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  1. The snapshot that’s active when you load a preset is always going to be whatever one was active when you saved the preset.
  2. All I'll say is never fly anywhere with any of those friends, as they all seem pretty unlucky...
  3. Yep... Under the Modulation section - called Double Take.
  4. I've not had an issue seeing the scribble strips outdoors in the sun, with the exception that if you have sunglasses with polarized lenses, they'll become invisible. But, yeah, the main screen isn't really visible in direct sun. But as mentioned above, this is pretty par for the course, unless you use a different type of screen. Even with simpler pedals, the LEDs aren't visible at all in the direct sun. My Strymon TimeLine, for example, I can tell if the LEDs are on or off or read the little LCD screen in the direct sun. What are the issues with all of these? How is the joystick useless? Mine works fine after five years still... It sounds like you're simply listing stuff for which some people have had hardware failures and making it sound like a universal problem. You sell 70,000+ units of anything, some problems are going to show up.
  5. The way to think about it is that every Helix/HX unit comes with a coupon good for one purchase of a Native license for $99. That coupon can only be used once. I think they considered other schemes, but ultimately, it would be too hard to manage. Line 6 had much more complicated licensing schemes with POD Farm back in the day, and that was constantly confusing people. It still is. Native is simple, plus even at full price, it's a pretty generous license as far as updates goes. It's basically a license that will never expire and give you free access to updates as long as Line 6 continues to make them. One thing is that right now, Line 6 is having a 30% off sale, so even without the discount, you can get Native for $280.
  6. I never had the Echo Pro, but that Benson model has always behaved like that, as far as I know. That's how it was on the M Series, at least. You have to have the Feedback up pretty high for it to start churning out repeats.
  7. With the 2.92 update, you can assign Snapshots to footswitches in Stomp Mode in the Command Center.
  8. No, there’s still nothing to authorize. As long as you have your Stomp registered, you’re eligible for the Native discount. The only caveat is that the discount can only be used once for each piece of hardware. So if you happened to buy your Stomp used, and the original owner used the discount, you couldn’t use it. If your Stomp is new, the discount should show up when you try to buy Native. If you’re having problems getting the discount to show up, open up a support ticket.
  9. Drive is generally the same as the preamp volume, yes. In amps that don't have a master volume knob in real life, the Drive control is the volume control (like on a Deluxe Reverb, for example). Master is the master volume. It controls the signal entering the power amp. Or another way to think about it that the higher it is, the more power amp saturation you'll have. Ch Volume, or Channel Volume, is best thought of as the overall volume level for the amp block. It has no effect on the modeling. It simply makes the sound from the amp block quieter or louder in the Helix's signal flow.
  10. So in your first post, you mentioned setting up a track to monitor in stereo. Does that mean you're monitoring through Cubase?
  11. So in all these screenshots, you have all the paths' output blocks set to the 1/4" outs. Nothing would be being sent to USB 1/2. Are you saying you're changing them to USB 1/2 when recording? It also seems strange to me that you have the cab block in Path 1A feeding into another cab block on Path 1B, but that might be beside the point. So what exactly are you doing when you record?
  12. Sounds like you have something set up incorrectly. I most often record a wet and dry track simultaneously into Reaper so I can run the dry track through Native. Using the same preset, Native sounds exactly the same as my recorded wet track. Are you using multiple paths in your preset? Could it be that something funky is going on in multiple output blocks?
  13. This isn’t HX Edit 2.92. The version number on the bottom of the screen refers to the firmware version on the connected hardware. If you tried to install 2.92 and it’s not installing, you may need to delete the old installation files before running the new one.
  14. I think all of the Speaker Mode presets were set to -14dB or something on my Powercab out of the box. Although, that’s a moot point when using the PC with the Helix and L6 Link, as you aren’t really using PC presets. All relevant PC settings are stored and recalled in the Helix preset, completely overriding any PC preset settings.
  15. I don’t think you’re understanding what I’m saying. If you mute the preset - like turn the Volume block in the preset down to zero - the audio out from USB 1/2 from your DAW to the POD Go will still be sent to the POD Go’s main outputs and headphone jack. You just won’t have any audio being processed through the preset. If you set the input on your track to be USB 3/4, that will be the dry guitar signal. That too is unaffected by whatever you have going on in the preset. So you can totally do what you’re talking about.
  16. What do you mean the power is cut in half? That the volume drops when they’re a stereo pair compared to when you have the output going to one? This could be expected because of the what the Helix automatically sums to mono with one connected. It should be a 6dB drop in signal per side, although the total volume of the two together should still be louder than one alone. You can compensate for the signal loss by increasing the level of each one in the output block. It seems to me that you’re being a little hasty in sending the back, but it’s your prerogative, I suppose. Sometimes it takes a little patience with this stuff. There’s a lot of variables to work through.
  17. The updates are all cumulative, so everything is there. You need to update to the latest version of HX Edit as well.
  18. Authorize what exactly? There’s nothing to authorize with the Stomp. If you’re talking about Helix Native, all of the authorization is handled inside of the plug-in.
  19. I like mine... You just have to adjust the Helix preset accordingly for whatever mode the Powercab is in. I prefer Speaker Mode by far, I think, just because that’s kind of the thing that sets it apart. I definitely don’t find it dark as an FRFR cab, though.
  20. Have you checked that both of your Powercabs are running the latest firmware? If they’re not running 2.0, the Helix won’t be able to control them over L6 Link.
  21. The low and high cuts in the cab and IR blocks are 6dB per octave. In the EQ blocks, they’re 12dB per octave.
  22. It’s screen printed, not a decal. Your Helix has just been relic’ed... Some people pay good money for that sort of thing.
  23. This is kind of a funny post... You do know that there’s a Spider V series now, right? And all of those amps have a USB port on them. So I guess Line 6 took your advice - retroactively... :-)
  24. It is possible, though. Just mute the signal through the preset as I mentioned above. Use USB 3/4 as the input for your track in your DAW instead of USB 1/2. The POD Go actually has a much more robust USB audio implementation than the HD series had, as the HD series were just simple 2X2 USB interfaces.
  25. I’m not quite sure I understand what you’re wanting to do. Are you wanting to use the POD Go as an interface for a different modeling plug-in in your DAW? What do you mean by “listen entirely through your DAW”? If you want to just send a dry track from the POD Go to your DAW, you can do by using USB3 or 4 for your track input. If you don’t want to hear the sound being processed through the POD Go preset, just mute the signal somewhere in the POD Go’s signal chain. The audio coming back from your computer of over USB 1/2 will still be sent to the POD Go’s main outs, unaffected by whatever is going on in the preset.
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