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  1. This is what the Instant Commands (the lightning bolt icons) are for. Just set the MIDI PCs you want to be sent, and they will be sent when you load the preset. You can also set the PC value of each of these commands per snapshot, so you can send different PCs per snapshot if you want.
  2. Yes, because no piece of analog gear has ever failed... Did you do the factory reset and restore from backup after doing the update?
  3. What are you having problems with exactly? If you have POD Go Edit installed on your computer, it will guide you through update process. There really isn’t anything else you need to download other than that.
  4. If you’re having problems updating with POD Go Edit, shut down the program and try using Line 6 Updater instead. If you’re still having problems, try different USB ports and/or cables.
  5. How much is any company going to care about a product that was discontinued more than 15 years ago?
  6. If you have the volume block before the delay and reverb, the repeats should continue with the pedal down. Perhaps you mistakenly assigned some parameters to the expression pedal?
  7. phil_m

    XLR Noise

    Likely caused by phantom power coming from the mixer. Phantom power won’t damage the Helix, but it will make it sound bad.
  8. Line 6 Monkey isn’t compatible with MacOS starting with Catalina and beyond. It’s a 32-bit application, and Apple dropped 32-bit support with Catalina.
  9. I believe a fair number, if not most users, are mounting these pedals (the Stomp and Stomp XL) on pedalboards and are powering them with various power supply bricks. I use the Cioks DC7 to power mine, and it works great. I suppose if I were using a wall wart type supply and needed a replacement, I’d look for something that meets the specs that less money. There are a bunch of third party power supplies available on Amazon and other places. You just have to make sure they’re the correct voltage, polarity and are using the proper plug size. The older Line 6 power supplies you mentioned are actually 9V AC, so you’re correct, they won’t work with the XL.
  10. The factory reset is a separate process from the update. You should be doing a factory reset after updating if you haven’t. But what you’re describing isn’t the expected behavior. The tuner should still work normally even if you have the Stomp connected as an interface.
  11. If you want the wah and volume to truly be global (well at least in a preset), you should disable the Snapshot Bypass parameter for those blocks. That way the bypass state of those block will not be affected at all by snapshot changes.
  12. I don’t understand how this is different than using the 6 Switch Looper in the Helix right now. What you’re describing is basically how it works (except for the part about managing different loops).
  13. Have you opened a support ticket? Seems like perhaps it might be a hardware issue... Your unit should most likely still be under warranty.
  14. All of Line 6 floorboards have used optical sensors for the pedals, as far as I know. I think in the long run, it's a more reliable design simply because it doesn't depend on a potentiometer and gears or strings. But it does have this one drawback.
  15. This is the dry signal straight from your guitar with no gain, so, yes, it will be very low. But that’s what you want for the purpose of re-amping.
  16. Yes, you can add snapshots to any preset. If you to change the values of parameters with snapshots, you have to have that parameter assigned to the Snapshots controller. In HX Edit, you do this by right clicking on the parameter and selecting snapshots from the menu that appears. On the hardware you have to push and turn the knob for the parameter. You'll see the parameter turn white.
  17. Try using the Auto-Volume Echo under the Legacy delay menu. If you simply want it to be a swell and not a delay, set the Mix to zero. It's a bit easier to dial in than the other swell effects.
  18. No - I'm saying you should set the Low Pass Frequency parameter to be controlled by a footswitch using the Controller Assign function. The Command Center isn't involved in any way. So let's say you select FS3 as the controller for that parameter. If you look in the manual, you'll see that CC51 is reserved for emulating FS3. So assign CC51 to the footswitch on your MIDI controller, and whenever you press the footswitch on your MIDI controller is effectively mimics whatever FS3 is programmed to do on the XL.
  19. You’re correct. One workaround would be to assign the parameter to a footswitch and then use the footswitches MIDI CC to emulate that footswitch via MIDI. The main drawback with this is that you would only have the ability to toggle between the max and min settings you program, rather than recall a specific value with a CC.
  20. If the POD Go was in direct sunlight, this was almost certainly caused by light interfering with the optical sensor under the expression pedal. If light hits the sensor, it will mess up the tracking, and cause the volume to decrease or increase sporadically.
  21. Just right click on the file and select Run. You’ll be asked something along the lines of if you’re sure, and you can hit OK.
  22. So are you saying you have the expression pedal plugged into this other MIDI device? What is that device?
  23. Kind of confused as to what you’re saying is going on exactly, but are you using the Amp Out jack, per chance?
  24. You don’t need separate Instant Commands (lightning bolts) for each snapshot. Just use the same one. You can set the program number differently in each one. If you’re using multiple ones, you’re probably confusing the amp by sending multiple PC messages at the same time. So I’d just set your PC messages to 1 in Snapshot 1, 2 in Snapshot 2, etc. This is much easier and faster to do with HX Edit, btw. You can change snapshots while you have the Command Center window open, so you’re not constantly going back and forth.
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