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  1. Where do I find my registered gear. I am registered with 4 but I can't click anywhere on my profile to recall them??

  2. Hi! I just realize how much I miss Riffworks as a workstation - especially the drummer - and all the great drums I bought and downloaded. Is it lost forever? I did not really understand what happened back then and got carried away with other things as time went by. All in all it means that all the drum patterns I bought is wasted??. I do not even know where they are now, but I must registered somewhere: Is it possible go get them back - and Riffworks up and running again?? BR Lasse
  3. Findlasse

    Does Helix Native work with HX Effects?

    Does Helix Native work with HX Effects?
  4. Findlasse


    Thanks, I thought they were monitoring good peoples exchange of comments on their products
  5. Findlasse


    Would you consider designing an alternative Power Supply adapter for HX FX? - for easier and spacesaving pedalboard mount. :-)
  6. Findlasse

    HX Effects forum

    Will there be a forum specific for HX Effects? - that would be a great help for HX Effects users. BR Lasse
  7. Findlasse

    Podxt Live Volume/wah Pedal

    Hi! Hope you are still there - for the XT Live I am in need of a replacement circuit board with the SW200 wah/vol switch on it. Where can I possibly get one of these? BR Lasse