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  1. I don’t think that’s unusual. It’s generally best practice to power down the speakers/power amp first when you shutting down any sort of sound equipment.
  2. Yes, you can. If you press the Menu button and go to the Bypass Assign screen, you can set the footswitch to be Latching (the default setting) or Momentary using Knob 2. What you’re talking about is what the Momentary setting does.
  3. All of the other Helix/HX hardware items have the Command Center, yes.
  4. Are you talking about the Stomp? It’s not possible now, but it will be when the 3.0 update is released and the Command Center is added.
  5. How exactly does it hurt Line 6 if a Helix owners decides to sell a Helix and buy something else? Line 6 already got that person’s money... I mean, yes, I’m sure Line 6 is always paying attention to what competitors are doing in some respect, but it’s not really guiding development. Line 6 has the advantage of being first to market in the general “super-modeler” market. The Helix has been out for five years, and basically it’s set the bar for everyone else. It’s not like Line 6 is going to stop innovating, but whatever comes out next isn’t going to be a response to other companies. It’s going to be an expansion of the original vision.
  6. GuitarPort has been discontinued for quite awhile. I’m not exactly sure when they stopped selling them, but it might be as long as 15 years ago. I think you may be able to use the Windows 7 driver with GuitarPort, though. But as far as any other software, I don’t know. It came with Gearbox at the time, but that’s been dead for a long time. You should be able to use it as interface for whatever software you want, though. It’s just that it’s pretty outdated as far as interfaces go now.
  7. phil_m


    If you’re just talking about power chords, some simpler algorithms can handle them. I’ve heard some people get ok result with the Simple Pitch on the Helix with djent-y type stuff. The new poly stuff will handle more complex chords.
  8. phil_m


    I would say it’s probably not out of the realm of possibility that there will eventually be “light” versions of some of the pitch shifting effects. But I think with this sort of development, it probably makes more sense to start with your gold standard and then try to optimize or streamline it. Otherwise, I imagine you’d end up repeating work you’ve already done.
  9. phil_m


    Well, 3.0 is in beta now, and some of us are involved in the beta... I don’t believe the pitch shifting in the RP2000 was truly polyphonic , btw. The Digitech Whammy didn’t even do polyphonic shifting until 2011.
  10. phil_m


    Not the whole processor, but it’s DSP intensive. It’s like in the 40-50% range of on one processor.
  11. I’m sure they’ll get it sorted. It can take up to two business days for them to respond because of the volume of tickets, but they’ll get to you.
  12. The 4CM is primarily an effects-only sort of connection. Although, you can also use the Stomp to replace your amp’s preamp as well. But generally, people use it because they want to stay within the traditional amp paradigm. So most of the time you’d just end up micing your amp. There are ways to send a direct signal. It’s easy with the full blown Helix, but not so much with the Stomp. So I’d say just make it easy on yourself - mic your amp.
  13. It's basically what @Schmalle said above. The noise is there normally, but the blocks are hiding it. Both of those blocks you mentioned are envelope controlled, meaning their output depends on the level of the input signal. So they act like a noise gate with low level noise - they're blocking it. You could turn the noise gate on in the input block if you want. I'm not a huge fan of noise gates, personally, but they have their place. If you're using a high gain amp model, it makes sense.
  14. What models do you notice this with, and what is your setup?
  15. You should be able to register it, yes. The old owner will have to de-register from their account. If they haven’t, you could contact Line 6 to have them do it. And, yes, you’ll be able to get all updates. The updates actually aren’t dependent on the registration status of the device at all. The one thing you might not be able to get is the $300 discount for Helix Native. If the previous owner used the discount, you won’t be able to. If they didn’t, you could still get it.
  16. 1) HX Edit 2.92 should still work your Helix on the older firmware. I'd try a different USB port or USB cable. 2) There's no reason to use the old Helix app ever, anymore. 3) Yes, all presets and setlists you created in earlier versions are compatible with the newer firmware. Line 6 has never deleted a model (why would they?). It's going the other way that's problematic. Presets and backups created with newer firmware generally can't be loaded onto devices running older firmware.
  17. The Helix Rack doesn't have any 1/4" jacks that will work with a momentary footswitch like that. It has the EXP Toe switch jack, but you can't use it to control the looper like that. If you want to use an external footswitch, it would have to be a MIDI controller.
  18. phil_m

    Helix Floor BRICKED?

    I would try updating to 2.92 using Line 6 Updater. 2.54 is a really old firmware at this point.
  19. phil_m

    Future Helix 2

    How do I know the Helux models are more DSP intensive? It’s somewhat easy to see the relative DSP usage of various things by seeing how many you can put in the signal chain people have done this. Just because they’re adding two blocks to the Stomp doesn’t mean it won’t be possible to hit the DSP limit prior to that still. It’s easy to do that now depending on the blocks you use. PC processors from 15 years ago or longer are more powerful from a pure GFLOP perspective than SHARC chips. The Helix models could be made to run on an iPhone, I’m sure. Those processors are very fast nowadays. The audio interface part is the tricky thing. I don’t have full knowledge of their plans, but I have some... Given what I know I’d still be comfortable buying a Helix right now. In fact I bought a Helix Rack less than a year ago ( I’ve had my Floor since 2015). As far as announcing gear, since the Yamaha acquisition, the policy is pretty much only to announce things when they are ready to be shipped or close to it. They aren’t going to announce something six months on advance or anything like that.
  20. phil_m

    Future Helix 2

    The Helix models are quite more DSP intensive than the HD models. The HD500 had a 333MHz SHARC, and the 500X had a 400 MHz SHARC chip. The Helix has two 450 MHz SHARCs ( the Stomp and HX Effects have one). So running the Helix models on a 400 MHz HDX might technically be possible, but it wouldn’t leave much room for other stuff. As far as the comparison to a computer, it’s really not a comparison. Even a cheap laptop has quite a lot more processing power than SHARC chips. It’s just that the dedicated chips are purpose built for audio applications. I can run a bunch of instances if Native on my PC at the same time. I’ve not tried to max it out, but I have projects where I have like 10 instances with no issues. And that’s on a five year old i7 laptop. As far as the current Helix hardware, there is nothing they’re holding back at the moment, I can assure you. If someone wants a Helix, they should feel confident in buying it still. I mean, companies always have different thing in various stages of development, and the development itself takes a long time. Line 6 is going to be adding new stuff to the Helix for quite awhile yet, I think.
  21. It’s not unusual for the sound from your guitar to be a lot quieter than stuff from YouTube or whatever, no.
  22. When they’re all blank, what happens when you hit the Mode footswitch? Do they change at all?
  23. Well the Snap/Stomp setting is the view setting for Preset Mode. So I’m a bit confused as to what you say you’re seeing when you hit the Mode footswitch. That toggles between Stomp and Preset Mode. Have you tried restarting the Helix?
  24. Try pressing the Mode footswitch.
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