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  1. There are mono and stereo versions of the Double Take effect. The stereo version has a Source parameter that lets you choose Mono, Stereo, Left or Right as the signal source. If you're not seeing that parameter, it means, you're using the mono version.
  2. The max delay times for most models is 8 seconds in mono/4 seconds in stereo. I think the only exceptions are delays based on BBD chips or tape delays, and those vary. All of the Legacy delays are currently limited to 2 seconds.
  3. No. The MIDI map as far as which PC messages are assigned to which preset slot is fixed. You can always move the preset around however you want them, though…
  4. The Analog Thru output on the Rack is just that - it’s just passing the analog signal from the 1/4” guitar input straight through to that output. The VDI signal is digital, so it has to go through the Helix processing. You can get a DI from the VDI input by inserting a Send block as the first thing in your Helix signal chain and using the respective 1/4” send output. Using the VDI and the 1/4” out at the same time on the Variax is recommended, as I believe it has the potential to cause problems.
  5. The L6 converter reverses the polarity as well as changing the barrel size. You need an additional polarity reversing cable if you want to use it.
  6. Yes, with one caveat. You have to make sure that the dry signal is only running through one of the paths. So you could set the mix of the Helix reverb to 100, for example, and then just control the reverb with the Level parameter. Or if the Keeley pedal had a dry kill feature, you could use that.
  7. The MIDI commands in the Command Center are sent out of the Stomp’s MIDI out jack. They aren’t fed back to the Stomp itself. You could run a MIDI cable from the Stomp’s MIDI out back to its MIDI in, but that gets to be a little tricky as you have to be careful you’re not creating a MIDI loop.
  8. Are you letting the receiver search for the best wireless channel by having it set to Auto in the Global Settings menu? If you have it set to Auto and plug the transmitter into the Guitar In, that will search for the best channel. Ideally, you’d want to do this when every other piece of wireless gear is up and running. As far as the expression pedal, go to Global Settings>Switches/Pedals>EXP 1 (or 2) Position and make sure it’s set to Global if you want to have the settings always reflect the physical position of the pedal.
  9. The issue with the Helix, there isn’t just a single cab block per preset. You can have up to four cab blocks in a preset, and you also have the complication that there’s a separate IR block. So it’s possible that someone has a preset where they switch between two different cab blocks or a cab and an IR block… And there other scenarios beyond that. It’s not something that lends itself to global changes. What I do is simply have separate presets for going direct and for plugging into an amp. I gig both ways, and I’ve just found that to be the easiest way to do what I need to do.
  10. Was there a bright light hitting it? The sensor is optical, so if light is hitting it, it can be problematic. Most often it happens because of sunlight, but I have occasionally heard of it happening because of stage lights.
  11. https://line6.com/data/6/0a060b316ac34f0593fabe278/application/pdf/M13/M9/M5 FX Parameters - English ( Rev B ).pdf
  12. Yes, the G10TII transmitter will work with the original G10 receiver. The receivers themselves haven’t actually changed. It’s just the transmitter that’s been updated.
  13. I actually found the Gamechanger Plus pedal tone harder to use than the Poly Sustain as far as reliably getting it to sound good. As mentioned above, catching the chord as it starts to decay is the key to getting it to sound right.
  14. Yes, this is the reason exactly.
  15. Hmm… Doing the factory reset should get you the presets. Are you doing the reset where you hold down footswitches C & D while powering it up?
  16. Well you aren't clipping the input if you aren't hearing clipping on every preset or with every amp model. It's not really possible to digitally clip within the signal path itself, but you can overload certain blocks. You could also be clipping the output converters or whatever you're plugged into. This is probably more likely than clipping the input.
  17. Same place all the Line 6 software downloads are: https://line6.com/software/
  18. Are you using the Vintage Digital Delay model, per chance?
  19. How are you connecting them? And how are you monitoring everything?
  20. You don’t need any additional equipment. The receiver is built into the amp, and you charge the transmitter by plugging it into the amp’s guitar input.
  21. You said you don't understand snapshots, but what you're describing here is essentially how snapshots work. What is it you're having trouble with, exactly? This is a good tutorial on how to set up snapshots from scratch.
  22. phil_m

    Long Delay

    Yeah, as @spaceatl noted above, you want to control the Mix parameter. Just realize that the Mix control is really a wet/dry balance control, and at 50 you have 100% dry and 100% wet. So if you don't want to affect the dry level, you need start with it at 50 or less and than back off from there.
  23. Yes, nothing you do in one preset will have any affect on any other preset.
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