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  1. This pains me, as the LA-2 near the end of chain has been the "special sauce" for nearly as long as I've had the Helix. I probably can't experiment with it until after Sunday, but if that's a bona fide issue, great catch. Texasdave
  2. Well, I was enjoying 2.8 for a day. Tonight I went to adjust a parameter with the #4 knob and the setting changed about 10% and that was it. Knob no longer controls value up or down. The push push/hold functions still work, but knob appears dead. Did the full factory reset, no change. I rolled back to 2.71, no change. Back to 2.8, Reset no change. I'm guessing it's hardware and a coincidence to the 2.8 upgrade. I thought I'd post here in case anyone else has similar issues, I'll test again tomorrow Edited to add: I restarted Helix with switches 4&5 pressed down. If you select UI mode using the joystick you can test your switches and knobs. Screen starts all red, and each listed parameter will turn green after it tests as functional. My "encoder 4" appears to be dead.
  3. Hey gang, I'm posting this looking for some clarification on OSX drivers. Based on my reading (and looking at the software downloads section) 1.0.5 was an optional driver for Floor users, required for Stomp, and supported through OSX Mohave. The wording for 1.0.7 (released July 18th 2019 is "Helix Mac Driver 1.0.7 is a required update to support Helix Firmware 2.80 or greater. It supports the following sample rates: 44.1 kHz, 48 kHz, 88.2 kHz, and 96 kHz." and at the bottom of the notice only indicates support/compatibility through "High Sierra," not Mohave. So two points for clarification: 1. is the omission of Mohave in 1.0.7 a typo? 2. Is the driver still optional but recommended for 2.8/Floor or is it now mandatory? No mention of it in the 2.8 update instructions and it's not installed by the updater. I'm probably going to install it and use it going forward, but as a guy trying to actually RTFM to get to the right answer, I found the above points confusing. I'm mainly looking for an "official" or "educated" response, so please no guessing, I can do that on my own ;) Texasdave
  4. 2.11 was a smooth update for me in OSX. My recommendation for Mac users is to back up set lists, patches, etc with old editor, then go to Applications and drag that Line 6 folder to the trash, then run the new updater/editor pkg file. You never have to wonder if you're going to open the wrong editor that way.
  5. I had that problem in 2.10, but I can't honestly remember if "my" setlist was in Setlist 3 or not. I used to not use 3, but may have on last update. I could also get the display to return to correct state by pressing the HOME button. So far I'm fine in 2.11 but I put "my" setlist in 4, just as matter of preference; I read this thread afterwards. EDITED TO ADD: I copied a preset that has been updated in 2.11 from Setlist 4 to 3 and that patch in Setlist 3 seems to be working fine. Good luck to all chasing this down.
  6. The other idea that could reasonably fix the problem would be to do a final restart holding FS 10 & 11. which is supposed to update user presets to current firmware. I know the reboot is supposed to do that, but IIRC there was a prior update where this solved some problems. I'm not sure I've saved anything in snapshots other than maybe a test file, so I may not be the best crash test dummy.
  7. Brilliant solution. Has anyone tried saving patches immediately after loading to see if that solves the problem? That is, load a patch and save while still showing EXP1 EXP2?
  8. This is often the best course of action on a Windows based machine. Always fun when "plug and play" isn't.
  9. Frustrating, no doubt. Hate to even ask, have you rebooted PC?
  10. Did you try rebooting with FS 5 & 12 down?
  11. Regarding impedance, there was an issue in 2.0 where a saved value of impedance would DISPLAY but not actually LOAD. (best guess is the impedance was either 1M or Auto.) This was made apparent by a user who needed to use a 10k input for a particular guitar (so very noticeable.) This has been fixed in 2.01 (at least to my testing.) On that notion alone I'd think the upgrade to 2.01 is worth doing. Texasdave Texasdave
  12. Good news. The impedance issue seems to be fixed in 2.01.
  13. Back up. Back Setlists Up. Back up your favorite presets. THEN begin. The good news is now the input impedances you save will actually load when you call up the preset! Texasdave
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