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  1. Only the bottom of the POD Go is plastic, and it’s a very structurally sound thermoplastic. The rest of it rolled steel and aluminum, similar to the Firehawk FX. As far as support, the POD Go is the only one of the three you listed that’s going to see continued firmware updates into the future. The number of forum posts is kind of neither here nor there. The HD has been around since 2010, so people have naturally been creating posts about a lot longer than the POD Go. The POD Go has all the amps and effects the HD500X has (with just a few exceptions), plus a lot more. The Firehawk is a bit different as it has some of the older POD Farm models combined with some of the HD models.
  2. You should still be eligible for the discount. I’d suggest opening up a support ticket. They should be able to take care of it pretty easily.
  3. What’s false is your post title now… You can’t just keep on adding questions willie-nillie… Also, are you a lawyer… This post feels like a cross-examination. Actually, the firmware changes rarely change the core tones. The 3.10 update added increased oversampling, which changes the way the model algorithms are processed, and the amount to which it changes the overall tone is up for debate, I suppose. I’ve certainly not heard anyone say it made things sound worse. They haven’t been fine tuned to anything, I’d say, other than perhaps whatever guitars the people were using to make them. Really, the factory presets are just there because people expect them. I wouldn’t spend much time analyzing them.
  4. Try plugging the transmitter into the receiver for about 15 seconds so the system can scan for best channel again. Other than that, make sure you’re not within 10 feet or so of any wifi routers or extenders. Those are probably the biggest sources of interference. Some other equipment can cause interference, as well. Namely some USB 3.0 ports have been known to cause trouble.
  5. Do a factory reset (hold down FS2 & FS3 while powering up) and then do the restore from backup.
  6. I think you need to familiarize yourself with the different icons and blocks and some of the other functionality. The purple icon is the Wah block, and the blue icon is the Volume block. So the wah is set up to be controlled by EXP1 by default, and the volume is set to be controlled by EXP2 by default. But these control assignments can be made to be whatever you want them to be. It doesn't really matter what's in the factory presets. As I mentioned, there's a noise gate available in the Input Block (the one that says "Multi" above). You have to go there to turn it off. I was just clicking around some of the factory presets, and it looks like it is on in a good number of them.
  7. 1&2 - There are 1024 preset slots available on the Helix - 8 setlists with 128 presets each. It sounds like you’re only looking at the first setlist. 3 - I personally really like the feel of the Helix pedal. It sounds like you need to loosen the bolt. The Helix comes with the proper size Allen wrench for this very purpose. 4 - Not sure I understand this comment. You should very easily be able to see where the Volume block is in the signal chain. It’s a blue icon with a series of lines in ascending sizes. 5 - Some of the factory presets have noise gates blocks in them, and some don’t. There’s also a noise gate available in the Input Block, but I don’t think that most factory presets use that. I’m not sure if any do, tbh. 6 - Most factory presets have EXP1 assigned to the wah and EXP2 assigned to the volume. You switch between EXP1 and EXP2 by depressing the toe switch underneath the expression pedal (pushing the pedal all the way forward and pushing down).
  8. Are you running the latest firmware? If you aren’t, I’d update immediately. Beyond that, I’d suggest you open up a support ticket, as this is the sort of thing they will definitely want to track down the source of.
  9. It works exactly the same way for all the expression inputs, so I’m not sure. Make sure you have both the control and the bypass assignment set correctly.
  10. Ah… Well, the feature you’re talking about isn’t called Auto Return. Auto return refers to something else - namely automatically going back to the previous mode after you select a snapshot. The setting you’re talking about is under Global Settings>Preferences>Snapshot Reselect. And, yeah, there isn’t anything comparable with presets. I don’t see why it couldn’t be implemented. You should create an IdeaScale entry for it.
  11. I don’t understand what you mean… Auto Return to what exactly?
  12. Just go straight to the newest version
  13. phil_m

    HX Edit on Win 10

    Do you have an SD card in the first laptop? That’s a somewhat common issue that causes HX Edit not to start on Windows machines.
  14. What “pebble” are you referring to? The only thing related to Big Sur that’s yet to be dealt with in regards to to the Helix is full M1 compatibility with Native. Although, I’ve got to say with the last Native update, Native seems to working fine in Reaper on my M1 Mac Mini now. It seems that the issues I’ve seen people having with the M1 and Native seem to be mostly related to when they’re running it in Logic.
  15. Check the input block on them. If they were created with the regular POD Go, the input is probably set to Guitar rather than Guitar + Wireless.
  16. If the original owner used the discount, you won’t be eligible for it. If they didn’t, you could. It’s sort of like a virtual coupon that comes with the hardware. It can only be used once.
  17. The G10 receiver base has not been updated. It’s only the transmitter, the G10TII, that has been changed. The original G10 was not really designed to be a gigging wireless system, or at least one that withstood a lot of abuse while gigging. The G10S is much more robust. That being said, I’ve had my original. G10 since 2016, and I’ve done quite a few gigs with it. I use one of the magnetic breakaway connectors for the micro-USB, and that has seemed to have kept it safe.
  18. Did you buy the amp new? If you did, and it’s only two months old, any sort of hardware issue should be covered under warranty. I’d recommend opening a support ticket here to contact Line 6 customer service.
  19. phil_m

    HX Stomp FAQ

    Well, the converters aren’t operating at 32-bit, so I’m not sure what’s happening there.
  20. This is also incorrect. The Mix control determines how wet/dry mix of the loop. If you have it at 100, the loop is a standard serial effects loop.
  21. It most certainly doesn’t... The transition time from one preset (or scene, technically, I guess) to the next on the M13 is a little shorter than the HX Effects, just because it’s using a smaller chip, and there’s less stuff to load, but it’s not seamless.
  22. phil_m


    You have to assign the blocks to footswitches. There is no automatic assignment.
  23. I think you just need to be a little more open-minded about things. I’ve used the Helix and other HX products since 2015 in a bunch of different band contexts, and none of them fit this description. A lot of the bands I play with are more jam and improvisation oriented, so I need flexibility. I used the M13 from 2008 until 2015, when I got the Helix, and I have never missed it. To me, the Helix is much easier to navigate and change things on the fly than the M13, at least in the complexity that you have available to you.
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