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    Hi All, new to forum and investigating the potential purchase of the HX effects. So.... I'm currently running a pedal board that's not huge in size and obviously I have run out of room for all my needs/wants!!. I don't want to get a bigger board so considering the HX effects to help reduce things down, hopefully replacing 90% of my pedals. Ideal current set up on my board if I had the room. Front of tube amp Tuner Wah Octaver Fuzz OD 1 OD 2 Preamp FX loop Flanger Phaser Tremolo Random crazy fx 1 Random crazy fx 2 Delay 1 Delay2 Reverb I'm happy to bin off all my modulation pedals and just use the HX for all my modulation. Easy peasy If I wanted to keep some of my favourite pedals but also use some other FX on the HX I can see this being an issue. Example 1. I'm using my stand alone OD and the HX Wah(with expression pedal) but prefer wah before OD. Is there any option where your guitar signal goes into the HX signal chain? Example 2: A stand alone modulation pedal (that HX can't do) that I want running into FX loop but HX is already doing so. I've tried to do some research but can't find the answer. There seems to be so many options with the HX. The HX does look really good but I am a bit apprehensive going full digital right off the bat and building patches for everything :) Also any feedback on what the preamps and Octavers are like on the HX would be appreciated. Are the octavers polyphonic? I do love my echoplex preamp and Octaver (T-rex quint) I'd have a hard time moving T-rex off my board.
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