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  1. jpdennis's post in How many here have the FX Block Lit up problem was marked as the answer   
    Line 6 support was able to replicate the issue.  They are definitely working on it.  So, I just want to say THANK YOU LINE 6 SUPPORT!  Great team.  And thanks to everyone here and the whole forum.  Now we will have to be patient. (Yes I said that)  :D  I am positive Line 6 will identify the root cause and correct this issue.  I would say let's give them more time to even release update 2.20 with all the new coding/re-coding necessary for the MIDI clock and all.  Maybe this problem we are having will be fixed in this or the next update. {Don't tie me to the stake oh Line 6 Helix users} :unsure:  
    But again I am happy we in this forum can be a benefit to the company that has developed such a broad piece of equipment. 
    I even set up a Bassman (Tweed Blues Brt) patch with just a Tube Screamer FX, a Echo-Reverb FX, and a Vol block.  I used this topic for the amp settings http://line6.com/support/topic/25812-greg-koch-knows-bassman/
    Then I plugged in one of my Les Pauls at rehearsal tonight and I "Still Got The Blues"  Oh yea!! :ph34r:
  2. jpdennis's post in Volume goes to zero when going clean was marked as the answer   
    It is confirmed the next F/W release will address this bug.  It is bundled into the "do not unplug the USB cable from the computer or Helix after you close out the editor" issue only with a few more variants.
  3. jpdennis's post in HD500X - normal or should I call support? was marked as the answer   
    UPDATE:  Well, after all my troubleshooting I was reading another blog in this Forum about the resistance setting.  Hmm, so I set it to various levels and discovered that for the majority of my guitars 22K is a good setting for the High Gain amp models.  Amazing how relative all these threads are.  Kudos to the people use us Line 6 and share their experiences.
    Thanks again
    PS:  If I can locate that thread I'll quote and recognize the contributor.  I was at work and just barely glanced at the info when I got called away and had to make the $$$ to pay for my GAS.
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