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    Can not eliminate dry signal coming out of XLR output

    Well, bypassing the amp block will still allow signal to pass through. Are you saying, though, that you're hearing a dry signal even with the amp block on?
  2. phil_m

    While waiting for the “Second Spring” to arrive...

    With Helix Native, you'd be able to do pretty much all of this. With the upcoming 1.8 release of Native, there will be the option to remove the "DSP limit" from Native presets, so none of the hardware block limitations will apply. As far as the graphics thing, I don't suspect Line 6 will go down the skeuomorphism road again. @Digital_Igloo has some pretty strong feelings about it... :-) But, really, all the detailed graphics do is make the installation files bloated and use system resources. Native also has adjustable input gain control. I'm not sure what you're saying about the Room and Plate verbs... They are in the Legacy folder, yes, and there aren't mono versions of them - but they're still very much useable. As far as TH-U, I have the Slate version that comes with the Everything Bundle, and I don't really like it all. It's one of those plug-ins where the GUI gets in its own way. It very awkward to move around the signal chain, and you have to zoom in and out onto different items... It was so annoying that I only ever really used it once. I figured I'm happy with other stuff, and I don't need to use something just because I can.
  3. phil_m

    Amplifi 30 - will it feed back?

    Yes. Feedback has nothing to do with the type of amp you're using. You can achieve feedback with any speaker, really. It's just a function of the sound coming from the speaker hitting the resonant frequency of the strings and causing them to vibrate, and then having the pickups amplify that. It's a function of volume more than anything else.
  4. phil_m

    Relay G 10s

    It's weird that a cable would work but the adapter wouldn't... They are essentially doing the same thing - grounding out the ring connection from guitar jack. But, yes, something like that is the only solution (you could always try a shorter cable). The G10 transmitter plug is what it is. It uses the ring connection to recharge the internal battery, and that's what causes trouble with some of these preamp systems.
  5. phil_m

    G10, cross talking

    With the G10, the key is to not to plug the transmitter back into the base after you've gone through the process of having each unit find the best channel. If you plug it back in, it resets it, and there's a good chance that two of the receivers will pick the same channel, as you said. This is one area where the G10S has a big advantage of the G10. On the G10S, you can manually set the channel on the receiver, so if you're using multiple units, everyone would just select a unique channel.
  6. phil_m

    Relay G 10s

    Some preamp systems have this sort of issue because of the G10 transmitter's TRS plug. You could try using the little right angle adapter that came in the box. That seems to fix it a lot of the time.
  7. phil_m

    Line6 Helix LT through studio monitors

    It's best if you can connect the monitors directly to the Helix.
  8. phil_m


    Hi. The HD Metal Pack is only compatible with the HD series PODs. It isn’t compatible with POD Farm. The metal model pack that’s compatible with POD Farm is called the Metal Shop Pack. Contact customer service and you should be able to get a refund for the HD pack.
  9. phil_m

    HX Stomp - Freezing Up - Unresponsive... :(

    I have no reason to believe there are a lot of bad units. There are a few that have issues, I’m sure, but there have been tens of thousands of Stomps sold, and the vast majority are fine. Anyway, did you try doing a factory reset after updating the firmware? To do a reset, hold FS 2&3 together while powering up. I would give that a shot before sending it back.
  10. Yes, you can record 4 dry signals at 24/96. If you're using a Mac, you'll have to download the actual Mac drivers rather than using the Core Audio drivers. In Windows, you can do it with the ASIO drivers. You would just change those settings in your DAW.
  11. phil_m

    Add a complete new path to existing preset

    You should be able to do that, no problem. What kind of setup are you after, exactly?
  12. phil_m

    HX Effects expression pedal troubles

    What expression pedal are you using?
  13. phil_m

    Delay causes pitch shift between snapshots?

    Go to Global Settings>Preferences and set Tempo Pitch to "Transparent" instead of "Authentic".
  14. phil_m

    Auto-engage and snapshots

    Go to Global Settings>EXP Pedals and make sure the EXP Position parameter is set to Per Snapshot.
  15. phil_m

    Newbie lost tones & pedal

    You may have unintentionally switched Setlists. Try pushing down on the Preset knob and then make sure you're in either FACTORY1 or FACTORY2. As far as the on-board expression pedal, you can toggle its function between EXP1 and EXP2 by pushing it forward and activating the toe switch. You may have to press with quite a bit of force as the switch tends to be a little stiff when new.
  16. phil_m

    M Series Still On Sale And Yet No Updates?

    I’m not a Line 6 employee, but I think it’s safe to say that there will no more M-series updates. It has been, like what, almost 10 years since the last update? There’s no way they’re opening up that code again. If you want an updated M9 or M13, get an HX Effects.
  17. phil_m

    Copying Presets to another setlist

    You can select the Setlist you want to save the preset in by turning knob 4 while in the Save screen.
  18. phil_m

    HOW DO I UPDATE??!!?!

    There are no updates available for the Micro Spider. There's actually not even anyway for users to send updates to it.
  19. phil_m

    HX Effects: in-depth parameter guide?

    I think there are a couple reasons the manual doesn't include those sorts of details. First, that's just a lot of information, and it could easily add like, I don't know, 10 or more pages to the manual. The longer the manual becomes, the more likely it becomes that people won't read it. The other issue is that many of the effects were added in updates, and Line 6 doesn't update the manual for incremental updates anyway. The translation issues make it time and cost prohibitive. Basically because Yamaha is a large, multi-national corporation, things like manuals have to made available in languages that are used in whatever countries the Helix is sold in. Right now, the Helix manual is available in 26 languages. So adding even more information makes that translation work even more daunting.
  20. phil_m

    HX Effects: in-depth parameter guide?

    There isn't an official parameter guide that explains all of those idiosyncratic parameters. You can usually find discussion of them somewhere on the interwebs, though. Ramp, btw, on the Cosmos Echo model controls how quickly the tape speed changes when you go to a new delay time. Having it faster will tend to give you more high-pitched artifacts while having it slower where drag it out a bit more. Imagine what happens when you physically change the rate at which a tape is moving through a tape player.
  21. It seems to me that you're making things unnecessarily complicated. I'm not sure I understand why you want to have a separate path in the Helix for your backing track. As long as the Helix is your system's audio interface, all system audio will be played back to it over USB 1/2. If you want to control the volume of that audio stream from the Helix, you can go to Global Settings>Ins/Outs>USB In 1/2 Trim. Better than that, though, would be to simply lower the fader for the audio track in Ableton. Then as far as the guitar, you shouldn't be direct monitoring that through Ableton - you should be hearing it in real-time through the Helix's outputs. So both the track and the guitar will be sent to the same physical outputs.
  22. phil_m

    Helix latency versus a tube amp

    Officially confused now, as your first post on this thread talks about recording the Helix through an interface into a DAW... As far as the 2ms, that is the measured latency - it's been verified by a bunch of different people over the years. Adding more blocks does increase the latency, but it's in a negligible way. A preset with both processor paths near the DSP limit would be closer to the 2.5ms measurement than the 2ms. Again, it's not something someone would notice. If you're using an analog input into the Powercab, there would be another round of conversion there, so that might be another 2ms. So you're total latency would be up between 4 and 5ms. Again, generally not something you're going to notice while playing. The fact is, though, that there is some latency just because you're dealing with digital equipment. So you may notice a little weirdness just because you're dealing with an offset. It's the same reason that digital effects don't work well in parallel effects loops. So just to clarify, I'm not saying that a latency of a few milliseconds won't be noticeable when compared to a parallel analog signal with no latency. I'm saying that by itself, that slight latency won't be noticed. Most people can tolerate latency up 8 - 10ms, it seems. But if you creating a parallel analog path, you're setting things up to be problematic by design.
  23. phil_m

    help please

    It sounds like you probably need to install the latest version of HX Edit. Once you do that, you have to sign into your Line 6 account in HX Edit. There's a link in the lower left hand corner of the HX Edit that says "Sign In".
  24. phil_m

    Helix latency versus a tube amp

    The end to end latency through the Helix is between 2 and 2.5ms... It's not something that really anyone is going to notice. It should certainly not be an audible delay. I'm wondering if you possibly have direct monitoring turned in your DAW for the Helix track. In that scenario, the Helix's signal would be processed through your interface's converters and through your DAW, and then you'd hear it. In that scenario you can very easily have latency in the 20 to 30ms range, depending how you have your interface set up.
  25. phil_m

    Helix Ideascale Community Submissions

    I see why this would be useful, but I doubt that it's possible from a hardware perspective. From my understanding, the headphone amp taps off of the D/A converter for whatever output its monitoring.