anyone has some insight on this: I have a line6 Helix floor unit running the latest OS and I want the MIDI out of Helix to go into the MIDI IN of my computer running an app called "Ableton Live". For those unfamiliar with the app, it just plays wave files and warps audio that conforms to a MIDI tempo.. So the theory I'd like to test is to have some sort of "tap tempo" button on my helix that would send the MIDI code of that tap to the computer as it figures out the tempo of my song and plays that wave file. I don't believe (at least by default) that the tap tempo button on the helix sends any kind of MIDI information. So my guess is I'd have to set up another control button but have no idea what I would need to do to pull this off.. anyone have an idea? thanks! Joe
  7. Hey, thanks to you both for the information.. You saved me some wasted time trying to make these reverb IR's work. I actually tried a few... And got absolutely nothing... I do like the acoustic IR comments too.. And I do play acoustic (2 of them) and can stand some improvements on that.. I am going to research who but if you have any recommendations of web sites of things that you like, please let me know. I also like personal recommendations over media hype.. For electrics, I found OWNHAMMER.com which I like very much.. have a great day!
  8. Hello all, I am a huge Helix fan, great device! Got a question regarding impulse response files and what it can support to the HELIX. For example, I have bought many across the internet and for amp and speaker cabinet responses, you can slide it into your helix and -- -- there great.. But as I read on the topic of impulse responses on the internet (not necessarily referring to the helix), it's mentioned a lot regarding reverb. In other words, there are folks out there that take a sample of a Hall, Cathedral, Church, whatever that they regard as "the greatest thing since sliced bread" and put those impulse response - Reverb sound finger print into a file.... So... you now have a reverb impulse file and many software plugins can use those in DAWs. My question is, CAN THE HELIX USE THESE REVERB FILES and .... Poof! its like you are playing in your virtual sample of THAT ROOM? I've looked at the documentation regarding this subject and unless I am missing it, its not there making me think the impulse response is STRICTLY going to recreate that AMP-SPEAKER-MIC combination and nothing else.. regards! joe
  9. Thanks Uber Guru, this does help a lot.. wasn't quite sure how the variax stuff is working.. I am very new to it. I finally (and recently) got a guitar that sounds and feels the way I want. It rare for me to find those 2 qualities in 1 instrument. This was a long journey for me to get where I am at today. I will not compromise now that I have what I got. And there is no body real estate for any additional electronics for variax either if I had gutted out another variax guitar. The only thing I really wanted to gain here was some good acoustic guitar stuff on occasions.. So... I believe you are right on target, this is unfortunately not for me.
  10. Hi Folks, I want to ask a few questions to anyone out there that might be a variax guru. (and that is not me). I own a warmoth guitar that also has a graphtech piezo (midi) system that terminates into the typical 13 pin connector. I also own a pod HD500. I am very interested in exploring the world of variax but I absolutely refuse to change my guitar. I love what I have and it must work with variax or I will not go there. So here are my questions.. Can variax interface to this graphtech bridge hex piezo pickup system I have? If so, is it just a conversion cable that I need? Variax looks almost like a RJ48 or ethernet type connector in some kind of cylindar case. Graphtech interface is a 13pin connector. Next question, can my pod HD500 do all this sound modeling or is there some kind of other dedicated piece of hardware that I need to interface to? Thanks much if you can help me.. Joe
  11. Hey Guys, I want to thank you all for the solutions.. I finally got this thing working the way I want.. Special thanks to "Iknowathingortwo".. you really do know a thing or 2... thanks and have a great day! Joe
  12. Thanks, but that is exactly what i am trying to find and cant.. I don't understand how to delink that controller to only control 1 effect. I've tried various things on the PC as well as the HD and I cant seem to get rid of the MULTI ..
  13. Hello all, Got a HD 500 and I like to occasionally set up some of those FS buttons to turn on or off certain effects. So I kind of know how to assign those FS buttons.. (I also use LINE 6 POD HD500 edit on my PC). The problem I am having is some of the FS buttons are set to "MULTI" while its toggeling multiple effects on and off.. I don't want this, I only want the FS to control ONE effect. I can't seem to figure out how to get this off of MULTI.. Anyone know? joe
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