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  1. I agree this would be a very useful feature. I'll go one step further and add that having some type of indicator on the compressors to show how hard you are hitting the threshold and compressing would be most useful as well.
  2. Well, I just tested it. Deselecting the XLR's from the vol knob seems to work ok with my audio interface. I do have a pad on the input of it, however. I think it would be too hot if I didn't. I guess I'll give it a go tomorrow at the gig and see how it goes. As long as the signal doesn't overload the input on the mixing board, I think I'll be ok. This is an important thing for me, as I tend to be adjusting my volume all during the night (tends to creep up as the night goes on. Go figure), so I need to be able to do that with my monitor level and leave the FOH to the sound guy. Thanks for all the input guys.
  3. So how is that level adjusted? Is it just pre set by the helix, and up to the sound guy to deal with if it is not what the mixing board wants to see, or is it possible to set the level somewhere?
  4. Thanks. I found that, and it does remove the vol knob from the XLR's, but now how do I control the output of the XLR's?
  5. Hi guys - probably a dumb question, but I can't seem to be able to get it. I've got a gig on Fri - how do I get the same signal going to the 1/4" outs and the XLR outs, but controlled with separate volume controls? I want 1/4" going to my FRFR, and the XLR's going to FOH with independent control of each volume. Thanks!
  6. Sounds very interesting to me as well. The download says "temporary unavailable". I'll keep checking back, would love to try to patch! Thanks for posting.
  7. I got my new Helix yesterday, and am having a lot of fun learning it. I upgraded to 2.0 using the provided usb cable, then spent last night making patches on the computer. It works great. All this talk of upgrade problems, and possibly usb issues (I'm on a mac), and I'm a little hesitant to change the cable. Problem is my amp/guitar setup is across the room from the computer. Is it ok to get a 12 ft cable, or even longer possibly? I noticed the provided cable has the little cylinder on it. Do I need a cable that has that? Has anybody sourced one that works? Thanks
  8. My Helix came in today. I took the plunge and updated to 2.0. I'm on a Mac, and used the usb cable that came with the unit. So far, so good!
  9. Thanks for the quick replies guys!
  10. So my Helix should be in in the next day or two. I know only what I've seen/read online about the device, so learning it will be 1st on the list. So my question is; I've read a bunch of posts about them not working properly, locking up, etc after the 2.0 install. Should I hold off from installing 2.0 for now? I use snapshots/scenes with the KPA all the time, so it would be quite useful for me. I just don't want to screw it up before I even hear the thing. Are the issues with 2.0 that widespread, or is it just a few isolated incidents? Should I wait for 2.01 to address some of this stuff? While I am asking, one thing I really like about the KPA is, when using a volume pedal, and I turn it all the way down, the tuner automatically comes up on the screen. Is it possible to run the Helix like this? Thanks guys!
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