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  1. Curious what people do for 4 cable method for attaching effect boards in terms of cable length, shorter is better to preserve tone. I was thinking I get a long speaker cable and keep my head and cabinet separate. The effect board would connect to head with shorter cables. I could get longer cables, 4, to keep my head and speakers together, I guess too. What works better in people's performance experience?
  2. Hi I own a Marshall half-stack and HX Effects. I like to set the amp volume very loud to get the best distortion, then use the HX Effects to lower the volume in db in the signal chain after FX loop using the Noise Gate/Hard Gate as last effect to match whatever level I actually need for band, home etc. The problem is I'd like to avoid the feedback that occurs when the noise gate is disabled to change a channel, make edits, accidents, etc. Its very rare, but when it does the amp is super loud with potentially damaging feedback, want to protect my speakers even in rare cases. Does anybody know of good way to avoid feedback , besides the obvious answer of "standway from the amp", "lower the volume"? A rackmount limiter or feedback suppressor is my thought, but they all seem to have TRS or XLR outputs. Another problem, when I change channels through HX effects it changes the scene first, so going from a dirty channel snapshot with gate enabled, to snapshot clean channel with gate disabled, has feedback effect also, because the scene change happens first with dirty channel on, gate, change snap, no gate, feedback, send channel change, (too late to avoid it), then after the channel change cmd is received everything is fine.
  3. I guess if HX Effects Unit is already running the latest software (2.54.0) then the Line6 Updater 1.14 doesn't show my hardware device? Using Microsoft's "USB Device Viewer" I can see the device so I know the operating system is recognizing it. But I'm confused because the after signing in successfully, the Line6 Update shows only "Select Device to update" and no devices are shown. I do not have the microsoft app open at the same time.
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