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  1. phil_m's post in Drop outs already 2nd day with G10 was marked as the answer   
    I can't say I've read of that many dropout complaints with the G10, but make sure you're plugging the transmitter into the base for 15 seconds or so before using it so it can scan and find the best available channel.
  2. phil_m's post in HX Effects: Tuner Pop to Bang when switching off was marked as the answer   
    This issue was resolved with the 2.54 firmware that was released yesterday.
  3. phil_m's post in Helix Mac Driver still needed? New to all this... was marked as the answer   
    You don't need drivers for Macs as the Helix is a class compliant USB Audio/MIDI device.
    As far the updates, you'll want to download and install the latest HX Edit installation package. That will give you both HX Edit and Line 6 Updater. Run Line 6 Updater with the Helix attached via USB and it will prompt you to install the latest firmware update. 2.54 is the latest version. Make sure you don't have HX Edit running at the same time as the Updater.
  4. phil_m's post in HX Effects can't backup in HX Edit was marked as the answer   
    Well, you don't really delete them. You just overwrite them with another preset. So just find a blank one and copy and paste it into that slot.
  5. phil_m's post in Helix forum issues was marked as the answer   
    Should be fixed later this week...

  6. phil_m's post in Forum Technical Problems was marked as the answer   
    They're having some infrastructure issues... They are aware of it, and are looking to fix it.
  7. phil_m's post in Firmware update snapshot issue was marked as the answer   
    This is known bug and will be fixed shortly.
  8. phil_m's post in Helix reverbs in Legacy menu was marked as the answer   
    There are mono and stereo versions of the 5 new HX reverbs. The reverbs which were previously available have been moved to the Legacy folder. They are, as they always were, all stereo.
  9. phil_m's post in Trying 100 % JTV, body/mags, through VDI was marked as the answer   
    You're making things too hard on yourself... What I'm saying is if you want to hear only magnetics and have that saved to a model slot, all you have to do pull that "Magnetics Blend" slider all the way to the right. That's it. That will give 100% magnetic pickups and 0% model.
  10. phil_m's post in Relay G70 Power Supply was marked as the answer   
    Well, again, not just any pedal power supply will work, but yes, the Boss PSA-120S2 will work... It's rated at 500mA.
    The Line 6 equivalent is the DC-1G:
    I'm not sure why it's not available through Line 6's site at the moment, but it seems to be available a bunch of other places online.
  11. phil_m's post in List of DSP usage per model? was marked as the answer   
    This isn't an official Line 6 document, but someone on the Facebook group made this (it's an Excel file): 
    I believe they came up with it through an iterative process of seeing how many instances of each effect they could load on a processor path. The numbers are using 16 as the base. So if you want a percentage estimate, divide the number by 16 and multiply by 100.
  12. phil_m's post in JTV69 and JTV69US pickups the same? was marked as the answer   
    The Korean and US models have the same pickups... I have never seen anything saying that the pickups on the US models are different than the Korean models. The necks on the US version are quarter-sawn. I'm not sure about the roll-edge. I don't recall seeing that called out specifically anywhere. Where did you buy it from? I can't imagine it's a fake? I believe the serial numbers on the US versions start with a "US".
  13. phil_m's post in Possible to Damage Helix by Turning On/Off from Wall Switch? was marked as the answer   
    Nope... No threat of damage. From an electrical perspective, it’s no different than using the toggle switch on the Helix.
  14. phil_m's post in Shift+Alt+Click doesnt DE-select snapshots assgn anymore. How to then? was marked as the answer   
    Just right click on the parameter to bring up the controller menu for the parameter you want to un-assign and select “noneâ€. Not quite as fast, but still pretty fast.
  15. phil_m's post in Expression pedal's volume at startup was marked as the answer   
    Go to Global Settings>EXP Pedals and other Knobs 3 and 4, you can select the behavior of EXP1 and EXP2, respectively. You can set them to Per Snapshot, Per Preset or Global. From pg 54 on the manual:
    Determines whether expression pedal positions are recalled per snapshot, per preset, or applied globally. If you want a Volume Pedal or Wah to maintain its position when switching presets, set this to "Global."  
  16. phil_m's post in Helix Floor with Mission Engineering Expression Pedals was marked as the answer   
    With the auto-engage feature, you can control the bypass states of blocks with the expression pedal even without the toe switch. So, no, you don't have to dedicate a stomp on the floor to control the on/off state of the wah. You can use an external expression pedal as a switchless wah, essentially.
  17. phil_m's post in Annoying - Helix is a lollipop was marked as the answer   
    Push and turn the knob underneath the level parameter to assign it to a snapshot controller (the parameter will appear in brackets). Now you can set it to a different value in each snapshot. It works just as easily on the Helix itself as in the editor.
  18. phil_m's post in Snapshots in Helix Native was marked as the answer   
    Helix Native doesn't support snapshots right now. It will in the future, though...
  19. phil_m's post in Footswitch assignments was marked as the answer   
    Yep... The Mode switch always toggles between Preset and Stomp mode. The one wrinkle is you can have Preset Mode set up to be different things.
    It still works the same way. The other thing is, though, that there is another global setting that changes the way the function of these switches. You can set them to scroll between presets or snapshots. You can change the function of these switches by holding them down for 2 seconds. Sometimes, I think people accidentally do this when they're trying to get into Snapshot Mode (described on pg 54 of the manual).
    Everything is in the manual, it's just not necessarily all in the same place. A lot of this is described in the Global Settings section, and some of it is in the Snapshots chapter, but it's all there... I'm not ragging on you. The manuals are pretty deep. There have been times I've been convinced something isn't covered in the manual, but I've always been wrong when I've double-checked...
  20. phil_m's post in Fuzz, auto z and change of tone was marked as the answer   
    The way the Auto setting on the Input Z works is that it changes the input impedance based on the first block in your chain. The input impedance will be set to match that block whether it's on or bypassed. If you want the lower impedance to only be that when the fuzz pedal is on, you could set the impedance to be tied to a controller, either that same footswitch or a snapshot controller, and have the impedance be lowered only when the fuzz in on.
  21. phil_m's post in does helix have that protective film on the scribble strips from the factory? was marked as the answer   
    Yes, it comes with a thin protectIve film on the scribble strips. It' can be a little hard to see.
  22. phil_m's post in Tap Tempo-MIDI was marked as the answer   
    You don't want to use a CC toggle. You just send out a CC command with a value between 64 and 127, and every time the Helix sees that command, it's like your stepping on the tap tempo switch once.
  23. phil_m's post in Using Helix as interface, can I record 8 channels simultaneously? was marked as the answer   
    You can record all eight USB channels simultaneously, but there are some caveats. One is that for all the USB pairs other than USB 1/2, you won't have hardware direct monitoring available. The other issue is the USB 7 & 8 will always be reserved for a dry track (you can choose what the input for each is in Global Settings>Ins/Outs.
    As far as USB 3/4 and 5/6, you can simply select those as the output in the output block. Like I said, though, you lose hardware monitoring when you select these. If you want to add a physical output to these paths, you can insert a send block right before the output block.
  24. phil_m's post in How to collapse USB output to mono? was marked as the answer   
    If you put a dummy mono block, such as a Gain block before the output block, the output would be dual mono, so if you wanted to only use USB 1, you'd have everything mono-ized.
    You could also easily just combine USB 1/2 in your DAW to one mono signal. In Reaper there's a option to downix stereo tracks to a signal mono track.
  25. phil_m's post in Is it possible to hook up bluetooth headphones with the Firehawk FX? was marked as the answer   
    The Firehawk only receives Bluetooth audio; it doesn't send it. Bluetooth still isn't viable as a monitoring solution, really, because of latency.
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