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  1. Hey again guys, I need a bit of help. Is there any way to take cab packs from the .sysex file format and perhaps put them through a converter to make them into .wav files. A friend of mine loaded a few of his AxeFX IR files into a thumb drive for me to try and they are in SysEx format. Shouldn't I be able to convert these to .wav for the Helix to read them? ...ALSO is there any news of the Helix possibly supporting this type of file for IRs soon?
  2. Hi guys, I seem to have noticed something a bit odd. The updater says that the Helix should only rebuild patches after an update and the first time you turn it back on. My helix now rebuilds patches for a bit longer than It did before the 2.0 update. Am I not powering it off correctly? OR Should it take longer to rebuild patches now and is that a normal function? Also on a semi-unrelated note but still curious... Can i revert back to the original tuner display without the enhanced view? Thanks everyone!
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