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  1. Some of the delays have maximum delay times that are lower than others. The Memory Man (Elephant Man) model, for instance, has a max delay tome of 500ms. If you tap in a time that would result in the delay time being longer than that with the note value you have selected, the Helix will automatically shorten the delay time to the next longest value that’s still in time with what you tapped but is still within the max delay time limit. Ben Adrian, the lead sound designer for the Helix, explains it here: https://www.thegearpage.net/board/index.php?threads/line6-helix.1586637/page-1701#post-23642314 There’s only a few delays that behave this way. Most have much longer max delay times.
  2. Which Apollo? If it has S/PDIF or AES/EBU inputs you could use those to connect the Helix and not have any additional D/A-A/D conversion, but otherwise, no. You'd have to use the Helix as an interface to record without additional conversion.
  3. In HX Edit, go to File>Restore from Backup.
  4. That noise is related to the Tempo Pitch parameter under Global Settings>Preferences. Set it to Transparent if you don’t want to hear it.
  5. phil_m

    Digital Clipping?

    Well, it’s not really digital clipping. It’s more like an overload. The only block that you can really induce digital clipping in is the Vintage Digital Delay, and that’s only if you have the Bit Depth parameter set lower than 16 bits. For everything else, the signal path is always at 32-but floating point, so it’s virtually impossible to induce real clipping at that point. One thing I’d make sure is that your preset level isn’t too hot. It is possible to clip the output converters, so it’s possible that you could be close and then a block pushes it over the edge. With the Bubble Vibrato, I’d suggest lowering the input going into the block. You can always lower the Channel Volume parameter in the amp block, for instance. Then compensate somewhere else down the line if you need more level.
  6. I'm not sure what hoops Line 6 is exactly making you jump through anymore. Everything is done with HX Edit now, but Line 6 Updater should still be working for you. The Fractal update process isn't really all that different as they have a separate update utility called Fractal Bot, which is analogous to Line 6 Updater. Usually update problems come down to specific USB cables or USB ports being problematic. I'm not sure why Updater isn't running for you. It should be. Try uninstalling stuff and reinstalling, I guess. When you say you checked to see if 3.0 was compatible, did you actually download and install HX Edit 3.0? Many people assume HX Edit updates itself automatically. It does not. You need to download and install the latest version.
  7. Yes, if you have a single transmitter and have both receivers set to the same channel, they'll both receive the signal.
  8. Variax isn't being discontinued, and Line 6 isn't abandoning the concept. The main reason (well, the only reason, really) the POD Go doesn't have a VDI port is that adding that port would have added another $50 to the price, and they were concerned about increasing the overall cost with a port that the vast majority of buyers won't use. I'm sure they would like it if every POD owner bought a Variax, but the fact is that only a relatively small percentage of them do. And those that do tend to be more "power users" to begin with, so they would be more likely to go with something like the Helix LT or Floor anyway.
  9. You need to download and install HX Edit 3.0. This is a symptom of having the older version of HX Edit with the newer version of firmware.
  10. My smiley face was very gentle...
  11. I expect there will be a Big Sur compatible driver soon.
  12. They do have the exact same processor and the same DSP allocation. That’s correct. The HX Effects has eight footswitches and six scribble strips though. In my opinion, it’s a lot easier to use the HX Effects as a standalone unit (that’s to say without any additional external control devices) than it is the Stomp.
  13. Go to Global Settings>MIDI/Tempo>MIDI PC Send and make sure it’s set to Off.
  14. phil_m

    Hx Stomp No Sound

    There are relays in the Stomp, but they switch between the analog bypass signal path and the DSP signal path. When the Stomp is powered down, it will pass audio because of the analog bypass path. I don’t believe these issues are caused by the relays, because if they were, the result wouldn’t no signal, but rather just the dry signal coming through. Is your Stomp updated the latest firmware?
  15. Only people who didn’t read the update instructions... :-) You need to download and install HX Edit 3.00.
  16. Did you download and install HX Edit 3.0?
  17. Line 6 will eventually support it, just like all the other audio companies will. But, yes, Apple acts in a monopolistic manner and simply expects other companies to comply, and companies have to comply, because, well, they have to. But there’s no reason that an operating system needs a major, disruptive overhaul every 18 months or whatever it is. It’s ridiculous. Is Pro Tools not Mac friendly? It’s not been updated work with Big Sur yet either. There are a bunch of other audio companies that are in the same boat. This stuff just doesn’t happen automatically. It takes time and resources, and none of these MI companies are really all that large. Being forced to constantly update because of Apple’s whims is a major PITA, I’m sure.
  18. Igor Stolarsky (the guy who‘s written a lot of the code for the Helix at Line 6) put this video upon his YouTube channel last night... It’s full of useful information, not just about guitar tones, but making music in general.
  19. Trust me... You would have absolutely no luck with Behringer... Line 6 customer service is actually very good. But you have to reach out to them by way of a support ticket in order to get help.
  20. A smaller Helix Control just wouldn’t be financially viable for Line 6. The Rack already sells fewer units than any of the hardware SKUs, so further fracturing the market for the Control would just make it harder for both pieces. All things considered, the Control really isn’t that big. It’s pretty lightweight, and really, I can’t imagine using it without scribble strips. But as mentioned above, there are other MIDI controller options available on the market.
  21. Did you try creating your own presets from scratch? If you only look at the factory presets or use presets downloaded for other people, you’re really only scratching the surface of what’s available.
  22. It’s just an IEC power cable. You can find them basically everywhere. There’s a good chance you have one laying around your house if you had an old tower style computer. But just search for IEC Cable on Amazon, and you’ll a bunch of inexpensive options.
  23. phil_m

    Midi Thru and SysEx

    Well consider it what you want... The lack of Sysex has never stopped me from using it as a MIDI controller for my pedalboard.
  24. phil_m

    HX STOMP L/R loops

    Your stereo delay would no longer be in stereo at that point. If you sum the stereo to mono going into the effects return, you’ll lose the stereo spread.
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