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  1. phil_m

    Helix floor vs rack

    The only real differences, other than the form factor, are that the rack has a 1/4" analog dry pass thru jack on back and the Word Clock in.
  2. phil_m

    Helix tuner in regards to delay and reverb trails

    Activating the tuner stops all audio processing. I think the issue is that running the tuner itself uses some DSP, so they probably just can't make it so the audio keeps on processing because the additional DSP load from the tuner would put some presets that are close to the DSP over the edge. I guess they could possible make it so that only Path 2 keeps processing (assuming the tuner is using the Path 1 processor). But that would mean the Path 1 and Path 2 would have different DSP capacities.
  3. phil_m

    Tap tempo and LED is not synchronised

    Are you running the latest firmware? This came up a long time ago, but I'm pretty sure it was dealt with in a firmware update. Even after that , though, the tap tempo LED and the actual tempo are not running off the same clock, so they may drift a bit over time.
  4. phil_m

    Effect On Off Switches Reversing

    You can't have two footswitches controlling the same parameter... You can have a parameter assigned to a footswitch and then have that parameter's values change per snapshot, but you've always only been able to have controller per parameter.
  5. phil_m

    The length of the Looper in the Helix Unit

    The post you quoted is quite old, and I was speculating that's the case... Maybe Line 6 has something else up their sleeve - I don't know.
  6. phil_m

    Effect On Off Switches Reversing

    Bug Fixes in 2.82 When a stomp footswitch is used to toggle a parameter’s min and max values, in some cases the dim/lit state of the LED could become inverted After importing a preset, certain blocks could appear in HX Edit but may not appear in the hardware In rare cases, selecting snapshots could result in an error While in Snapshot footswitch mode, the first press of a Bank Up or Bank Down switch could sometimes function backwards When Global Settings > Footswitches > Preset Mode Switches is set to "Stomp/Snap," copying snapshots could inadvertently switch to Snapshot mode When Global Settings > MIDI/Tempo > Tempo Select is set to “Per Snapshot”, tempo-synced effects could respond as Authentic even when set to Transparent Ptich/Synth > 3 OSC Synth, 3 Note Generator, and 4 OSC Generator models are louder than in 2.71. IMPORTANT! Regrettably, this will affect any presets containing these effects that were made since 2.80 On rare occasions, footswitches could become stuck in Snapshot mode The Dynamics > LA Studio Comp could sometimes cause a drop in preset volume Presets created before 2.80 containing 64 controller assignments could be unable to switch snapshots after 2.80 On rare occasions, scribble strips on the top row could duplicate that of the bottom row When set to “Per Preset”, Variax string volume settings may not be properly recalled
  7. phil_m

    Hx effects-snapshot bug

    Have you tried doing a reset? Generally speaking, it seems that solves a lot of these one-off weird issues. What you're experiencing doesn't seem to be a widespread bug as you're the only person I've seen mention it here or on Facebook (I believe you mentioned in the one Facebook group).
  8. phil_m

    Hx effects-snapshot bug

    It's not a global setting. It's a parameter for each block. While you have the block selected, either by touching the footswitch it's assigned to or selecting it in Signal Flow view, hit the Action button. Then you'll see Snapshot Bypass come up on one of the scribble strips. You can press the footswitch to turn it on or off.
  9. phil_m

    Hx effects-snapshot bug

    One other thing to check is the new Snapshot Bypass parameter that was added. Although, it shouldn't be an issue because its default value is "On". But if it's set to "Off", the on/off state of those blocks won't be affected by snapshot changes.
  10. phil_m

    Hx effects-snapshot bug

    I have been using 2.82 on my HX Effects for awhile now, and I’m not having this issue. If you’re sure all the Global Settings are correct, I’d recommend doing a factory reset (hold down FS7 & FS8 while powering up) and restoring from backup afterwards (make sure you create a backup prior to doing the reset).
  11. phil_m

    Snapshots change audible gap

    Changing the mic distance might introduce an audible gap. That's essentially the same as changing an IR, so I could see why that could cause a bump. Don't do that... ;-)
  12. phil_m

    Sending Midi CC mesages from HX Stomp

    The Stomp can send MIDI clock, which I assume is what he’s doing here. It can’t send CC messages, though.
  13. phil_m

    Broken EXP pedal

    Open up a support ticket. Line 6 will send you a replacement. There is a lifetime warranty for this issue even if your standard warranty is expired.
  14. phil_m

    Stuck in Snapshot Mode

    This is a bug that was fixed with the 2.82 firmware.
  15. phil_m

    FR: "Global Blocks"

    I think for a lot of people having snapshots is sufficient for there live use. I know that’s the case for me. I will typically use like three or four presets in a show, but each of them is set up with 8 snapshots. So that gives me a lot of flexibility when it comes to getting a wide variety of sounds out of a single amp model.
  16. phil_m

    Helix II

    Not going to be an issue...
  17. phil_m

    Pod HD Pro (No X) Lifespan

    Probably quite a long time... Line 6 is still updating drivers for products going back to the PODxt, and that came out in 2002.
  18. phil_m

    Can't get into Stomp Box mode?

    You’re sure it’s 2.82? When did you order it? I’d be surprised if Sweetwater updated it to 2.82 already given that it’s been out for less than a month. The reason I bring it up is that this was a bug that was fixed in 2.82, so it shouldn’t be happening. If you are indeed on 2.82, create a backup, do a FS7 + FS8, and restore from backup.
  19. phil_m

    Can't get into Stomp Box mode?

    Are you running the 2.82 firmware?
  20. You need to go to Global Settings>Ins?Outs>Return Type and set it to "Aux In". This will make it so the audio from the Returns will be passed to the left and right outputs with no audio processing.
  21. phil_m

    HX EFFECTS can't change parameters within snapshots

    Parameters have to be assigned to a controller to have their values changed per snapshot. If you only want them to change with snapshot and not any other controller, you assign them to the Snapshot Controller. In the Controller Assign menu, you would just select Snapshots. Or the shortcut to make this assignment is to push and turn the knob for the parameter you want to assign. In HX Edit, you can just right click on the parameter name and select Snapshots from the pulldown menu.
  22. phil_m

    HELP! Accidentally imported a patch over my main one!

    The best way to think of HX Edit is a remote control for the hardware. None of the presets you see in the preset list exist anywhere else but in the Helix unless you export them or back them up.
  23. phil_m

    Dual Path, added latency?

    There is a small bit of latency added whenever you go from one processor to another, but it's minuscule. You're talking about it being measured in samples, not necessarily milliseconds. I don't understand your comment about more than six blocks, though. On the LT, each processor path can have up to 16 blocks. Not that you'd actually hit that limit before hitting the DSP limit, but there isn't a six block limit, for sure.
  24. phil_m

    HELP! Accidentally imported a patch over my main one!

    Pretty sure it can't... I think the Undo function only works on edits made within a preset. If import a preset into a preset it actually copies over the preset in that slot.
  25. phil_m

    HELP! Accidentally imported a patch over my main one!

    Did you ever create a backup or save the setlist or patch on your computer? If you didn't do any of those things, then, no, there is no way to get it back.